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Machine translation systems

Free software




  • Southeast European Times (paragraph aligned corpus, Albanian, Bulgarian, English, Greek, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish — 9,678 paragraphs, 92,450— 122,912 words per language)


A POS tagger for Macedonian is trained on the Macedonian of George Orwells Nineteen Eighty-Four
  • Ivanovska, A., Zdravkova, K., Džeroski, S., Erjavec, T. (2005) "Learning Rules for Morphological Analysis and Synthesis of Macedonian Nouns". Proceedings of IS 2005, the 8th International Multiconference on the Information Society, 11-17 October 2005, Ljubljana. pp. 195-198
Gives a machine learning approach to learning Macedonian nouns.

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