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Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the European Chapter of the ACL (EACL 2009)
Proceedings of the Demonstrations Session at EACL 2009
Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop at EACL 2009

Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the European Chapter of the ACL (EACL 2009)

E09-1 [bib]: Entire volume

E09-1000: Front Matter

E09-1001 [bib]: Ann Copestake
Invited Talk: Slacker Semantics: Why Superficiality, Dependency and Avoidance of Commitment can be the Right Way to Go

E09-1002 [bib]: Francisca de Jong
Invited Talk: NLP and the Humanities: The Revival of an Old Liaison

E09-1003 [bib]: Sadaf Abdul-Rauf; Holger Schwenk
On the Use of Comparable Corpora to Improve SMT performance

E09-1004 [bib]: Apoorv Agarwal; Fadi Biadsy; Kathleen Mckeown
Contextual Phrase-Level Polarity Analysis Using Lexical Affect Scoring and Syntactic N-Grams

E09-1005 [bib]: Eneko Agirre; Aitor Soroa
Personalizing PageRank for Word Sense Disambiguation

E09-1006 [bib]: Eneko Agirre; Oier Lopez de Lacalle
Supervised Domain Adaption for WSD

E09-1007 [bib]: Julien Ah-Pine; Guillaume Jacquet
Clique-Based Clustering for Improving Named Entity Recognition Systems

E09-1008 [bib]: Joshua Albrecht; Rebecca Hwa; G. Elisabeta Marai
Correcting Automatic Translations through Collaborations between MT and Monolingual Target-\-Lan\-gua\-ge Users

E09-1009 [bib]: Krasimir Angelov
Incremental Parsing with Parallel Multiple Context-Free Grammars

E09-1010 [bib]: Marianna Apidianaki
Data-Driven Semantic Analysis for Multilingual WSD and Lexical Selection in Translation

E09-1011 [bib]: Ibrahim Badr; Rabih Zbib; James Glass
Syntactic Phrase Reordering for English-to-Arabic Statistical Machine Translation

E09-1012 [bib]: Srinivas Bangalore; Amanda Stent
Incremental Parsing Models for Dialog Task Structure

E09-1013 [bib]: Samuel Brody; Mirella Lapata
Bayesian Word Sense Induction

E09-1014 [bib]: Aoife Cahill; Martin Forst
Human Evaluation of a German Surface Realisation Ranker

E09-1015 [bib]: Cohan Sujay Carlos; Monojit Choudhury; Sandipan Dandapat
Large-Coverage Root Lexicon Extraction for Hindi

E09-1016 [bib]: Bruno Cartoni
Lexical Morphology in Machine Translation: A Feasibility Study

E09-1017 [bib]: Jieun Chae; Ani Nenkova
Predicting the Fluency of Text with Shallow Structural Features: Case Studies of Machine Translation and Human-Written Text

E09-1018 [bib]: Eugene Charniak; Micha Elsner
EM Works for Pronoun Anaphora Resolution

E09-1019 [bib]: Mathias Creutz; Sami Virpioja; Anna Kovaleva
Web Augmentation of Language Models for Continuous Speech Recognition of SMS Text Messages

E09-1020 [bib]: Fabien Cromierès; Sadao Kurohashi
An Alignment Algorithm Using Belief Propagation and a Structure-Based Distortion Model

E09-1021 [bib]: Dmitry Davidov; Ari Rappoport
Translation and Extension of Concepts Across Languages

E09-1022 [bib]: David DeVault; Matthew Stone
Learning to Interpret Utterances Using Dialogue History

E09-1023 [bib]: Markus Dickinson
Correcting Dependency Annotation Errors

E09-1024 [bib]: Marco Dinarelli; Alessandro Moschitti; Giuseppe Riccardi
Re-Ranking Models for Spoken Language Understanding

E09-1025 [bib]: Georgiana Dinu; Rui Wang
Inference Rules and their Application to Recognizing Textual Entailment

E09-1026 [bib]: Hagen Fürstenau; Mirella Lapata
Semi-Supervised Semantic Role Labeling

E09-1027 [bib]: Lijun Feng; Noémie Elhadad; Matt Huenerfauth
Cognitively Motivated Features for Readability Assessment

E09-1028 [bib]: Junlan Feng; Srinivas Bangalore
Effects of Word Confusion Networks on Voice Search

E09-1029 [bib]: Katja Filippova; Mihai Surdeanu; Massimiliano Ciaramita; Hugo Zaragoza
Company-Oriented Extractive Summarization of Financial News

