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EACL Report, January 2008


Alex Lascarides, Chair Giorgio Satta, Chair-elect Anette Frank, Secretary Mike Rosner, treasuer

1. ACL 2007 in Prague

ACL 2007 was jointly hosted by EACL and ACL. EACL were thrilled at the record number of participants, and we are very grateful to everyone who worked hard to make this a successful conference. We are waiting to hear from the ACL treasurer what the financial results were, as they affect the EACL accounts.

2. EACL 2009

This will take place in Athens from March 30th--April 3rd. The chairs for EACL 2009 have now been chosen:

Local Organising Chair: Vangelis Karkaletsis Programme Chairs Claire Gardent Joakim Nivre Sponsorship Chairs Josef van Genabith Philipp Koehn Tutorials Chairs Emiel Krahmer David Weir Workshop Chairs Steve Clark Miriam Butt Demos Chairs Jorn Kreutel Publications Chairs David Schlangen Kemal Oflazer

We're still waiting to hear from ACL and NAACL who the Asian and US members of the sponsorship team will be. Under the new arrangements for conference sponsorship, Philipp and Josef are also sponsorship chairs for ACL 2009 and NAACL 2009.

While the original Athens bid was to host the conference at a large 4* hotel in a central location (Divani Caravel), Vangelis and his team have managed to negotiate a fantastic deal at Megaron Mousikis (www.megaron.gr), the premier conference venue in Athens. This site is also the cultural centre, housing the main concert hall in Athens and a number of smaller theatres and galleries. It is extremely well located: very central with excellent metro connections to all parts of Athens, and many hotels of varied class and price all within a 5 minute walk. I'm confident that this will be a fantastic venue for EACL 2009.

3. EACL Sponsorships

EACL sponsored students attending ESSLLI 2007 in Dublin, valuing 3000 Euros in total.

4. Financial report:



31/12/2005 8,832

        Income from ACL ($5000)            3,869

                                           3,869     3,869
        EACL Foundation                     -102
        Sponsorships                      -5,627
        EACL06 Expenses
                Tutor     -2,440
                Inv Spk   -2,627
                PC Mtg    -4,390
                tot       -9,457          -9,457
                tot expenses             -15,186   -15,186

31/12/2006 -2,485

The above figures are not yet finalised. We are still waiting on the final outcome of ACL 2004, which made a loss. The above report also only records transactions to 31st December 2006. Thus it takes into account some expenditure for EACL 2006, but none of its income. Initial financial reports show that EACL 2006 made a profit (of around 17K euros); so our rough current balance is a surplus, rather than a deficit as shown above, of around 12K euros. The updated finanical report, including all activity in 2007, will be presented in May.

5. EACL Officers

There are no personnel changes on the EACL board this year. The next big changes will be in January 2008.

6. EACL Student Board

Nuria Bertomeu has finished her PhD unexpectedly early, and will leave Saarland in January. Her tenure on the student board, however, was due to last until June. The EACL board have asked her to stay on the student board until June, to give us time to elect another member, and she has agreed to stay on until June as originally planned. We are currently exploring the ways in which procedures for electing members of the student board might be changed so as to avoid this situation in future. And we are currently actively seeking a replacement for Nuria.

7. EACL 2010

Alex Lascarides, Anette Frank, Giorgio Satta and Mike Rosner represent EACL on the ACL 2010 committee. The deadline for bids to host ACL 2010 is on February 15th 2008. We look forward to working with other members of the committee to choose the venue.