Tutorial chair duties

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Tutorial Chair Duties

Conference Handbook - Tutorial Chair Duties

The Tutorial Chair is responsible for requesting tutorial proposals and making final selections. When appropriate, the tutorial chair can recruit a small committee to help evaluate the proposals and make final decisions. In years when more than one person co-chair, this might not be necessary.

The Tutorial Chair decides on dates for tutorial proposal submission, for making decisions, and for the deliverables from presenters. Dates should be coordinated with the conference chair and local organizers. The main things to find out is when the one page tutorial abstracts go out to press from the publications chair and when the local organizers plan to print the handouts for the tutorial. Soon after the tutorials are accepted, a short description should be sent to the local organizers to pos on the conference website and to the publicity chairs for further dissemination.

Special presentation and computer requirements should be communicated to the local organizers.

Samples calls for bids appear in calls for tutorial proposals. Information about recent tutorials and attendance can be used to decide which tutorials are likely to be of interest. Balance between different topic areas and diversity in presenters is desirable, but not strictly necessary.

Instructions to tutorial teachers are in tutorial teacher instructions.

The policy regarding reimbursement of tutorial teachers is in tutorial teacher payment policy.