E09-1030 [bib]: Erin Fitzgerald; Keith Hall; Frederick Jelinek
Reconstructing False Start Errors in Spontaneous Speech Text

E09-1031 [bib]: Martin Forst; Ji Fang
TBL-Improved Non-Deterministic Segmentation and POS Tagging for a Chinese Parser

E09-1032 [bib]: Matthew Frampton; Raquel Fernández; Patrick Ehlen; Mario Christoudias; Trevor Darrell; Stanley Peters
Who is “You”? Combining Linguistic and Gaze Features to Resolve Second-Person References in Dialogue

E09-1033 [bib]: Alexander Fraser; Renjing Wang; Hinrich Schütze
Rich Bitext Projection Features for Parse Reranking

E09-1034 [bib]: Carlos Gómez-Rodríguez; David Weir; John Carroll
Parsing Mildly Non-Projective Dependency Structures

E09-1035 [bib]: Nikesh Garera; David Yarowsky
Structural, Transitive and Latent Models for Biographic Fact Extraction

E09-1036 [bib]: Michael Gasser
Semitic Morphological Analysis and Generation Using Finite State Transducers with Feature Structures

E09-1037 [bib]: Kevin Gimpel; Noah A. Smith
Cube Summing, Approximate Inference with Non-Local Features, and Dynamic Programming without Semirings

E09-1038 [bib]: Yoav Goldberg; Reut Tsarfaty; Meni Adler; Michael Elhadad
Enhancing Unlexicalized Parsing Performance Using a Wide Coverage Lexicon, Fuzzy Tag-Set Mapping, and EM-HMM-Based Lexical Probabilities

E09-1039 [bib]: Jade Goldstein-Stewart; Ransom Winder; Roberta Sabin
Person Identification from Text and Speech Genre Samples

E09-1040 [bib]: Olivier Hamon; Christian Fügen; Djamel Mostefa; Victoria Arranz; Muntsin Kolss; Alex Waibel; Khalid Choukri
End-to-End Evaluation in Simultaneous Translation

E09-1041 [bib]: Kazi Saidul Hasan; Md. Altaf ur Rahman; Vincent Ng
Learning-Based Named Entity Recognition for Morphologically-Rich, Resource-Scarce Languages

E09-1042 [bib]: Kazi Saidul Hasan; Vincent Ng
Weakly Supervised Part-of-Speech Tagging for Morphologically-Rich, Resource-Scarce Languages

E09-1043 [bib]: Hieu Hoang; Philipp Koehn
Improving Mid-Range Re-Ordering Using Templates of Factors

E09-1044 [bib]: Gonzalo Iglesias; Adrià de Gispert; Eduardo R. Banga; William Byrne
Rule Filtering by Pattern for Efficient Hierarchical Translation

E09-1045 [bib]: Rubén Izquierdo; Armando Suárez; German Rigau
An Empirical Study on Class-Based Word Sense Disambiguation

E09-1046 [bib]: Valentin Jijkoun; Katja Hofmann
Generating a Non-English Subjectivity Lexicon: Relations That Matter

E09-1047 [bib]: Sandra Kübler; Erhard Hinrichs; Wolfgang Maier; Eva Klett
Parsing Coordinations

E09-1048 [bib]: Itamar Kastner; Christof Monz
Automatic Single-Document Key Fact Extraction from Newswire Articles

E09-1049 [bib]: Maxim Khalilov; José A. R. Fonollosa
N-Gram-Based Statistical Machine Translation versus Syntax Augmented Machine Translation: Comparison and System Combination

E09-1050 [bib]: Amit Kirschenbaum; Shuly Wintner
Lightly Supervised Transliteration for Machine Translation

E09-1051 [bib]: Manfred Klenner; Étienne Ailloud
Optimization in Coreference Resolution is not Needed: A Nearly-Optimal Algorithm with Intensional Constraints

E09-1052 [bib]: Alexander Koller; Alex Lascarides
A Logic of Semantic Representations for Shallow Parsing

E09-1053 [bib]: Alexander Koller; Marco Kuhlmann
Dependency Trees and the Strong Generative Capacity of CCG

E09-1054 [bib]: Selçuk Köprü; Adnan Yazıcı
Lattice Parsing to Integrate Speech Recognition and Rule-Based Machine Translation

