2013Q3 Reports: ACL 2014

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  ACL'2014 General Chair Progress Report
  Daniel Marcu
  When: June 22-27, 2014
  Where: Baltimore, Maryland
  General Chair:  Daniel Marcu 
  Program Chairs:   Kristina Toutanova, Hua Wu
  Local Chair:  David Yarowsky 
  Student Workshop Chair:  Annie Louis, Ekaterina Kochmar 
  Faculty Advisors:   Bill Byrne, Jordan Boyd-Graber
  Publication Chairs:  Alexander Koller, Miyao Yusuke
  Tutorial Chairs:  Alex Fraser, Yang Liu
  Workshop Chairs:   Jill Burstein, Lluis Marquez
  Demo Chairs:   Kalina Bontcheva, Zhu Jingbo
  Publicity Chair:   Jason Riesa 
  Progress to date:
    * Recruited event chairs
    * Currently engaged in knowledge transfer from previous chairs in all areas
    * Currently finalizing website, call for papers, synchronization with other events.
    * Starting with the month of May, set up monthly progress reporting
      process among all chairs to ensure  tracking and synchronization against all efforts