Selecting the general chair

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Criteria for selecting a General Chair

Conference Handbook - Selecting a General Chair

Criteria for selecting as a General Chair include:

  • Having been PC chair for a conference in Computational Linguistics or related area
  • Having been Local Arrangements Chair for a conference (not just a workshop); hence having dealt with hotels or conference sites
  • Having management experience
  • Being known for following through on commitments
  • Being well-organized
  • Having academic/research experience
  • Being a good judge of character, in naming a team
  • Being diplomatic and able to work well with others
  • Being be a good spokesperson to the press and dignitaries, in case that’s necessary

Criteria for selection as a Program Co-chair include:

  • Having been an Area Chair for an ACL conference
  • Being well-organized
  • Being a respected researcher with good judgement
  • Being diplomatic and able to work well with others

Author: Phil Cohen, 2000, amended 2005
Amended by: Eduard Hovy, 2000