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10th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Student Research Workshop

10th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

E03-1001: Doug Oard
Multilingual Access to Large Spoken Archives (Invited talk)

E03-1002: James Henderson
Neural Network Probability Estimation for Broad Coverage Parsing

E03-1003: Jill Burstein; Magdalena Wolska
Toward Evaluation of Writing Style: Overly Repetitious Word Use

E03-1004: Martin Cmejrek; Jan Curin; Jiri Havelka
Czech-English Dependency Tree-based Machine Translation

E03-1005: Rens Bod
An efficient implementation of a new DOP model

E03-1006: Martine Smets; Michael Gamon; Simon Corston-Oliver; Eric Ringger
French Amalgam: a quick adaptation of a sentence realization system to French

E03-1007: Nicola Ueffing; Hermann Ney
Using POS Information for SMT into Morphologically Rich Languages

E03-1008: Mark Steedman; Miles Osborne; Anoop Sarkar; Stephen Clark; Rebecca Hwa; Julia Hockenmaier; Paul Ruhlen; Steven Baker; Jeremiah Crim
Bootstrapping statistical parsers from small datasets

E03-1009: Alexander Clark
Combining Distributional and Morphological Information for Part of Speech Induction

E03-1010: Keiji Yasuda; Fumiaki Sugaya; Toshiyuki Takezawa; Seiichi Yamamoto; Masuzo Yanagida
Automatic Evaluation for a Palpable Measure of a Speech Translation System's Capability

E03-1011: Alexiei Dingli; Fabio Ciravegna; David Guthrie; Yorick Wilks
Mining Web Sites Using Unsupervised Adaptive Information Extraction

E03-1012: Zoltán Alexin; János Csirik; Tibor Gyimóthy; Károly Bibok; Csaba Hatvani; Gábor Prószéky; László Tihanyi
Annotated Hungarian National Corpus

E03-1013: Junko Hosaka; Judice L. Y. Koh; Akihiko Konagaya
Effect of utilizing terminology on extraction of protein-protein interaction information from biomedical literature

E03-1014: Zdenek Zabokrtsky; Otakar Smrz
Arabic Syntactic Trees: from Constituency to Dependency

E03-1015: Thierry Poibeau; A. Acoulon; C. Avaux; L. Beroff-Bénéat; A. Cadeau; M. Calberg; A. Delale; L. De Temmerman; A.-L. Guenet; D. Huis; M. Jamalpour; A. Krul; A. Marcus; F. Picoli; C. Plancq
The Multilingual Named Entity Recognition Framework

E03-1016: Serge A. Yablonsky
The Corpora Management System Based on Java and Oracle Technologies

E03-1017: Helmut Horacek
A Best-First Search Algorithm for Generating Referring Expressions

E03-1018: Luisa Bentivogli; Emanuele Pianta
Beyond Lexical Units: Enriching WordNets with Phrasets

E03-1019: Paul Piwek
A Flexible Pragmatics-Driven Language Generator for Animated Agents

E03-1020: Beate Dorow; Dominic Widdows
Discovering Corpus-Specific Word Senses

E03-1021: Somayajulu G. Sripada; Ehud Reiter; Jim Hunter; Jin Yu
Summarizing Neonatal Time Series Data

E03-1022: Luka Nerima; Violeta Seretan; Eric Wehrli
Creating a multilingual collocations dictionary from large text corpora

E03-1023: Takehito Utsuro; Takashi Horiuchi; Kohei Hino; Takeshi Hamamoto; Takeaki Nakayama
Effect of Cross-Language IR in Bilingual Lexicon Acquisition from Comparable Corpora

E03-1024: Alexander Koller; Joachim Niehren; Stefan Thater
Underspecification formalisms: Hole semantics as dominance constraints

E03-1025: Judita Preiss
Using Grammatical Relations to Compare Parsers

E03-1026: Jörg Tiedemann
Combining Clues for Word Alignment

E03-1027: Katrin Erk; Joachim Niehren
Well-Nested Parallelism Constraints for Ellipsis Resolution

