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Progress report for ACL 2011 – March 2010

Most activity till now was at the local organization level, which progresses by the plan. Some recent updates:

Local organizing committee:

Committee formed, including: Richard Sproat - local sponsorship Peter Heeman - local publicity Christian Monson - a post-doc, student volunteer program Kim Basney - local financial contact. Nate Bodenstab - a graduate student, webmaster.

Next actions: Peter and Nate will work to get more information on the website over the next few months, and Richard will make contact with Srini and others on the non-local sponsorship committee.


The contract with the hotel has been signed. Contracts for auxiliary locations for parallel session and poster session and the banquet/catering will be signed very soon. We are working to finalize dormspace arrangements with Portland State University, which looked very nice (and cheap!) during the site visit.

Other actions:

Initial website formed, specifying broad details of conference: dates and site. Work in progress to collect more publicity info and put on website.

General Chair selected: Dekang Lin

Immediate next steps: Select program chairs and all other chairs.

Action item to be endorsed by Exec:

Update and adopt policy for joint committee for workshops at all conferences of a given year, with early solicitation of large SIG workshops. For 2011 it’s only ACL and EMNLP (EMNLP workshops were not handled in the 2010 cross-conference committee, but may be included in 2011 if their plans are clarified soon). This action to be coordinated with SIG chair.