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Sixth Applied Natural Language Processing Conference
1st Meeting of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Proceedings of the ANLP-NAACL 2000 Student Research Workshop
Author Index to the Proceedings of ANLP-NAACL 2000 and the Student Research Workshop

Sixth Applied Natural Language Processing Conference

A00-1000: Front Matter

A00-1001 [bib]: Tore Amble
BusTUC - A natural language bus route oracle

A00-1002 [bib]: Jan HAJIC
Machine Translation of Very Close Languages

A00-1003 [bib]: Sharon Flank
Cross-Language Multimedia Information Retrieval

A00-1004 [bib]: Jiang Chen; Jian-Yun Nie
Automatic construction of parallel English-Chinese corpus for cross-language information retrieval

A00-1005 [bib]: Amit Bagga; Tomek Strzalkowski; G. Bowden
PartsID: A Dialogue-Based System for Identifying Parts for Medical Systems

A00-1006 [bib]: Setsuo Yamada; Eiichiro Sumita; Hideki Kashioka
Translation using Information on Dialogue Participants

A00-1007 [bib]: Arne Jonsson; Nils Dahlback
Distilling dialogues - A method using natural dialogue corpora for dialogue systems development

A00-1008 [bib]: Reva Freedman
Plan-Based Dialogue Management in a Physics Tutor

A00-1009 [bib]: Benoit Lavoie; Richard Kittredge; Tanya Korelsky; Owen Rambow
A Framework for MT and Multilingual NLG Systems Based on Uniform Lexico-Structural Processing

A00-1010 [bib]: David Stallard

A00-1011 [bib]: Chinatsu Aone; Mila Ramos-Santacruz
REES: A Large-Scale Relation and Event Extraction System

A00-1012 [bib]: Mark Stevenson; Robert Gaizauskas
Experiments on Sentence Boundary Detection

A00-1013 [bib]: Katja Wiemer-Hastings; Peter Wiemer-Hastings; Sonya Rajah
DP: A Detector for Presuppositions in survey questions

A00-1014 [bib]: Jennifer Chu-Carroll
MIMIC: An Adaptive Mixed Initiative Spoken Dialogue System for Information Queries

A00-1015 [bib]: Michael S. Fulkerson; Alan W. Biermann
Javox: A Toolkit for Building Speech-Enabled Applications

A00-1016 [bib]: Manny Rayner; Beth Ann Hockey; Frankie James
A Compact Architecture for Dialogue Management Based on Scripts and Meta-Outputs

A00-1017 [bib]: C Mellish; R Evans; L Cahill; C Doran; D Paiva; M Reape; D Scott; N Tipper
A Representation for Complex and Evolving Data Dependencies in Generation

A00-1018 [bib]: Jean-Marc Jutras RALI
An Automatic Reviser: The TransCheck System

A00-1019 [bib]: Philippe Langlais; George Foster; Guy Lapalme
Unit Completion for a Computer-aided Translation Typing System

A00-1020 [bib]: Sanda M. Harabagiu; Steven J. Maiorano
Multilingual Coreference Resolution

A00-1021 [bib]: Dragomir R. Radev; John Prager; Valerie Samn
Ranking suspected answers to natural language questions using predictive annotation

A00-1022 [bib]: Stephan Busemann; Sven Schmeier; Roman G. Arens
Message Classification in the Call Center

A00-1023 [bib]: Rohini Srihari; Wel Li
A Question Answering System Supported by Information Extraction

A00-1024 [bib]: Janine Toole
Categorizing Unknown Words: Using Decision Trees to Identify Names and Misspellings

A00-1025 [bib]: Claire Cardiel; Vincent Ng; David Pierce; Chris Buckley
Examining the Role of Statistical and Linguistic Knowledge Sources in a General-Knowledge Question-Answering System

A00-1026 [bib]: Thomas C. Rindflesch; Jayant V. Rajan; Lawrence Hunter
Extracting Molecular Binding Relationships from Biomedical Text

A00-1027 [bib]: Juntae Yoon
Compound Noun Segmentation Based on Lexical Data Extracted from Corpus

A00-1028 [bib]: Nicola Cancedda; Christer Samuelsson
Experiments with Corpus-based LFG Specialization

A00-1029 [bib]: Nanda Kambhatla; Wlodek Zadrozny
A Tool for Automated Revision of Grammars for NLP Systems

A00-1030 [bib]: William A. Woods
Aggressive Morphology for Robust Lexical Coverage

