2008Q1 Reports: Unfinished business

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1. Poll the membership about switching the membership year to

2. Priscilla should provide a copy of the procedure that she routinely 
   uses for selecting students for the Walker fund.

3. Kathy McCoy should start a drive for donations to the Walker fund. 

4. One should consider holding EACL more frequently. 2011 is a
   particular example of a year in which no conferences are currently
   scheduled to be held in Europe.

5. A committee consisting of Owen, Alex, and Drago will reconcile
   the list of duties on the conference site with the rules that
   reconcile the existing conflicting policies: one for regular
   conferences and another for joint conferences with chapters.

6. The secretary will work with the webmaster to create a policy
   whereby new conferences will benefit from the registration of a
   domain by the ACL webmaster who will use a consistent registrar
   over the years and register all new domains for periods of 10

7. A committee that includes Alex, Tsujii, Robert, and Owen will come
   up with a detailed proposal along these lines. The proposal may be
   about a new journal and/or changes to the existing journal and
   conference procedures.

8. The locals will assist the secretary with updating the conference
   handbook and will provide useful information such as the list of
   tasks performed by the local committee, organized by position.

9. Su Jian reported on software to remove identifying information from
   PDF files. Drago needs to track down this software and make it
   available to future PC chairs.