E03-1028: Gerald Penn
AVM Description Compilation using Types as Modes

E03-1029: Kenji Imamura; Eiichiro Sumita; Yuji Matsumoto
Automatic Construction of Machine Translation Knowledge Using Translation Literalness

E03-1030: Claire Gardent; Laura Kallmeyer
Semantic construction in F-TAG

E03-1031: Anssi Yli-Jyrä
Describing Syntax with Star-Free Regular Expressions

E03-1032: Franz Josef Och; Richard Zens; Hermann Ney
Efficient Search for Interactive Statistical Machine Translation

E03-1033: Christophe Costa Florencio
Rigid grammars in the Associative-Commutative Lambek Calculus are not learnable

E03-1034: Carsten Brockmann; Mirella Lapata
Evaluating and Combining Approaches to Selectional Preference Acquisition

E03-1035: Robert C. Moore
Learning Translations of Named-Entity Phrases from Parallel Corpora

E03-1036: Jason Baldridge; Geert-Jan M. Kruijff
Multi-modal combinatory categorial grammar

E03-1037: Sabine Schulte im Walde
Experiments on the Choice of Features for Learning Verb Classes

E03-1038: Xavier Carreras; Lluís Màrquez; Lluís Padró
Named Entity Recognition For Catalan Using Only Spanish Resources and Unlabelled Data

E03-1039: Gerald Penn; Mohammad Haji-Abdolhosseini
Topological Parsing

E03-1040: Eric Joanis; Suzanne Stevenson
A General Feature Space for Automatic Verb Classification

E03-1041: Frederik Fouvry
Lexicon Acquisition with a large-coverage unification-based grammar

E03-1042: Johan Bos; Ewan Klein; Tetsushi Oka
Meaningful Conversation with a Mobile Robot

E03-1043: Birte Lönneker; Primoz Jakopin
Contents and evaluation of the first Slovenian-German online dictionary

E03-1044: Valia Kordoni
The key role of semantics in the development of large-scale grammars of natural language

E03-1045: Stefan Schaden
Rule-based lexical modelling of foreign-accented pronunciation variants

E03-1046: James McCracken
Oxford Dictionary of English - current developments

E03-1047: Yusuke Miyao; Takashi Ninomiya; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Lexicalized Grammar Acquisition

E03-1048: Eiichiro Sumita; Yasuhiro Akiba; Takao Doi; Andrew Finch; Kenji Imamura; Michael Paul; Mitsuo Shimohata; Taro Watanabe
A corpus-centered approach to spoken language translation

E03-1049: Derrick Higgins
A machine learning approach to the identification of WH gaps

E03-1050: Stephan Vogel
Using Noisy Biligual Data for Statistical Machine Translation

E03-1051: Olga van Herwijnen; Jacques Terken; Antal van den Bosch; Erwin Marsi
Learning PP attachment for filtering prosodic phrasing

E03-1052: Michael Daum; Kilian A. Foth; Wolfgang Menzel
Constraint Based Integration of Deep and Shallow Parsing Techniques

E03-1053: Fuchun Peng; Dale Schuurmans; Vlado Keselj; Shaojun Wang
Language Independent Authorship Attribution with Character Level N-Grams

E03-1054: Geert-Jan M. Kruijff; Denys Duchier
Information Structure in Topological Dependency Grammar

E03-1055: Oliver Bender; Klaus Macherey; Fraz Josef Och; Hermann Ney
Comparison of Alignment Templates and Maximum Entropy Models for NLP

E03-1056: András Kornai; MarcKrellenstein; Michael Mulligan; David Twomey; Fruzsina Veress; Alec Wysoker
Classifying the Hungarian Web

E03-1057: Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova; Stina Ericsson; Kepa J. Rodríguez; Elena Karagjosova
Producing Contextually Appropriate Intonation is an Information-State Based Dialogue System

E03-1058: Athanasios Kehagias; Fragkou Pavlina; Vassilios Petridis
Linear Text Segmentation using a Dynamic Programming Algorithm

