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ACL-2011 Report, July 2009

Ido Dagan

In 2009 Chris Brew and Lori Levin joined the ACL-2011 Coordinating Committee, representing the NAACL and ACL boards.

The work of the committee in the last half year focused on reviewing the recieved bids and going through the selection process. After some feedback and response iterations, the committee has selected the bid from Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon, lead by Brian Roark. There was high appreciation for the quality of the bid, and for Brian's professionalism and responsiveness.

The selection process, and the interaction with the bidders, went smoothly. The use of the new templates and guidelines prepared for this year (see the January report) was very productive, and is highly recommended for coming years. Priscilla Rassmussen and Graeme Hirst did excellent job and took the primary role in reviewing the bid and spotting relevant issues. Major outcomes of the interaction with the bidders were coming up with an additional hotel for the conference venue and additional banquet options. The selection amongst these options is planned for the site visit by Graeme and Priscilla, scheduled for September.

The committee will meet in Singapore to plan and discuss its next steps, according to the ACL conference planning schedule.