2012Q1 Schedule

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Conference reports

ACL 2012 - Kevin Knight

ACL 2013 - Ken Church

ACL 2014 - Haifeng Wang

(tentative) ACL-IJCNLP 2015 - Kam-Fai Wong (AFNLP representative), including student travel grants


ACL president - Ken Church

Journal reports

CL Journal - Robert Dale

TACL Journal - Ido Dagan

Chapter reports

Office - Priscilla Rasmussen

EACL - Marie-Francine Moens

NAACL - Chris Callison-Burch (and Rebecca Hwa)

Other officers

Secretary - Dragomir Radev

SIG Convener - Renata Vieira

Treasurer - Graeme Hirst (1 minute)


ACL Fellows - Kevin Knight

Portal - Robert Dale and Dragomir Radev



Officer roles - Kevin Knight

Cost model for EACL conferences - Sien Moens

Matters arising

Pending questions - Dragomir Radev

Double submissions - Ken?

Asian chapter - Ken?

Longer discussion on a subset of the pending questions (second telecon)