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Webmaster Report (Dong, Minghui)


The acl-ijcnlp-2009 website (http://www.acl-ijcnlp-2009.org) is hosted in Singapore. It was set up in June 2008. The website works as an information center and provides timely updates of the latest information from the conference organizers.

The information on the conference website consists of the following categories: (1) Announcements. (2) Conference promotion information. (3) Paper submission instructions. (4) Travel and visa information. (5) Conference program. (6) Conference venue and facilities. (7) Contact information of the organizers. (8) Reference about the conference city. (9) Links to other functional systems of the conference (registration, accommodation, blog).

The following servers work as standalone systems in addition to the webserver. • Registration system is located in US. • Hotel booking system is managed independent of the webserver. • Conference blog is on an independent server.


As the priorities of different items are changing at different stage of the conference organization. To make the website better serve the authors/participants, the webmater regularly adjusts the organization and the outlook.

Since the completion of the paper review process, there are a great number of web publishing requests every day. These requests includes the list of accepted papers and technical program from program chairs and workshop chairs, conference venue and local arrangement information from local organizing chair, paper format instructions from publication chairs, etc.

There are also a great number of amendments to the existing pages to reflect the latest status of the conference. For examples, change of title, change of author names, paper withdrawn, corrections, change of time, etc.

The webmaster tries to respond the requests within the shortest time. Most of updates are completed within a few hours.

Important updates

The following information has been uploaded to the website since the paper review completed:

• List of accepted papers • Instruction for paper submission • Instruction for paper presentation • Instruction for internet set up • Call for participation • Layout of conference venue • Technical programs • Invited talks • List of conference volunteers • List of student travel grants

The list of accepted papers and the technical program page received most attention. The webmaster has worked with the program chairs, workshop chairs and chairs of individual workshops to announce the list of accepted papers and the technical programs.

The list of accepted paper provided timely information for participants. It is also used to verify the authenticity of requests for invitation letter. The webmaster has made special efforts to the format the technical programs to make it eazy to access. The webmaster has also worked with the publicity chair to make sure the information provided by handbook and website is correct and consistent.


Currently, the website receives a large number of visits everyday. Statistics show the average number of daily visits is about 700 and maximal number of daily visits is 2400. The number of monthly visits is between 10,000 and 25,000. The number of visiting sites are ranging from 7000 to 12000.

The monthly statistics of Apr 2009 is the highest as of 3 July 2009. The numbers are as follows:

• Visiting sites: 11,755 • Kbytes: 9,071,627 • Visits: 24,277 • Pages: 54,352 • Files: 210,265 • Hits: 337,417


The webmaster tries to keep the website most up-to-date. The webmaster thanks all individual chairs and other members of organizing team to provide timely information about the conference. The webmaster will constantly monitor the website to keep its best performance.