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Third Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing

A92-1000: Front Matter

A92-1001 [bib]: Manny Rayner; Hiyan Alshawi
Deriving Database Queries from Logical Forms by Abductive Definition Expansion

A92-1002 [bib]: Ronnie W. Smith; D . Richard Hipp; Alan W. Biermann
A Dialog Control Algorithm and Its Performance

A92-1003 [bib]: Alberto Lavelli; Bernardo Magnini; Carlo Strapparava

A92-1004 [bib]: Joan Bachenko; Jeffrey Daugherty; Eileen Fitzpatrick

A92-1005 [bib]: Paolo Baggia; Elisabetta Gerbino; Egidio Giachin ; Claudio Rullent
Real-time linguistic analysis for continuous speech understanding

A92-1006 [bib]: Owen Rambow; Tanya Korelsky
Applied Text Generation

A92-1007 [bib]: Stephan M. Kerpedjiev
Automatic Generation of Multimodal Weather Reports from Datasets

A92-1008 [bib]: Peter Wazinski
Generating Spatial Descriptions for Cross-modal References

A92-1009 [bib]: Ehud Reiter; Chris Mellish; John Levine
Automatic Generation of On-Line Documentation in the IDAS Project

A92-1010 [bib]: Stephan Dilley; John Bateman; Ulrich Thiel; Anne Tissen
Integrating Natural Language Components into Graphical Discourse

A92-1011 [bib]: Antonio Sanfilippo; Victor Poznatlski
The Acquisition of Lexical Knowledge from Combined Machine-Readable Dictionary Sources

A92-1012 [bib]: Ann Copestake
The ACQUILEX LKB: representation issues in semi-automatic acquisition of large lexicons

A92-1013 [bib]: Roberto Basili; Maria Teresa Pazienza; Paola Velardi
Computational Lexicons: the Neat Examples and the Odd Exemplars

A92-1014 [bib]: Satoshl SEKINE; Jeremy J.CARROLL; Sofia ANANIADOU; Jun'ichi TSUJII
Automatic Learning for Semantic Collocation

A92-1015 [bib]: Theo Vosse
Detecting and Correcting Morpho-syntactic Errors in Real Texts

A92-1016 [bib]: Agirre E.; Alegria I; Arregi X; Artola X; Diaz de Ilarraza A; Maritxalar M; Sarasola K; Urkia M
XUXEN: A Spelling Checker/Corrector for Basque Based on Two-Level Morphology

A92-1017 [bib]: Ralf Kese; Friedrich Dudda; Gerhard Heyer; Marianne Kugler
Extended Spelling Correction for German

A92-1018 [bib]: Doug Cutting; Julian Kupiec; Jan Pedersen; Penelope Sibun
A Practical Part-of-Speech Tagger

A92-1019 [bib]: Hans Paulussen; Willy Martin

A92-1020 [bib]: Jyun-Sheng Chang; Tsung-Yih Tseng; Sur-Jin Ker; Ying Cheng; Huey-Chyun Chen; Shun-Der Cheng; John S. Liu
A Corpus-Based Statistical Approach to Automatic Book Indexing

A92-1021 [bib]: Eric Brill
A Simple Rule-Based Part of Speech Tagger

A92-1022 [bib]: Ralph Grishman; Catherine Macleod; John Sterling
Evaluating Parsing Strategies Using Standardized Parse Files

A92-1023 [bib]: Sean Boisen; Madeleine Bates
A Practical Methodology for the Evaluation of Spoken Language Systems

A92-1024 [bib]: Peggy M. Andersen; Philip J. Hayes; Steven P. Weinstein; Alison K. Huettner; Linda M. Schmandt; Irene B. Nirenburg
Automatic Extraction of Facts from Press Releases to Generate News Stories

A92-1025 [bib]: Paul S. Jacobs
Joining Statistics with NLP for Text Categorization

A92-1026 [bib]: Jerry R . Hobbs; Douglas E . Appelt; John Bear; Mabry Tyson
Robust Processing of Real-World Natural-Language Texts

A92-1027 [bib]: David D. McDonald
An Efficient Chart-based Algorithm for Partial-Parsing of Unrestricted Texts

A92-1028 [bib]: Hiromi Nakaiwa; Satoru Ikehara
Zero Pronoun Resolution in a Machine Translation System by using Japanese to English Verbal Semantic Attributes.

A92-1029 [bib]: Pierrette Bouillon; Katharina Boesefeldt; Graham Russell
Compound Nouns in a Unification-Based MT System

A92-1030 [bib]: Patrick Paroubek; Yves Schabes; Aravind K . Joshi
XTAG - A Graphical Workbench for Developing Tree-Adjoining Grammars

A92-1031 [bib]: A. Winarske; S. Warwick-Armstrong; J. Hajie
Tagging and Alignment of Parallel Texts: Current Status of BCP

A92-1032 [bib]: Michela Fasolo; Lorenzo Garbuio; Nicola Guarino
Robust parsing of natural language descriptions expressed in telegraphic style

A92-1033 [bib]: Eugene J. Guglielmo; Neil C. Rowe
Overview of Natural Language Processing of Captions for Retrieving Multimedia Data

A92-1034 [bib]: John R. R. Leavitt
MORPHE: A Practical Compiler for Reversible Morphology Rules

A92-1035 [bib]: Lynn Carlson; Sergei Nirenburg
Practical World Modeling for NLP Applications

A92-1036 [bib]: Marie Meteer
Portable Natural Language Generation using SPOKESMAN

A92-1037 [bib]: Sadao Kurohashi; Makoto Nagao; Satoshi Sato; Masahiko Murakami
A Method of Automatic Hypertext Construction from an Encyclopedic Dictionary of a Specific Field

A92-1038 [bib]: Harald Trost; Wolfgang Heinz; Johannes Matiasek; Ernst Buchberger
Datenbank-DIALOG and the Relevance of Habitability

A92-1039 [bib]: Gregor Erbach
Tools for Grammar Engineering

A92-1040 [bib]: Scott McGlashan; Norman Fraser; Nigel Gilbert; Eric Bilange; Paul Heisterkamp; Nick Youd
Dialogue Management for Telephone Information Systems

A92-1041 [bib]: Cristian Dumitrescu
Lexicon Design Using a Paradigmatic Approach

A92-1042 [bib]: Eyal Shifroni; Uzzi Ornan
Acquiring and Exploiting the User's Knowledge in Guidance Interactions

A92-1043 [bib]: Stefan Wermter
Learning a Scanning Understanding for "Real-world" Library Categorization

A92-1044 [bib]: Alicia Agent; Irene Castellon; M. A. Marti; German Rigau; Francese Ribas; Horaeio Rodriguez; Mariona Taule ; Felisa Verdejo
SEISD: An environment for extraction of Semantic Information from on-line dictionaries

A92-1045 [bib]: Sergei Nirenburg; Peter Shell; Ariel Cohen; Peter Cousseau; Dean Grannes; Chris McNeilly
Multi-Purpose Development and Operation Environments for Natural Language Applications

A92-1046 [bib]: Martin Volk
The Role of Testing in Grammar Engineering

A92-1047 [bib]: David M. Carter
Lexical Processing in the CLARE System