E09-1055 [bib]: Marco Kuhlmann; Giorgio Satta
Treebank Grammar Techniques for Non-Projective Dependency Parsing

E09-1056 [bib]: Philippe Langlais; François Yvon; Pierre Zweigenbaum
Improvements in Analogical Learning: Application to Translating Multi-Terms of the Medical Domain

E09-1057 [bib]: Els Lefever; Lieve Macken; Veronique Hoste
Language-Independent Bilingual Terminology Extraction from a Multilingual Parallel Corpus

E09-1058 [bib]: Oliver Lemon; Ioannis Konstas
User Simulations for Context-Sensitive Speech Recognition in Spoken Dialogue Systems

E09-1059 [bib]: Kevin Lerman; Sasha Blair-Goldensohn; Ryan McDonald
Sentiment Summarization: Evaluating and Learning User Preferences

E09-1060 [bib]: Hrafn Loftsson
Correcting a POS-Tagged Corpus Using Three Complementary Methods

E09-1061 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Adam Lopez
Translation as Weighted Deduction

E09-1062 [bib]: Annie Louis; Ani Nenkova
Performance Confidence Estimation for Automatic Summarization

E09-1063 [bib]: Yanjun Ma; Andy Way
Bilingually Motivated Domain-Adapted Word Segmentation for Statistical Machine Translation

E09-1064 [bib]: Shachar Mirkin; Ido Dagan; Eyal Shnarch
Evaluating the Inferential Utility of Lexical-Semantic Resources

E09-1065 [bib]: Michael Mohler; Rada Mihalcea
Text-to-Text Semantic Similarity for Automatic Short Answer Grading

E09-1066 [bib]: Alessandro Moschitti
Syntactic and Semantic Kernels for Short Text Pair Categorization

E09-1067 [bib]: Animesh Mukherjee; Monojit Choudhury; Ravi Kannan
Discovering Global Patterns in Linguistic Networks through Spectral Analysis: A Case Study of the Consonant Inventories

E09-1068 [bib]: Roberto Navigli
Using Cycles and Quasi-Cycles to Disambiguate Dictionary Glosses

E09-1069 [bib]: Takashi Ninomiya; Takuya Matsuzaki; Nobuyuki Shimizu; Hiroshi Nakagawa
Deterministic Shift-Reduce Parsing for Unification-Based Grammars by Using Default Unification

E09-1070 [bib]: Joel Nothman; Tara Murphy; James R. Curran
Analysing Wikipedia and Gold-Standard Corpora for NER Training

E09-1071 [bib]: Diarmuid Ó Séaghdha; Ann Copestake
Using Lexical and Relational Similarity to Classify Semantic Relations

E09-1072 [bib]: Lilja Øvrelid
Empirical Evaluations of Animacy Annotation

E09-1073 [bib]: Marius Paşca
Outclassing Wikipedia in Open-Domain Information Extraction: Weakly-Supervised Acquisition of Attributes over Conceptual Hierarchies

E09-1074 [bib]: Yves Peirsman; Dirk Geeraerts
Predicting Strong Associations on the Basis of Corpus Data

E09-1075 [bib]: Marco Pennacchiotti; Michael Wirth
Measuring Frame Relatedness

E09-1076 [bib]: Christopher Pinchak; Dekang Lin; Davood Rafiei
Flexible Answer Typing with Discriminative Preference Ranking

E09-1077 [bib]: Delip Rao; Deepak Ravichandran
Semi-Supervised Polarity Lexicon Induction

E09-1078 [bib]: Verena Rieser; Oliver Lemon
Natural Language Generation as Planning Under Uncertainty for Spoken Dialogue Systems

E09-1079 [bib]: Hassan Sajjad; Helmut Schmid
Tagging Urdu Text with Parts of Speech: A Tagger Comparison

E09-1080 [bib]: Federico Sangati; Willem Zuidema
Unsupervised Methods for Head Assignments

E09-1081 [bib]: David Schlangen; Gabriel Skantze
A General, Abstract Model of Incremental Dialogue Processing

E09-1082 [bib]: Josh Schroeder; Trevor Cohn; Philipp Koehn
Word Lattices for Multi-Source Translation

E09-1083 [bib]: Katrin Schweitzer; Michael Walsh; Bernd Möbius; Arndt Riester; Antje Schweitzer; Hinrich Schütze
Frequency Matters: Pitch Accents and Information Status

