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Proceedings of the 2007 Joint Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing and Computational Natural Language Learning (EMNLP-CoNLL)

D07-1 [bib]: Entire volume

D07-1000: Front Matter

D07-1001 [bib]: James Clarke; Mirella Lapata
Modelling Compression with Discourse Constraints

D07-1002 [bib]: Dan Shen; Mirella Lapata
Using Semantic Roles to Improve Question Answering

D07-1003 [bib]: Mengqiu Wang; Noah A. Smith; Teruko Mitamura
What is the Jeopardy Model? A Quasi-Synchronous Grammar for QA

D07-1004 [bib]: Youzheng Wu; Ruiqiang Zhang; Xinhui Hu; Hideki Kashioka
Learning Unsupervised SVM Classifier for Answer Selection in Web Question Answering

D07-1005 [bib]: Shankar Kumar; Franz J. Och; Wolfgang Macherey
Improving Word Alignment with Bridge Languages

D07-1006 [bib]: Alexander Fraser; Daniel Marcu
Getting the Structure Right for Word Alignment: LEAF

D07-1007 [bib]: Marine Carpuat; Dekai Wu
Improving Statistical Machine Translation Using Word Sense Disambiguation

D07-1008 [bib]: Trevor Cohn; Mirella Lapata
Large Margin Synchronous Generation and its Application to Sentence Compression

D07-1009 [bib]: Erdong Chen; Benjamin Snyder; Regina Barzilay
Incremental Text Structuring with Online Hierarchical Ranking

D07-1010 [bib]: Ben Wellner; James Pustejovsky
Automatically Identifying the Arguments of Discourse Connectives

D07-1011 [bib]: Albert Gatt; Kees van Deemter
Incremental Generation of Plural Descriptions: Similarity and Partitioning

D07-1012 [bib]: Joachim Wagner; Jennifer Foster; Josef van Genabith
A Comparative Evaluation of Deep and Shallow Approaches to the Automatic Detection of Common Grammatical Errors

D07-1013 [bib]: Ryan McDonald; Joakim Nivre
Characterizing the Errors of Data-Driven Dependency Parsing Models

D07-1014 [bib]: David A. Smith; Noah A. Smith
Probabilistic Models of Nonprojective Dependency Trees

D07-1015 [bib]: Terry Koo; Amir Globerson; Xavier Carreras; Michael Collins
Structured Prediction Models via the Matrix-Tree Theorem

D07-1016 [bib]: Beatrice Alex; Amit Dubey; Frank Keller
Using Foreign Inclusion Detection to Improve Parsing Performance

D07-1017 [bib]: Rahul Bhagat; Patrick Pantel; Eduard Hovy
LEDIR: An Unsupervised Algorithm for Learning Directionality of Inference Rules

D07-1018 [bib]: Gemma Boleda; Sabine Schulte im Walde; Toni Badia
Modelling Polysemy in Adjective Classes by Multi-Label Classification

D07-1019 [bib]: Qing Chen; Mu Li; Ming Zhou
Improving Query Spelling Correction Using Web Search Results

D07-1020 [bib]: Ying Chen; James Martin
Towards Robust Unsupervised Personal Name Disambiguation

D07-1021 [bib]: Kenneth Church; Ted Hart; Jianfeng Gao
Compressing Trigram Language Models With Golomb Coding

D07-1022 [bib]: Shay B. Cohen; Noah A. Smith
Joint Morphological and Syntactic Disambiguation

D07-1023 [bib]: Sajib Dasgupta; Vincent Ng
Unsupervised Part-of-Speech Acquisition for Resource-Scarce Languages

D07-1024 [bib]: Gunes Erkan; Arzucan Ozgur; Dragomir R. Radev
Semi-Supervised Classification for Extracting Protein Interaction Sentences using Dependency Parsing

D07-1025 [bib]: Dayne Freitag; Shahram Khadivi
A Sequence Alignment Model Based on the Averaged Perceptron

D07-1026 [bib]: Claudio Giuliano; Alfio Gliozzo
Instance Based Lexical Entailment for Ontology Population

D07-1027 [bib]: Yuqing Guo; Haifeng Wang; Josef van Genabith
Recovering Non-Local Dependencies for Chinese

D07-1028 [bib]: Deirdre Hogan; Conor Cafferkey; Aoife Cahill; Josef van Genabith
Exploiting Multi-Word Units in History-Based Probabilistic Generation

D07-1029 [bib]: Fei Huang; Kishore Papineni
Hierarchical System Combination for Machine Translation

D07-1030 [bib]: Xiaoguang Hu; Haifeng Wang; Hua Wu
Using RBMT Systems to Produce Bilingual Corpus for SMT

D07-1031 [bib]: Mark Johnson
Why Doesn’t EM Find Good HMM POS-Taggers?

