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Conference Handbook - Overview of Repository Organization

See the README file in the parent directory for general information.

This is the doc subdirectory for the aclpub package. It contains information for three types of people:

  • The publications chair, who is responsible for coordinating all

publishing activities for a conference and its associated workshops. Usually each of the following forums has its own "book":

  1. main conference
  2. student session
  3. session for short papers, posters, and/or demos
  4. tutorial abstracts
  5. EACH co-located workshop or conference
  • A book chair -- e.g., the program chair of a single workshop, who is

responsible for producing and proofreading the book for that workshop.

Each book contains various front matter (including a program), a collection of papers, and an index. It is produced in print and electronic formats using the aclpub package. The relevant files are then sent to the publications chair.

  • An individual author, who must submit camera-ready copy for an

accepted paper. An author is not expected to use the aclpub package, but he or she must be instructed on how to make an appropriate PDF file and submit it to the book chair.