E03-1059: Karl-Michael Schneider
A Comparison of Event Models for Naive Bayes Anti-Spam E-Mail Filtering

E03-1060: Farah Benamara; Patrick Saint Dizier
WEBCOOP: A Cooperative Question Answering System on the Web

E03-1061: Toshiaki Fujiki; Hidetsugu Nanba; Manabu Okumura
Automatic Acquisition of Script Knowledge from a Text Collection

E03-1062: Paul Piwek
A Flexible Pragmatics-Driven Language Generator for Animated Agents

E03-1063: Serge A. Yablonsky
The Corpora Management System Based on Java and Oracle Technologies

E03-1064: Constantin Orasan; Doina Tatar; Gabriela Seban; Dana Lupsa; Adrian Onet
How to build a QA system in your back-garden: application for Romanian

E03-1065: Horacio Saggion; Katerina Pastra; Yorick Wilks
NLP for Indexing and Retrieval of Captioned Photographs

E03-1066: Constantin Orasan; Ruslan Mitkov; Laura Hasler
CAST: A computer-aided summarisation tool

E03-1067: John A. Barnden; Sheila R. Glasbey; Mark G. Lee; Alan M. Wallington
Domain-transcending mappings in a system for metaphorical reasoning

E03-1068: Markus Dickinson; W. Detmar Meurers
Detecting Errors in Part-of-Speech Annotation

E03-1069: Nicola Cathcart; Jean Carletta; Ewan Klein
A model of back-channel acknowledgements in spoken dialogue

E03-1070: Hui Yang; Tat-Seng Chua
QUALIFIER: Question Answering by Lexical Fabric and External Resources

E03-1071: James R. Curran; Stephen Clark
Investigating GIS and Smoothing for Maximum Entropy Taggers

E03-1072: Mark G. Core; Johanna D. Moore; Claus Zinn
The Role of Initiative in Tutorial Dialogue

E03-1073: Mirella Lapata; Alex Lascarides
Detecting Novel Compounds: The Role of Distributional Evidence

E03-1074: Stephan Kepser
Finite Structure Query: A Tool for Querying Syntactically Annotated Corpora

E03-1075: Beth Ann Hockey; Oliver Lemon; Ellen Campana; Laura Hiatt; Gregory Aist; James Hieronymus; Alexander Gruenstein; John Dowding
Targeted Help for Spoken Dialogue Systems

E03-1076: Philipp Koehn; Kevin Knight
Empirical Methods for Compound Splitting

E03-1077: Irena Spasic; Goran Nenadic; Kostas Manios; Sophia Ananiadou
An Integrated Term-Based Corpus Query System

E03-1078: Manny Rayner; Beth Ann Hockey
Transparent combination of rule-based and data-driven approaches in speech understanding

E03-1079: Paola Merlo
Generalised PP-attachment Disambiguation Using Corpus-based Linguistic Diagnostics

E03-1080: Stefan Evert; Hannah Kermes
Experiments on Candidate Data for Collocation Extraction

E03-1081: Oi Yee Kwong; Benjamin K. Tsou
Categorial Fluidity in Chinese and its Implications for Part-of-speech Tagging

E03-1082: Thierry Poibeau; A. Acoulon; C. Avaux; L. Beroff-Bénéat; A. Cadeau; M. Calberg; A. Delale; L. De Temmerman; A.-L. Guenet; D. Huis; M. Jamalpour; A. Krul; A. Marcus; F. Picoli; C. Plancq
The Multilingual Named Entity Recognition Framework

E03-1083: Luka Nerima; Violeta Seretan; Eric Wehrli
Creating a multilingual collocations dictionary from large text corpora

E03-1084: Viktor Pekar; Steffen Staab
Word classification based on combined measures of distributional and semantic similarity

E03-1085: Véronique Gendner; Gabriel Illouz; Michèle Jardino; Laura Monceaux; Patrick Paroubek; Isabelle Robba; Anne Vilnat
PEAS, the first instantiation of a comparative framework for evaluating parsers of French