D07-1032 [bib]: Daisuke Kawahara; Sadao Kurohashi
Probabilistic Coordination Disambiguation in a Fully-Lexicalized Japanese Parser

D07-1033 [bib]: Jun’ichi Kazama; Kentaro Torisawa
A New Perceptron Algorithm for Sequence Labeling with Non-Local Features

D07-1034 [bib]: Oi Yee Kwong; Benjamin K. Tsou
Extending a Thesaurus in the Pan-Chinese Context

D07-1035 [bib]: Jingjing Liu; Yunbo Cao; Chin-Yew Lin; Yalou Huang; Ming Zhou
Low-Quality Product Review Detection in Opinion Summarization

D07-1036 [bib]: Yajuan Lu; Jin Huang; Qun Liu
Improving Statistical Machine Translation Performance by Training Data Selection and Optimization

D07-1037 [bib]: Irina Matveeva; Gina-Anne Levow
Topic Segmentation with Hybrid Document Indexing

D07-1038 [bib]: Jonathan May; Kevin Knight
Syntactic Re-Alignment Models for Machine Translation

D07-1039 [bib]: Diana McCarthy; Sriram Venkatapathy; Aravind Joshi
Detecting Compositionality of Verb-Object Combinations using Selectional Preferences

D07-1040 [bib]: Rada Mihalcea; Hakan Ceylan
Explorations in Automatic Book Summarization

D07-1041 [bib]: Taesun Moon; Jason Baldridge
Part-of-Speech Tagging for Middle English through Alignment and Projection of Parallel Diachronic Texts

D07-1042 [bib]: Sebastian Padó; Ulrike Padó; Katrin Erk
Flexible, Corpus-Based Modelling of Human Plausibility Judgements

D07-1043 [bib]: Andrew Rosenberg; Julia Hirschberg
V-Measure: A Conditional Entropy-Based External Cluster Evaluation Measure

D07-1044 [bib]: Issei Sato; Hiroshi Nakagawa
Bayesian Document Generative Model with Explicit Multiple Topics

D07-1045 [bib]: Holger Schwenk; Marta R. Costa-jussa; Jose A. R. Fonollosa
Smooth Bilingual $N$-Gram Translation

D07-1046 [bib]: Danny Shacham; Shuly Wintner
Morphological Disambiguation of Hebrew: A Case Study in Classifier Combination

D07-1047 [bib]: Krysta Svore; Lucy Vanderwende; Christopher Burges
Enhancing Single-Document Summarization by Combining RankNet and Third-Party Sources

D07-1048 [bib]: Hironori Takeuchi; L Venkata Subramaniam; Tetsuya Nasukawa; Shourya Roy
Automatic Identification of Important Segments and Expressions for Mining of Business-Oriented Conversations at Contact Centers

D07-1049 [bib]: David Talbot; Miles Osborne
Smoothed Bloom Filter Language Models: Tera-Scale LMs on the Cheap

D07-1050 [bib]: Takaaki Tanaka; Francis Bond; Timothy Baldwin; Sanae Fujita; Chikara Hashimoto
Word Sense Disambiguation Incorporating Lexical and Structural Semantic Information

D07-1051 [bib]: Katrin Tomanek; Joachim Wermter; Udo Hahn
An Approach to Text Corpus Construction which Cuts Annotation Costs and Maintains Reusability of Annotated Data

D07-1052 [bib]: Yannick Versley
Antecedent Selection Techniques for High-Recall Coreference Resolution

D07-1053 [bib]: Tonio Wandmacher; Jean-Yves Antoine
Methods to Integrate a Language Model with Semantic Information for a Word Prediction Component

