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(Revista Novática)
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==Revista Novática==
==Revista Linguamática==
* Journal: ''Novática''
* Journal: ''Linguamática''
* Submission deadline: June 31, 2009  
* Submission deadline: June 31, 2009  
* Link: [ Call for papers]
* Link: [ Call for papers]

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Please post your Call for Papers (CFP) below. CFPs are listed in chronological order of posting. Please remove your posting when the deadline has passed. Please include the following information:

  • Topic of Special Issue
  • Journal
  • Submission deadline
  • Link to website


Revista Linguamática

  • Journal: Linguamática
  • Submission deadline: June 31, 2009
  • Link: Call for papers

Evaluating new methods and models for advanced speech-based interactive systems

Textual Entailment

Spoken Language Technology

New Approaches to Statistical Speech and Text Processing

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