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11th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics
Student Research Workshop

11th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

E06-1000: Front Matter

E06-1001: Mark McConville
Inheritance and the CCG Lexicon

E06-1002: Razvan Bunescu; Marius Paşca
Using Encyclopedic Knowledge for Named entity Disambiguation

E06-1003: Hristo Tanev; Bernardo Magnini
Weakly Supervised Approaches for Ontology Population

E06-1004: Raghavendra Udupa U.; Hemanta K. Maji
Computational Complexity of Statistical Machine Translation

E06-1005: Evgeny Matusov; Nicola Ueffing; Hermann Ney
Computing Consensus Translation for Multiple Machine Translation Systems Using Enhanced Hypothesis Alignment

E06-1006: Mei Yang; Katrin Kirchhoff
Phrase-Based Backoff Models for Machine Translation of Highly Inflected Languages

E06-1007: Christoph Müller
Automatic Detection of Nonreferential It in Spoken Multi-Party Dialog

E06-1008: Rebecca Jonson
Generating Statistical Language Models from Interpretation Grammars in Dialogue Systems

E06-1009: Vera Demberg; Johanna D. Moore
Information Presentation in Spoken Dialogue Systems

E06-1010: Joakim Nivre
Constraints on Non-Projective Dependency Parsing

E06-1011: Ryan McDonald; Fernando Pereira
Online Learning of Approximate Dependency Parsing Algorithms

E06-1012: Gülşen Eryiğit; Kemal Oflazer
Statistical Dependency Parsing for Turkish

E06-1013: Genevieve Gorrell
Generalized Hebbian Algorithm for Incremental Singular Value Decomposition in Natural Language Processing

E06-1014: Ayman Farahat; Francine Chen
Improving Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis with Principal Component Analysis

E06-1015: Alessandro Moschitti
Making Tree Kernels Practical for Natural Language Learning

E06-1016: Saif Mohammad; Graeme Hirst
Determining Word Sense Dominance Using a Thesaurus

E06-1017: Roberto Navigli
Experiments on the Validation of Sense Annotations Assisted by Lexical Chains

E06-1018: Stefan Bordag
Word Sense Induction: Triplet-Based Clustering and Automatic Evaluation

E06-1019: Colin Cherry; Dekang Lin
A Comparison of Syntactically Motivated Word Alignment Spaces

E06-1020: Dan Tufiş; Radu Ion; Alexandru Ceauşu; Dan Ştefănescu
Improved Lexical Alignment by Combining Multiple Reified Alignments

E06-1021: Rani Nelken; Stuart M. Shieber
Towards Robust Context-Sensitive Sentence Alignment for Monolingual Corpora

E06-1022: Natasa Jovanovic; Rieks op den Akker; Anton Nijholt
Addressee Identification in Face-to-Face Meetings

E06-1023: Kotaro Funakoshi; Takenobu Tokunaga
Identifying Repair Targets in Action Control Dialogue

E06-1024: Kerstin Fischer; John A. Bateman
Keeping the Initiative: An Empirically-Motivated Approach to Predicting User-Initiated Dialogue Contribution in HCI

E06-1025: Andrea Esuli; Fabrizio Sebastiani
Determining Term Subjectivity and Term Orientation for Opinion Mining

E06-1026: Hiroya Takamura; Takashi Inui; Manabu Okumura
Latent Variable Models for Semantic Orientations of Phrases

E06-1027: Alina Adreevskaia; Sabine Bergler
Mining WordNet for a Fuzzy Sentiment: Sentiment Tag Extraction from WordNet Glosses

E06-1028: Massimiliano Ciaramita; Marco Baroni
A Figure of Merit for the Evaluation of Web-Corpus Randomness

E06-1029: Xavier Robitaille; Yasuhiro Sasaki; Masatsugu Tonoike; Satoshi Sato; Takehito Utsuro
Compiling French-Japanese Terminologies from the Web

E06-1030: Vinci Liu; James R. Curran
Web Text Corpus for Natural Language Processing

E06-1031: Gregor Leusch; Nicola Ueffing; Hermann Ney
CDER: Efficient MT Evaluation Using Block Movements