D07-1054 [bib]: Hirofumi Yamamoto; Eiichiro Sumita
Bilingual Cluster Based Models for Statistical Machine Translation

D07-1055 [bib]: Richard Zens; Sasa Hasan; Hermann Ney
A Systematic Comparison of Training Criteria for Statistical Machine Translation

D07-1056 [bib]: Dongdong Zhang; Mu Li; Chi-Ho Li; Ming Zhou
Phrase Reordering Model Integrating Syntactic Knowledge for SMT

D07-1057 [bib]: Shanheng Zhao; Hwee Tou Ng
Identification and Resolution of Chinese Zero Pronouns: A Machine Learning Approach

D07-1058 [bib]: Willem Zuidema
Parsimonious Data-Oriented Parsing

D07-1059 [bib]: Andy Chiu; Pascal Poupart; Chrysanne DiMarco
Generating Lexical Analogies Using Dependency Relations

D07-1060 [bib]: Saif Mohammad; Iryna Gurevych; Graeme Hirst; Torsten Zesch
Cross-Lingual Distributional Profiles of Concepts for Measuring Semantic Distance

D07-1061 [bib]: Thad Hughes; Daniel Ramage
Lexical Semantic Relatedness with Random Graph Walks

D07-1062 [bib]: Yudong Liu; Anoop Sarkar
Experimental Evaluation of LTAG-Based Features for Semantic Role Labeling

D07-1063 [bib]: Akihiro Tamura; Hiroya Takamura; Manabu Okumura
Japanese Dependency Analysis Using the Ancestor-Descendant Relation

D07-1064 [bib]: Masashi Shimbo; Kazuo Hara
A Discriminative Learning Model for Coordinate Conjunctions

D07-1065 [bib]: Denis Filimonov; Mary Harper
Recovery of Empty Nodes in Parse Structures

D07-1066 [bib]: Ines Rehbein; Josef van Genabith
Treebank Annotation Schemes and Parser Evaluation for German

D07-1067 [bib]: Qinfeng Shi; Yasemin Altun; Alex Smola; S.V.N. Vishwanathan
Semi-Markov Models for Sequence Segmentation

D07-1068 [bib]: Yotaro Watanabe; Masayuki Asahara; Yuji Matsumoto
A Graph-Based Approach to Named Entity Categorization in Wikipedia Using Conditional Random Fields

D07-1069 [bib]: Anthony Fader; Dragomir R. Radev; Michael H. Crespin; Burt L. Monroe; Kevin M. Quinn; Michael Colaresi
MavenRank: Identifying Influential Members of the US Senate Using Lexical Centrality

D07-1070 [bib]: David A. Smith; Jason Eisner
Bootstrapping Feature-Rich Dependency Parsers with Entropic Priors

D07-1071 [bib]: Luke Zettlemoyer; Michael Collins
Online Learning of Relaxed CCG Grammars for Parsing to Logical Form

D07-1072 [bib]: Percy Liang; Slav Petrov; Michael Jordan; Dan Klein
The Infinite PCFG Using Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes

D07-1073 [bib]: Jun’ichi Kazama; Kentaro Torisawa
Exploiting Wikipedia as External Knowledge for Named Entity Recognition

D07-1074 [bib]: Silviu Cucerzan
Large-Scale Named Entity Disambiguation Based on Wikipedia Data

D07-1075 [bib]: Siddharth Patwardhan; Ellen Riloff
Effective Information Extraction with Semantic Affinity Patterns and Relevant Regions

D07-1076 [bib]: GuoDong Zhou; Min Zhang; DongHong Ji; QiaoMing Zhu
Tree Kernel-Based Relation Extraction with Context-Sensitive Structured Parse Tree Information

D07-1077 [bib]: Chao Wang; Michael Collins; Philipp Koehn
Chinese Syntactic Reordering for Statistical Machine Translation

D07-1078 [bib]: Wei Wang; Kevin Knight; Daniel Marcu
Binarizing Syntax Trees to Improve Syntax-Based Machine Translation Accuracy

D07-1079 [bib]: Steve DeNeefe; Kevin Knight; Wei Wang; Daniel Marcu
What Can Syntax-Based MT Learn from Phrase-Based MT?

