2012Q3 Reports: Conference Officer

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The conference officer develops and tracks conference initiatives.

The conference officer position addresses a weakness in the current ACL administration, where each one-off Vice-President (VP) hires a one-off General Chair (GC) and a one-off Program Chair (PC), with no continuity between conferences. The conference officer:

  • Develops conference-related and program-related initiatives.
  • Tracks initiatives and work with conference organizers to ensure that successful initiatives are continued.
  • Maintains updated and accessible conference guidelines.
  • Reports to the ACL Executive Committee on conference developments.
  • Chairs each year’s Conference Coordinating Committee, which selects a conference site, General Chair, and Program Chairs. Each newly formed committee also includes the current Vice-President, among others. [Note: This last role is to be phased in, as the current Vice-President is already chairing the 2014 CCC].

The above is an elaboration on the Conference Officer role on Jan, 2012 by Kevin Knight (Past president) and Drago (Secretary) to the new Exec member, Jian SU, who is the first Conference Officer appointed in ACL Exec Board.

Since then, various issues have been discussed in ACL Exec board, including mentoring service, mathematical linguistic papers, retrospective award. Other issues including the Conference schedule will be discussed in the ACL Exec board. The corresponding conclusions will be consolidated and appear on an ACL Wiki administrative page in the due course.

--SuJian 03:29, 24 June 2012 (UTC)