A00-1031 [bib]: Thorsten Brants
TnT -- A Statistical Part-of-Speech Tagger

A00-1032 [bib]: Tatsuo Yamashita; Yuji Matsumoto
Language Independent Morphological Analysis

A00-1033 [bib]: Gunter Neumann; Christian Braunt; Jakub Piskorski
A Divide-and-Conquer Strategy for Shallow Parsing of German Free Texts

A00-1034 [bib]: Rohini Srihari
A Hybrid Approach for Named Entity and Sub-Type Tagging

A00-1035 [bib]: Patrizia Paggio
Spelling and Grammar Correction for Danish in SCARRIE

A00-1036 [bib]: William A. Woods; Lawrence A. Bookman; Ann Houston; Robert J. Kuhns; Paul Martin; Stephen Green
Linguistic Knowledge can Improve Information Retrieval

A00-1037 [bib]: Dan Moldovan; Roxana Girju; Vasile Rus
Domain-Specific Knowledge Acquisition from Text

A00-1038 [bib]: Mark Wasson
Large-scale Controlled Vocabulary Indexing for Named Entities

A00-1039 [bib]: Roman Yangarber; Ralph Grishman; Pasi Tapanainen
Unsupervised Discovery of Scenario-Level Patterns for Information Extraction

A00-1040 [bib]: Mark Stevenson; Robert Gaizauskas
Using Corpus-derived Name Lists for Named Entity Recognition

A00-1041 [bib]: Steven Abney; Michael Collins; Amit Singhal
Answer Extraction

A00-1042 [bib]: Nina Wacholder; Judith L. Klavans; David K. Evans
Evaluation of Automatically Identified Index Terms for Browsing Electronic Documents

A00-1043 [bib]: Hongyan Jing
Sentence Reduction for Automatic Text Summarization

A00-1044 [bib]: David Miller; Sean Boisen; Richard Schwartz; Rebecca Stone; Ralph Weischedel
Named Entity Extraction from Noisy Input: Speech and OCR

A00-1045 [bib]: Norbert Broker
Improving Testsuites via Instrumentation

A00-1046 [bib]: Philip Cohen; David McGee; Josh Clow
The Efficiency of Multimodal Interaction for a Map-based Task

1st Meeting of the North American Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

A00-2000: Front Matter

A00-2001: Colin Matheson; Massimo Poesio; David Traum
Modelling Grounding and Discourse Obligations Using Update Rules

A00-2002: Daniel Marcu; Lynn Carlson; Maki Watanabe
The Automatic Translation of Discourse Structures

A00-2003: Michael Strube; Maria Wolters
A Probabilistic Genre-Independent Model of Pronominalization

A00-2004: Freddy Y. Y. Choi
Advances in domain independent linear text segmentation

A00-2005: John C. Henderson; Eric Brill
Bagging and Boosting a Treebank Parser

A00-2006: Antonietta ALONGE; Francesca BERTAGNA; Nicoletta CALZOLARI; Adriana ROVENTINI; Antonio ZAMPOLLI
Encoding information on adjectives in a lexical-semantic net for computational applications

A00-2007: Erik F. Tjong
Noun Phrase Recognition by System Combination

A00-2008: Christopher JOHNSON; Charles J. FILLMORE
The FrameNet tagset for frame-semantic and syntactic coding of predicate-argument structure

A00-2009: Ted Pedersen
A Simple Approach to Building Ensembles of Naive Bayesian Classifiers for Word Sense Disambiguation

A00-2010: Sylvain Pogodalla
Generation in the Lambek Calculus Framework: an Approach with Semantic Proof Nets

A00-2011: Patrick Pantel; Dekang Lin
Word-for-Word Glossing with Contextually Similar Words

A00-2012: Violetta Cavalli-Sforza; Abdelhadi Soudi; Teruko Mitamura
Arabic Morphology Generation Using a Concatenative Strategy

A00-2013: Jan Hajic
Morphological Tagging: Data vs. Dictionaries

A00-2014: M. P. Harper; C. M. White; W. Wang; M. T. Johnson; R. A. Helzerman
The Effectiveness of Corpus-Induced Dependency Grammars for Post-processing Speech

A00-2015: Takehito Utsuro; Shigeyuki Nishiokayama; Masakazu Fujio; Yuji Matsumoto
Analyzing Dependencies of Japanese Subordinate Clauses based on Statistics of Scope Embedding Preference