D07-1080 [bib]: Taro Watanabe; Jun Suzuki; Hajime Tsukada; Hideki Isozaki
Online Large-Margin Training for Statistical Machine Translation

D07-1081 [bib]: Jingyang Li; Maosong Sun
Scalable Term Selection for Text Categorization

D07-1082 [bib]: Jingbo Zhu; Eduard Hovy
Active Learning for Word Sense Disambiguation with Methods for Addressing the Class Imbalance Problem

D07-1083 [bib]: Jun Suzuki; Akinori Fujino; Hideki Isozaki
Semi-Supervised Structured Output Learning Based on a Hybrid Generative and Discriminative Approach

D07-1084 [bib]: Edward Loper
Finding Good Sequential Model Structures using Output Transformations

D07-1085 [bib]: Tee Kiah Chia; Haizhou Li; Hwee Tou Ng
A Statistical Language Modeling Approach to Lattice-Based Spoken Document Retrieval

D07-1086 [bib]: Shane Bergsma; Qin Iris Wang
Learning Noun Phrase Query Segmentation

D07-1087 [bib]: Sander Canisius; Caroline Sporleder
Bootstrapping Information Extraction from Field Books

D07-1088 [bib]: Donghui Feng; Gully Burns; Eduard Hovy
Extracting Data Records from Unstructured Biomedical Full Text

D07-1089 [bib]: Ariel Schwartz; Anna Divoli; Marti Hearst
Multiple Alignment of Citation Sentences with Conditional Random Fields and Posterior Decoding

D07-1090 [bib]: Thorsten Brants; Ashok C. Popat; Peng Xu; Franz J. Och; Jeffrey Dean
Large Language Models in Machine Translation

D07-1091 [bib]: Philipp Koehn; Hieu Hoang
Factored Translation Models

D07-1092 [bib]: Philippe Langlais; Alexandre Patry
Translating Unknown Words by Analogical Learning

D07-1093 [bib]: Alexandre Bouchard; Percy Liang; Thomas Griffiths; Dan Klein
A Probabilistic Approach to Diachronic Phonology

D07-1094 [bib]: Slav Petrov; Adam Pauls; Dan Klein
Learning Structured Models for Phone Recognition

D07-1095 [bib]: L. Karl Branting
Inducing Search Keys for Name Filtering

D07-1096 [bib]: Joakim Nivre; Johan Hall; Sandra Kübler; Ryan McDonald; Jens Nilsson; Sebastian Riedel; Deniz Yuret
The CoNLL 2007 Shared Task on Dependency Parsing

D07-1097 [bib]: Johan Hall; Jens Nilsson; Joakim Nivre; Gülsen Eryigit; Beáta Megyesi; Mattias Nilsson; Markus Saers
Single Malt or Blended? A Study in Multilingual Parser Optimization

D07-1098 [bib]: Xiangyu Duan; Jun Zhao; Bo Xu
Probabilistic Parsing Action Models for Multi-Lingual Dependency Parsing

D07-1099 [bib]: Ivan Titov; James Henderson
Fast and Robust Multilingual Dependency Parsing with a Generative Latent Variable Model

D07-1100 [bib]: Tetsuji Nakagawa
Multilingual Dependency Parsing Using Global Features

D07-1101 [bib]: Xavier Carreras
Experiments with a Higher-Order Projective Dependency Parser

D07-1102 [bib]: Keith Hall; Jiri Havelka; David A. Smith
Log-Linear Models of Non-Projective Trees, $k$-best MST Parsing and Tree-Ranking

D07-1103 [bib]: Howard Johnson; Joel Martin; George Foster; Roland Kuhn
Improving Translation Quality by Discarding Most of the Phrasetable

D07-1104 [bib]: Adam Lopez
Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation with Suffix Arrays

D07-1105 [bib]: Wolfgang Macherey; Franz J. Och
An Empirical Study on Computing Consensus Translations from Multiple Machine Translation Systems

D07-1106 [bib]: Jian-Cheng Wu; Jason S. Chang
Learning to Find English to Chinese Transliterations on the Web