E03-1086: Lars Ahrenberg; Magnus Merkel; Michael Petterstedt
Interactive Word Alignment for Language Engineering

E03-1087: Michael Schiehlen
A Cascaded Finite-State Parser for German

E03-1088: John Nerbonne
Linguistic Variation and Computation (Invited talk)


E03-2001: Greg Aist; J. Dowding; B. A. Hockey; M. Rayner; J. Hieronymus; D. Bohus; B. Boven; N. Blaylock; E. Campana; S. Early; G. Gorrell; S. Phan
Talking through Procedures: An Intelligent Space Station Procedure Assistant

E03-2002: Ola Åkerberg; Hans Svensson; Bastian Schulz; Pierre Nugues
CarSim: An Automatic 3D Text-to-Scene Conversion System Applied to Road Accident Reports

E03-2003: Caroline Brun; Marc Dymetman; Eric Fanchon; Stanislas Lhomme
Controlled Authoring of Biological Experiment Reports

E03-2004: Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova; Elena Karagjosova; Kepa Joseba Rodriguez; Stina Ericsson
A dialogue system with contextually appropriate spoken output intonation

E03-2005: Roger Evans; Richard Power
WYSIWYM - building user interfaces with natural language feedback

E03-2006: Karin Harbusch; Michael Kühn
Towards an Adaptive Communication Aid with Ambiguous Text Input

E03-2007: Adam Kilgarriff; Roger Evans; Rob Koeling; Michael Rundell; David Tugwell
WASPBENCH: a lexicographer's workbench incorporating state-of-the-art word sense disambiguation

E03-2008: Dirk Hüske-Kraus
Suregen-2: a shell system for the generation of clinical documents

E03-2009: Diana Maynard; Hamish Cunningham; Kalina Bontcheva
Multilingual adaptations of a reusable information extraction tool

E03-2010: Manny Rayner; Beth Ann Hockey; John Dowding
An Open-Source Environment for Compiling Typed Unification Grammars into Speech Recognisers

E03-2011: Jose Relaño-Gil; Mari Carmen Rodriguez-Gancedo; Luis Villarrubia; Luis Hernández Gomez
AGORA. Multilingual Multiplatform Architecture for the development of Natural Language Voice Services

E03-2012: Bogdan Sacaleanu; Paul Buitelaar; Martin Volk
A Cross Language Document Retrieval System Based on Semantic Annotation

E03-2013: Horacio Saggion; Kalina Bontcheva; Hamish Cunningham
Robust Generic and Query-based Summarization

E03-2014: Horacio Saggion; Jan Kuper; Hamish Cunningham; Thierry Declerck; Peter Wittenburg; Marco Puts; Eduard Hoenkamp; Franciska de Jong; Yorick Wilks
Event-Coreference across Multiple, Multi-lingual Sources in the Mumis Project

E03-2015: Kiril Simov; Alexander Simov; Milen Kouylekov; Krasimira Ivanova; Ilko Grigorov; Hristo Ganev
Development of Corpora within the CLaRK System: The BulTreeBank Project Experience

E03-2016: Graham Wilcock
Integrating Natural Language Generation with XML Web Technology

E03-2017: Zhiping Zheng
Question Answering Using Web News as Knowledge Base

Student Research Workshop

E03-3001: Piroska Lendvai
Learning to Identify Fragmented Words in Spoken Discourse

E03-3002: Laura Alonso i Alemany; Maria Fuentes Fort
Cohesion and coherence for Automatic Summarization

E03-3003: Gemma Boleda Torrent; Laura Alonso i Alemany
Clustering Adjectives for Class Discovery

E03-3004: Milena Yankova; Svetla Boytcheva
Focusing on Scenario Recognition in Infomation Extraction

E03-3005: Raquel Fernández
A Dynamic Logic Formalisation of the Dialogue Gameboard

E03-3006: Aurélien Max
Reversing Controlled Document Authoring to Normalize Documents