2010Q3 Reports: Local Arrangements Chair

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Local Arrangements Chair (Joakim Nivre)

The Local Arrangements Committee, together with Academic Conferences at Uppsala University, has been working for two years on the preparations for the 48th ACL Conference in Uppsala, July 11--16, 2010. We have reached all the milestones listed in the ACL Conference Handbook and carried out a number of additional tasks in collaboration with the General Chair, the Coordinating Committee, and all the various committees associated with the conference (see http://acl2010.org/committees.htm). Here is a list of the most important tasks performed by the Local Arrangements Committee or its Chair:

  • Design conference logo, print and distribute posters and fliers
  • Design, set up and maintain conference web site, including both conference information and other practical information (travel info, visas, etc.)
  • Appoint Exhibits Chair (Jörg Tiedemann), Publicity Chairs (Koenraad de Smedt, Beáta Megyesi) and Local Sponsorship Chairs (Mats Wirén, Hercules Dalianis)
  • Set up email addresses for all major functions (general@acl2010.org, program@acl2010.org, local@acl2010.org, etc.)
  • Book and confirm conference venue
  • Book and confirm catering for conference (lunches, coffee breaks, exec meeting, etc.)
  • Book accommodations and provide online service to participants on the website
  • Arrange conference social program: reception, banquet (including catering, entertainment, music, etc.)
  • Arrange additional collocated meetings (ACL exec, Exec++ dinner, debriefing, EACL board meeting, ACL 2011 committee meeting, etc.)
  • Make a detailed budget for local costs (and income)
  • Plan registration process and provide link to ACL:s online registration website
  • Compile and distribute newsletters (1--6)
  • Design and order conference bags
  • Liaise with sponsorship chairs for corporate logos to appear on the conference website, on banners/rollups and powerpoints, on conference bags, on covers of proceedings, and in conference handbook
  • Work out allocation of rooms, poster boards, etc. for all conference sessions, workshops, tutorials, etc.
  • Liaise with workshop organizers to work out special requirements (poster sessions, lunches, etc.)
  • Coordinate plenary sessions of the conference together with the General Chair, Program Chairs and the Coordinating Committee
  • Organize spaces for exhibits and demonstrations
  • Arrange the printing of tutorial notes and the production of digital proceedings on USB drives
  • Determine AV requirements for conference and associated events and book necessary equipment
  • Confirm capacity of wireless internet and electricity in all rooms
  • Organize signage on conference site
  • Select student volunteers and set up schedule for their work during the conference
  • Coordinate with Program Chairs and Publications Chairs to make sure that conference program is consistent in proceedings, on the web and in the handbook
  • Produce the conference handbook, including practical information, conference schedule and abstracts
  • Collect all material for conference bags (proceedings, sponsorship material, local maps, etc.)
  • Work out detailed day-by-day schedule for entire local committee and volunteers
  • Perform local outreach, local advertising, contact press, TV, etc.
  • Organize video recording of LTA lecture, invited talks and presidential address

One month before the conference, all tasks are on track and there are no outstanding problems to report from the Local Arrangements Committee. Registration statistics indicate that final attendance may exceed 900 participants and that at least three workshops will have more than 100 participants, which should guarantee a successful meeting both scientifically and financially.