2012Q3 Reports: SIGMOL

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SIGMOL is the ACL special interest group dedicated to mathematical linguistics, which refers to the study of mathematical structures and methods that are of importance to the study of language. The main activity of the SIG is the organization of the biennial conference “Mathematics of Language”.

As of 2012-06-15 SIGMOL has 236 members. Its current officers are:

  • president András Kornai (Boston University, USA)
  • vice president Marco Kuhlmann (Uppsala University, Sweden)

The term of the president extends from one biennial meeting to the next, at which time the vice president takes over the duties of the president, and the outgoing president takes over the duties of the vice president, until a new vice president is elected in the year after the biennial meeting. The next elections will be held in 2014.

The last biennial meeting of SIGMOL (MOL 12) was held in Nara, Japan, 6–8 September, 2011. The program chair was Marcus Kracht (Bielefeld University, Germany). The local organizing committee was co-chaired by Makoto Kanazawa (National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo) and Hiroyuki Seki (Nara Institute of Science and Technology). The program committee accepted 13 papers, 1 of which was withdrawn after acceptance. Invited talks were given by Kit Fine (New York University, USA) and Andreas Maletti (University of Stuttgart, Germany). More information can be found at the conference website: http://sites.google.com/site/mol12nara/.

The place and the date of the next biennial meeting (MOL 13), which will be held sometime in 2013, will be decided shortly.

Marco Kuhlmann 2012-06-19