E06-1032: Chris Callison-Burch; Miles Osborne; Philipp Koehn
Re-evaluation the Role of Bleu in Machine Translation Research

E06-1033: Burcu Karagol-Ayan; David Doermann; Amy Weinberg
Adaptive Transformation-Based Learning for Improving Dictionary Tagging

E06-1034: Markus Dickinson
From Detecting Errors to Automatically Correcting Them

E06-1035: Pei-yun Hsueh; Johanna D. Moore; Steve Renals
Automatic Segmentation of Multiparty Dialogue

E06-1036: Marie Guégan; Nicolas Hernandez
Recognizing Textual Parallelisms with Edit Distance and Similarity Degree

E06-1037: Joel R. Tetreault; Diane J. Litman
Using Reinforcement Learning to Build a Better Model of Dialogue State

E06-1038: Ryan McDonald
Discriminative Sentence Compression with Soft Syntactic Evidence

E06-1039: Giuseppe Carenini; Raymond Ng; Adam Pauls
Multi-Document Summarization of Evaluative Text

E06-1040: Anja Belz; Ehud Reiter
Comparing Automatic and Human Evaluation of NLG Systems

E06-1041: Albert Gatt
Structuring Knowledge for Reference Generation: A Clustering Algorithm

E06-1042: Julia Birke; Anoop Sarkar
A Clustering Approach for Nearly Unsupervised Recognition of Nonliteral Language

E06-1043: Afsaneh Fazly; Suzanne Stevenson
Automatically Constructing a Lexicon of Verb Phrase Idiomatic Combinations

E06-1044: Ulrike Padó; Matthew Crocker; Frank Keller
Modelling Semantic Role Pausibility in Human Sentence Processing

E06-1045: Mary Ellen Foster; Jon Oberlander
Data-Driven Generation of Emphatic Facial Displays

E06-1046: Srinivas Bangalore; Michael Johnston
Edit Machines for Robust Multimodal Language Processing

E06-1047: David Chiang; Mona Diab; Nizar Habash; Owen Rambow; Safiullah Shareef
Parsing Arabic Dialects

E06-1048: Stuart M. Shieber
Unifying Synchronous Tree Adjoining Grammars and Tree Transducers via Bimorphisms

E06-1049: Anders Berglund; Richard Johansson; Pierre Nugues
A Machine Learning Approach to Extract Temporal Information from Texts in Swedish and Generate Animated 3D Scenes

E06-1050: Christopher Pinchak; Dekan Lin
A Probabilistic Answer Type Model

E06-1051: Claudio Giuliano; Alberto Lavelli; Lorenza Romano
Exploiting Shallow Linguistic Information for Relation Extraction from Biomedical Literature

E06-1052: Lorenza Romano; Milen Kouylekov; Idan Szpektor; Ido Dagan; Alberto Lavelli
Investigating a Generic Paraphrase-Based Approach for Relation Extraction


E06-2000: Front Matter

E06-2001: Marco Baroni; Adam Kilgarriff
Large Linguistically-Processed Web Corpora for Multiple Languages

E06-2002: Roldano Cattoni; Nicola Bertoldi; Mauro Cettolo; Boxing Chen; Marcello Federico
A Web-based Demonstrator of a Multi-lingual Phrase-based Translation System

E06-2003: Frédérik Bilhaut; Antoine Widlöcher
LinguaStream: An Integrated Environment for Computational Linguistics Experimentation

E06-2004: Oliver Lemon; Xingkun Liu
DUDE: A Dialogue and Understanding Development Environment, Mapping Business Process Models to Information State Update Dialogue Systems

E06-2005: Yannick Parmentier; Joseph Le Roux; Benoît Crabbé
XMG - An Expressive Formalism for Describing Tree-Based Grammars

E06-2006: Roberto Navigli
Online Word Sense Disambiguation with Structural Semantic Interconnections

E06-2007: Ted Pedersen; Anagha Kulkarni
Selecting the "Right" Number of Senses Based on Clustering Criterion Functions

E06-2008: Karin Harbusch; Gerard Kempen
ELLEIPO: A Module that Computes Coordinative Ellipsis for Generators that Don't

