2013Q3 Reports: SIGDAT

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SIGDAT, the ACL special interest group on Linguistic data and corpus-based approaches to NLP will be holding it's anual conference, EMNLP-13 in Seattle on October 18-21. The conference chair is David Yarowsky, program chairs are Tim Baldwin and Anna Korhonen, workshops chair is Karen Livescu and publication chair is Steven Bethard. It is being held as a stand-alone conference with three attached workshops. The submission deadline was July 5th and there were 823 submissions.

The general consensus of the SIGDAT standing committee is that NLP is large enough for another major conference, and it is generally a good idea to have conferences throughout the year. Thus our intention is to continue with the stand-alone model.

In keeping with this the EMNLP-14 will be held in Qatar on Oct. 25-28 2014. The conference chair is Alessandro Moschitti, and local arrangments chair is Kareem Darwish.

The SIGDAT officers are President: Eugene Charniak Vice President: Philipp Koehn Vice President Elect: Mark Johnson Secretary-Treasurer: Noah Smith. There is also as standing committee of about 37 members.