2013Q3 Reports: Local Arrangements Committee

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The PCO - Aim Group and Local Arrangements Committee, with significant input from Priscilla Rasmussen, has been working for about two years on the preparations for the 51st Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL 2013) in Sofia, Bulgaria, August 4-9, 2013. We have reached all the milestones listed in the ACL Conference Handbook. Here is a list of the most important tasks performed by the PCO and Local Arrangements Committee before 10.07.2013 (24 days before the conference).

Design conference logo and other conference materials. (ONGOING)

Design, set up and maintain conference web site, including both conference information and other practical information, e.g., travel info, visas, etc. (ONGOING).

Preparation of detailed information guide for the delegates of the Meeting named “Know before you go”.

Handle all the invitation letter requirements for visa processing.

Book and confirm conference venue.

Book and confirm locations for additional workshop sessions and poster session.

Negotiate a sponsorship for the internet coverage of the venue in the amount of $10000 from local company. (ONGOING)

Negotiate a sponsorship of products/services from local vendors for souvenirs, reception and banquet live bands, and poster session buffet. (ONGOING)

Arrange for very reasonable student housing options at 3 star hotels near the venue.

Design an on-line booking system for the delegates of the 51st ACL Meeting in Sofia – executed till 30th April 2013

Book accommodations and provide online service to participants on the website. (ONGOING)

Book and confirm catering and A/V for all events at the conference.

Arrange conference social program: reception, banquet, student lunch, including catering, entertainment, music, etc.

Arrange additional collocated meetings (ACL exec, Exec++ dinner, wrap-up meeting, etc.)

Make a detailed budget for local costs.

Design and order conference bags. (ONGOING)

Work out allocation of rooms, poster boards, etc. for all conference sessions, workshops, tutorials, etc. (ONGOING)

Liaise with workshop organizers to work out special requirements (poster sessions, etc.)

Liaise with tutorial chairs to work out special requirements (printing materials, etc.)

Organize spaces for poster sessions, exhibits and demonstrations. (ONGOING)

Arrange the printing of tutorial notes.

Organize signage on conference site.

Select student volunteers and set up schedule for their work during the conference.

Coordinate with Program Chairs and Publications Chairs to make sure that conference program is consistent in proceedings, on the web and in the handbook.

Produce the conference handbook, including practical information and conference schedule. (ONGOING)

Collect all material for conference bags (proceedings, sponsorship material, local maps, etc.) (ONGOING)

Concluded contract for medical services (an ambulance and medical staff during the Meeting) – 25th of June 2013.

We are confident that the 51st Annual meeting will be a successful event both scientifically and financially.