2008Q3 Reports: SIGGEN

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The activities of the ACL Special Interest Group on Generation are laid out on our web site, http://www.siggen.org. We organize international workshops every other year. This is an 'on' year and we just finished our workshop at Salt Fork, Ohio (linguistics.osu.edu/inlg2008/). Over 50 people attended, with many new faces. We colocated with the 2009 referring expression generation challenge 2009: (www.itri.brighton.ac.uk/research/reg08).

We lend our name in endorsing natural language generation (NLG) related events when we are asked and the topic of the event seems appropriate to the NGL community. This past year we sponsored the second workshop on Multimodal Output Generation, MOG 2008, in Aberdeen, Scotland in April (http://www.csd.abdn.ac.uk/ ~ivdsluis/mog2008/); and Using Corpora for NLG: Language Generation and Machine Translation (www.nltg.brighton.ac.uk/ucnlg/).

This year we had a referendum to choose among several alternative for how to bring our constitution in line with the ACL guidelines. We had about a 20% response rate. The now compliant revised document is on our web page.

We have been accumulating and posting the papers of old workshops of any sort that involve NLG on http://www.siggenarchive.org.uk/.

Finally, please could you remove the newsletter link from our entry on your sig page - we haven't had a newsletter for quite a while now!