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Fourth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing

A94-1000: Front Matter

A94-1001 [bib]: David E. Caldwell; Tatiana Korelsky
Bilingual Generation of Job from Quasi-Conceptual Descriptions Forms

A94-1002 [bib]: Kathleen McKeown; Karen Kukich; James Shaw
Practical Issues in Automatic Documentation Generation

A94-1003 [bib]: Penelope Sibun; A. Lawrence Spitz
Language Determination: Natural Language Processing from Scanned Document Images

A94-1004 [bib]: Takehiro Nakayama
Modeling Content Identification from Document Images

A94-1005 [bib]: Naoto Katoh; Teruaki Aizawa
Machine Translation of Sentences with Fixed Expressions

A94-1006 [bib]: Ido Dagan; Ken Church
Termight: Identifying and Translating Technical Terminology

A94-1007 [bib]: Akitoshi Okumura; Kazunori Muraki
Symmetric Pattern Matching Analysis for English Coordinate Structures

A94-1008 [bib]: Pasi Tapanainen; Atro Voutilainen
Tagging accurately - Don't guess if you know

A94-1009 [bib]: David Elworthy
Does Baum-Welch Re-estimation Help Taggers?

A94-1010 [bib]: David Carter
Improving Language Models by Clustering Training Sentences

A94-1011 [bib]: Steven Finch
Exploiting Sophisticated Representations for Document Retrieval

A94-1012 [bib]: Masaki Kiyono; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Combination of Symbolic and Statistical Approaches for Grammatical Knowledge Acquisition

A94-1013 [bib]: David D. Palmer; Marti A. Hearst
Adaptive Sentence Boundary Disambiguation

A94-1014 [bib]: Fernando Gomez; Richard Hull; Carlos Segami
Acquiring Knowledge From Encyclopedic Texts

A94-1015 [bib]: Miguel Filgueiras
A Successful Case of Computer Aided Translation

A94-1016 [bib]: Robert Frederking; Sergei Nirenburg
Three Heads are Better than One

A94-1017 [bib]: Kozo Oi; Eiichiro Sumita; Osamu Furuse; Hitoshi Iida; Tetsuya Higuchi
Real-Time Spoken Language Translation Using Associative Processors

A94-1018 [bib]: Tsuneaki Kato
Yet Another Chart-Based Technique for Parsing Ill-Formed Input

A94-1019 [bib]: Christian Jacquemin
Recycling Terms into a Partial Parser

A94-1020 [bib]: Flavia A. Barros ; Anne DeRoeck
Resolving Anaphora in a Portable Natural Language Front End to Databases

A94-1021 [bib]: Abigail S. Gertner; Bonnie L. Webber; John R. Clarke
Upholding the Maxim of Relevance during Patient-Centered Activities

A94-1022 [bib]: Madeleine Bates; Robert Bobrow; Robert Ingria; David Stallard
The Delphi Natural Language Understanding System

A94-1023 [bib]: David N. Chin; Matthew McGranaghan; Tung-Tse Chen
Understanding Location Descriptions in the LEI System

A94-1024 [bib]: Kemal Oflazer; Ilker Kuruoz
Tagging and Morphological Disambiguation of Turkish Text

A94-1025 [bib]: Peter Spyns
A robust category guesser for Dutch medical language

A94-1026 [bib]: Masahiro Oku
Handling Japanese Homophone Errors in Revision Support System for Japanese Texts; REVISE

A94-1027 [bib]: Makoto Iwayama; Takenobu Tokunaga
A Probabilistic Model for Text Categorization: Based on a Single Random Variable with Multiple Values

A94-1028 [bib]: Tomek Strzalkowski
Robust Text Processing in Automated Information Retrieval

A94-1029 [bib]: Roberto Basili; Fabrizio Grisoli; Maria Teresa Pazienza
Might a semantic lexicon support hypertextual authoring?

A94-1030 [bib]: Dekai Wu; Pascale Fung

A94-1031 [bib]: Tao Hong; Jonathan J . Hull
Degraded Text Recognition Using Word Collocation and Visual Inter-Word Constraints

A94-1032 [bib]: Satoru Ikehara; Satoshi Shirai; Akio Yokoo; Francis Bond; Yoshie Omi
Automatic Aquisition of Semantic Attributes for User Defined Words m Japanese to English Machine Translation

A94-1033 [bib]: Tao Hong; Jonathan J. Hull
Degraded Text Recognition Using Word Collocation and Visual Inter-Word Constraints

A94-1034 [bib]: Fathi Debili; Elyes Sammouda; Adnane Zribi

A94-1035 [bib]: Kentaro Ogura; Francis Bond; Satoru Ikehara
English Adverb Generation in Japanese to English Machine Translation

A94-1036 [bib]: Reinhard Schaler
A Practical Evaluation of an Integrated Translation Tool during a Large Scale Localisation Project

A94-1037 [bib]: Kemal Oflazer; Cemaleddin Guzey
Spelling Correction in Agglutinative Languages

A94-1038 [bib]: Susumu Akamine; Osamu Furuse; Hitoshi Iida
Integration of example-based transfer and rule-based generation

A94-1039 [bib]: Tetsuo Araki; Satoru Ikehara; Nobuyuki Tsukahara; Yasunori Komatsu
An Evaluation of a Method to Detect and Correct Erroneous Characters in Japanese input through an OCR using Markov Models

A94-1040 [bib]: Igor A. Bolshakov

A94-1041 [bib]: Jose Coch; Raphael David
Representing Knowledge for Planning Multisentential Text

A94-1042 [bib]: Robert Pasero; Nathalie Richardet; Paul Sabatier
Guided Sentences Composition for Disabled People

A94-1043 [bib]: Hideki Hirakawa; Kouichi Nomura; Mariko Nakamura
An Interactive Rewriting Tool for Machine Acceptable Sentences

A94-1044 [bib]: Dietmar Rosner; Manfred Stede
TECHDOC: Multilingual generation of online and offline instructional text

A94-1045 [bib]: Lynne J. Cahill
An Inheritance-based Lexicon for Message Understanding Systems

A94-1046 [bib]: Gabor Proszeky
Industrial Applications of Unification Morphology

A94-1047 [bib]: Richard Kittredge; Eli Goldberg; Myunghee Kim; Alain Polguere