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SIGMT Annual Report, July 2009

SIGMT was founded early 2009 as ACL's special interest group on machine translation. Currently, the main activity of SIGMT is to co-ordinate workshops related to machine translation at ACL conferences.

In the past, there have been two successful workshop series:

  • WMT (Workshop on Statistical Machine Translations) since 2006, and
  • SSST (Workshop on Syntax and Structure in Statistical Translation) since 2007

We currently expect these workshops also to take place in 2010. The SIG also aims to co-ordinate with other conferences and meetings on machine translation (AMTA, MT Summit, MT Marathon, ...).

The founding president is Philipp Koehn, reginal officers are Chris Callison-Burch (Americas), Marcello Federico (Europe), and Eiichiro Sumita (Asia). Secretary is David Chiang.