E06-2009: Oliver Lemon; Kallirroi Georgila; James Henderson; Matthew Stuttle
An ISU Dialogue System Exhibiting Reinforcement Learning of Dialogue Policies: Generic Slot-Filling in the TALK In-car System

E06-2010: Paul Buitelaar; Thomas Eigner; Greg Gul-rajani; Alexander Schutz; Melanie Siegel; Nicolas Weber; Philipp Cimiano; Günter Ladwig; Matthias Mantel; Honggang Zhu
Generating and Visualizing a Soccer Knowledge Base

E06-2011: Luís Fernando Costa
Esfinge — a Question Answering System in the Web using the Web

E06-2012: Conrad Chang; Lisa Ferro; John Gibson; Janet Hitzeman; Suzi Lubar; Justin Palmer; Sean Munson; Marc Vilain; Benjamin Wellner
Maytag: A Multi-Staged Approach to Identifying Complex Events in Textual Data

E06-2013: Richard Johansson; Pierre Nugues
Automatic Annotation for All Semantic Layers in FrameNet

E06-2014: Serge Sharoff; Bogdan Babych; Paul Rayson; Olga Mudraya; Scott Piao
ASSIST: Automated Semantic Assistance for Translators

E06-2015: Simone Paolo Ponzetto and Michael Strube
Semantic Role Labeling for Coreference Resolution

E06-2016: Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo
The GOD model

E06-2017: Irina Matveeva; Gina-Anne Levow
Computing Term Translation Probabilities with Generalized Latent Semantic Analysis

E06-2018: Reinhard Rapp
Exploring the Sense Distributions of Homographs

E06-2019: Wen-Juan Hou; Chih Lee; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Classifying Biological Full-Text Articles for Multi-Database Curation

E06-2020: Ross Turner; Somayajulu Sripada; Ehud Reiter; Ian P Davy
Generating Spatio-Temporal Descriptions in Pollen Forecasts

E06-2021: Dana Dannélls
Automatic Acronym Recognition

E06-2022: Delphine Bernhard
Multilingual Term Extraction from Domain-specific Corpora Using Morphological Structure

E06-2023: Mohsen Arabsorkhi; Mehrnoush Shamsfard
Unsupervised Discovery of Persian Morphemes

E06-2024: António Branco; João Ricardo Silva
A Suite of Shallow Processing Tools for Portuguese: LX-Suite

E06-2025: Willem Zuidema
Theoretical Evaluation of Estimation Methods for Data-Oriented Parsing

E06-2026: Manfred Klenner
Grammatical Role Labeling with Integer Linear Programming

E06-2027: Patrizia Paggio
Information Structure and Pauses in a Corpus of Spoken Danish

E06-2028: Davy Weissenbacher
Bayesian Network, a Model for NLP?

E06-2029: Silvia Quarteroni; Suresh Manandhar
Adaptivity in Question Answering with User Modelling and a Dialogue Interface

E06-2030: Li Zhang; John A Barnden; Robert J. Hendley; Alan M. Wallington
Developments in Affect Detection in E-drama

E06-2031: Krisztian Balog; Gilad Mishne; Maarten de Rijke
Why Are They Excited? Identifying and Explaining Spikes in Blog Mood Levels

Student Research Workshop

E06-3000: Front Matter

E06-3001: Darren Gergle
What's There to Talk About? A Multi-Modal Model of Referring Behavior in the Presence of Shared Visual Information

E06-3002: Arjun Karande
What Humour Tells Us About Discourse Theories

E06-3003: Anna Kazantseva
An Approach to Summarizing Short Stories

E06-3004: Zornitsa Kozareva
Bootstrapping Named Entity Recognition with Automatically Generated Gazetteer Lists

E06-3005: Suzan Verberne
Developing an Approach for Why-Question Answering

E06-3006: Ling Yin
A Two-Stage Approach to Retrieving Answers for How-To Questions

E06-3007: Yo Sato
Lexicalising Word Order Constraints for Implemented Linearisation Grammar

E06-3008: Lilja Øvrelid
Towards Robust Animacy Classification Using Morphosyntactic Distributional Features

E06-3009: Yves Peirsman
Example-Based Metonymy Recognition for Proper Nouns