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TACL was launched in 2012, the first submission deadline being May 1st 2012. The website for TACL can be found at http://www.transacl.org. The website has full details of policies for the journal, editorial board, and so on.

Editorial board and Reviewers

35 action editors were recruited for TACL: for the full list see http://www.transacl.org/editorial-board/

In addition, a standing committee of close to 200 reviewers has been recruited. The work-flow for papers is then as follows:

  1. Submissions come in to TACL on the 1st of each month.
  2. Each submission is assigned to an action editor.
  3. The action editor assigns 3 reviewers to the paper. Reviews are due

3 weeks after the assignment date.

  1. After reviews are in, the action editor makes a final decision on

the paper (for decision categories, see http://www.transacl.org/faq/)

Submission numbers, and acceptances

TACL is now well underway. Here are the submission numbers for the months since TACL was launched (82 papers total):

May 1st: 6 June 1st: 6 July 1st: 3 Aug 1st: 3 Sept 1st: 8 Oct 1st: 15 Nov 1st: 17 Dec 1st: 11 Jan 1st: 8 Feb 1st: 5

So far we have 8 papers that have been accepted outright, and 14 papers that have been accepted subject to specified revisions required by the action editor and reviewers. 9 papers are still under first round review.


We are now preparing to publish the first batch of papers on the TACL website.

Agreements with conferences

We have agreements with the PC Chairs for ACL 2013 and NAACL 2013 that papers accepted to TACL can be presented at the conference. The authors get to choose which conference to present at. The acceptance date for NAACL is February 28th, and for ACL is March 31st.