D07-1107 [bib]: Rion Snow; Sushant Prakash; Daniel Jurafsky; Andrew Y. Ng
Learning to Merge Word Senses

D07-1108 [bib]: Junfu Cai; Wee Sun Lee; Yee Whye Teh
Improving Word Sense Disambiguation Using Topic Features

D07-1109 [bib]: Jordan Boyd-Graber; David Blei; Xiaojin Zhu
A Topic Model for Word Sense Disambiguation

D07-1110 [bib]: Aline Villavicencio; Valia Kordoni; Yi Zhang; Marco Idiart; Carlos Ramisch
Validation and Evaluation of Automatically Acquired Multiword Expressions for Grammar Engineering

D07-1111 [bib]: Kenji Sagae; Jun’ichi Tsujii
Dependency Parsing and Domain Adaptation with LR Models and Parser Ensembles

D07-1112 [bib]: Mark Dredze; John Blitzer; Partha Pratim Talukdar; Kuzman Ganchev; João Graca; Fernando Pereira
Frustratingly Hard Domain Adaptation for Dependency Parsing

D07-1113 [bib]: Soo-Min Kim; Eduard Hovy
Crystal: Analyzing Predictive Opinions on the Web

D07-1114 [bib]: Nozomi Kobayashi; Kentaro Inui; Yuji Matsumoto
Extracting Aspect-Evaluation and Aspect-Of Relations in Opinion Mining

D07-1115 [bib]: Nobuhiro Kaji; Masaru Kitsuregawa
Building Lexicon for Sentiment Analysis from Massive Collection of HTML Documents

D07-1116 [bib]: Nizar Habash; Ryan Gabbard; Owen Rambow; Seth Kulick; Mitch Marcus
Determining Case in Arabic: Learning Complex Linguistic Behavior Requires Complex Linguistic Features

D07-1117 [bib]: Zhongqiang Huang; Mary Harper; Wen Wang
Mandarin Part-of-Speech Tagging and Discriminative Reranking

D07-1118 [bib]: John Miller; Manabu Torii; K. Vijay-Shanker
Building Domain-Specific Taggers without Annotated (Domain) Data

D07-1119 [bib]: Giuseppe Attardi; Felice Dell’Orletta; Maria Simi; Atanas Chanev; Massimiliano Ciaramita
Multilingual Dependency Parsing and Domain Adaptation using DeSR

D07-1120 [bib]: Eckhard Bick
Hybrid Ways to Improve Domain Independence in an ML Dependency Parser

D07-1121 [bib]: Sander Canisius; Erik Tjong Kim Sang
A Constraint Satisfaction Approach to Dependency Parsing

D07-1122 [bib]: Wenliang Chen; Yujie Zhang; Hitoshi Isahara
A Two-Stage Parser for Multilingual Dependency Parsing

D07-1123 [bib]: Richard Johansson; Pierre Nugues
Incremental Dependency Parsing Using Online Learning

D07-1124 [bib]: Prashanth Reddy Mannem
Online Learning for Deterministic Dependency Parsing

D07-1125 [bib]: Svetoslav Marinov
Covington Variations

D07-1126 [bib]: Le-Minh Nguyen; Akira Shimazu; Phuong-Thai Nguyen; Xuan-Hieu Phan
A Multilingual Dependency Analysis System Using Online Passive-Aggressive Learning

D07-1127 [bib]: Michael Schiehlen; Kristina Spranger
Global Learning of Labeled Dependency Trees

D07-1128 [bib]: Gerold Schneider; Kaarel Kaljurand; Fabio Rinaldi; Tobias Kuhn
Pro3Gres Parser in the CoNLL Domain Adaptation Shared Task

D07-1129 [bib]: Nobuyuki Shimizu; Hiroshi Nakagawa
Structural Correspondence Learning for Dependency Parsing

D07-1130 [bib]: Rebecca Watson; Ted Briscoe
Adapting the RASP System for the CoNLL07 Domain-Adaptation Task

D07-1131 [bib]: Yu-Chieh Wu; Jie-Chi Yang; Yue-Shi Lee
Multilingual Deterministic Dependency Parsing Framework using Modified Finite Newton Method Support Vector Machines