A00-2016: Ulf Hermjakob
Rapid Parser Development: A Machine Learning Approach for Korean

A00-2017: Yair Even-Zohar; Dan Roth
A Classification Approach to Word Prediction

A00-2018: Eugene Charniak
A Maximum-Entropy-Inspired Parser

A00-2019: Martin Chodorow; Claudia Leacock
An Unsupervised Method for Detecting Grammatical Errors

A00-2020: Eleazar Eskin
Detecting Errors within a Corpus using Anomaly Detection

A00-2021: Mark Johnson; Stefan Riezler
Exploiting auxiliary distributions in stochastic unification-based grammars

A00-2022: Stephan Cepen; John Carroll
Ambiguity Packing in Constraint-based Parsing Practical Results

A00-2023: Irene Langkilde
Forest-Based Statistical Sentence Generation

A00-2024: Hongyan Jing; Kathleen R. McKeown
Cut and Paste Based Text Summarization

A00-2025: Klaus Zechner; Alex Waibel
Minimizing Word Error Rate in Textual Summaries of Spoken Language

A00-2026: Adwait Ratnaparkhi
Trainable Methods for Surface Natural Language Generation

A00-2027: Jennifer Chu-Carroll
Evaluating Automatic Dialogue Strategy Adaptation for a Spoken Dialogue System

A00-2028: Marilyn Walker; Irene Langkilde; Jerry Wright; Allen Gorin; Diane Litman
Learning to Predict Problematic Situations in a Spoken Dialogue System: Experiments with How May I Help You.?

A00-2029: Diane J. Litman; Julia B. Hirschberg; Marc Swerts
Predicting Automatic Speech Recognition Performance Using Prosodic Cues

A00-2030: Scott Miller; Heidi Fox; Lance Ramshaw; Ralph Weischedel
A Novel Use of Statistical Parsing to Extract Information from Text

A00-2031: Don Blaheta; Eugene Charniak
Assigning Function Tags to Parsed Text

A00-2032: Rie Kubota Ando; Lillian Lee
Mostly-Unsupervised Statistical Segmentation of Japanese: Applications to Kanji

A00-2033: Robert C. Moore
Removing Left Recursion from Context-Free Grammars

A00-2034: Diana McCarthy
Using Semantic Preferences to Identify Verbal Participation in Role Switching Alternations

A00-2035: Andrei Mikheev
Tagging Sentence Boundaries

A00-2036: Mark-Jan Nederhof; Giorgio Satta
Left-To-Right Parsing and Bilexical Context-Free Grammars

A00-2037: Karen Ward; Peter A. Heeman
Acknowledgments in Human-Computer Interaction

A00-2038: Grzegorz Kondrak
A New Algorithm for the Alignment of Phonetic Sequences

A00-2039: Markus Walther
Finite-State Reduplication in One-Level Prosodic Morphology

A00-2040: Gosse Bouma
A Finite State and Data-Oriented Method for Grapheme to Phoneme Conversion

A00-2041: Carolyn P. Rose
A Framework for Robust Semantic Interpretation Learning

A00-2042: Claire Gardent; Karsten Konrad
Understanding "Each Other

A00-2043: Martin Romacker; Udo Hahn
An Empirical Assessment of Semantic Interpretation

Proceedings of the ANLP-NAACL 2000 Student Research Workshop

A00-3000: Front Matter

A00-3001: Hua Cheng
Experimenting with the Interaction between Aggregation and Text Structuring

A00-3002: Krzysztof Czuba
Efficient parsing strategies for syntactic analysis of closed captions

A00-3003: Ivan I. Garibay
Generating Text with a Theorem Prover

A00-3004: Hatem Ghorbel; Vincenzo Pallotta
A Weighted Robust Parsing Approach to Semantic Annotation

A00-3005: Koldo Gojenola; Maite Oronoz
Corpus-Based Syntactic Error Detection Using Syntactic Patterns

A00-3006: Derrick Higgins
The use of error tags in ARTFL's Encyclope"die: Does good error identification lead to good error correction?

A00-3007: Mary Xiaoyong Liu; Ted Diamond; Anne R. Diekema
Word Sense Disambiguation for Cross-Language Information Retrieval

A00-3008: Sarah Louise Oates
Multiple Discourse Marker Occurrence: Creating Hierarchies for Natural Language Generation

Author Index to the Proceedings of ANLP-NAACL 2000 and the Student Research Workshop

A00-4000: Front Matter