E09-1084 [bib]: Matthew Simpson; Dina Demner-Fushman; Charles Sneiderman; Sameer K. Antani; George R. Thoma
Using Non-Lexical Features to Identify Effective Indexing Terms for Biomedical Illustrations

E09-1085 [bib]: Gabriel Skantze; David Schlangen
Incremental Dialogue Processing in a Micro-Domain

E09-1086 [bib]: Caroline Sporleder; Linlin Li
Unsupervised Recognition of Literal and Non-Literal Use of Idiomatic Expressions

E09-1087 [bib]: Drahomíra “johanka” Spoustová; Jan Hajič; Jan Raab; Miroslav Spousta
Semi-Supervised Training for the Averaged Perceptron POS Tagger

E09-1088 [bib]: Xu Sun; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Sequential Labeling with Latent Variables: An Exact Inference Algorithm and its Efficient Approximation

E09-1089 [bib]: Hiroya Takamura; Manabu Okumura
Text Summarization Model Based on Maximum Coverage Problem and its Variant

E09-1090 [bib]: Yoshimasa Tsuruoka; Jun'ichi Tsujii; Sophia Ananiadou
Fast Full Parsing by Linear-Chain Conditional Random Fields

E09-1091 [bib]: Raghavendra Udupa; K Saravanan; A Kumaran; Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi
MINT: A Method for Effective and Scalable Mining of Named Entity Transliterations from Large Comparable Corpora

E09-1092 [bib]: Benjamin Van Durme; Phillip Michalak; Lenhart Schubert
Deriving Generalized Knowledge from Corpora Using WordNet Abstraction

E09-1093 [bib]: Gertjan van Noord
Learning Efficient Parsing

E09-1094 [bib]: Bram Vandekerckhove; Dominiek Sandra; Walter Daelemans
A Robust and Extensible Exemplar-Based Model of Thematic Fit

E09-1095 [bib]: Tony Veale; Guofu Li; Yanfen Hao
Growing Finely-Discriminating Taxonomies from Seeds of Varying Quality and Size

E09-1096 [bib]: Thuy Vu; Ai Ti Aw; Min Zhang
Feature-Based Method for Document Alignment in Comparable News Corpora

E09-1097 [bib]: Stephen Wan; Mark Dras; Robert Dale; Cécile Paris
Improving Grammaticality in Statistical Sentence Generation: Introducing a Dependency Spanning Tree Algorithm with an Argument Satisfaction Model

E09-1098 [bib]: Justin Washtell
Co-Dispersion: A Windowless Approach to Lexical Association

E09-1099 [bib]: Fei Xia; William Lewis; Hoifung Poon
Language ID in the Context of Harvesting Language Data off the Web

E09-1100 [bib]: Hai Zhao
Character-Level Dependencies in Chinese: Usefulness and Learning

Proceedings of the Demonstrations Session at EACL 2009

E09-2 [bib]: Entire volume

E09-2000: Front Matter

E09-2001 [bib]: Luciana Benotti
Frolog: an Accommodating Text-Adventure Game

E09-2002 [bib]: Aurélien Bossard; Michel Généreux; Thierry Poibeau
CBSEAS, a Summarization System – Integration of Opinion Mining Techniques to Summarize Blogs

E09-2003 [bib]: Björn Bringert; Krasimir Angelov; Aarne Ranta
Grammatical Framework Web Service

E09-2004 [bib]: Xiwen Cheng; Peter Adolphs; Feiyu Xu; Hans Uszkoreit; Hong Li
Gossip Galore – A Self-Learning Agent for Exchanging Pop Trivia

E09-2005 [bib]: Dimitrios Galanis; George Karakatsiotis; Gerasimos Lampouras; Ion Androutsopoulos
An Open-Source Natural Language Generator for OWL Ontologies and its Use in Protege and Second Life

E09-2006 [bib]: Rüdiger Gleim; Ulli Waltinger; Alexandra Ernst; Alexander Mehler; Tobias Feith; Dietmar Esch
eHumanities Desktop - An Online System for Corpus Management and Analysis in Support of Computing in the Humanities

E09-2007 [bib]: Karin Harbusch; Mare Koit; Haldur Õim
A Comparison of Clausal Coordinate Ellipsis in Estonian and German: Remarkably Similar Elision Rules Allow a Language-Independent Ellipsis-Generation Module

E09-2008 [bib]: Mans Hulden
Foma: a Finite-State Compiler and Library

E09-2009 [bib]: Alexander Koller; Donna Byron; Justine Cassell; Robert Dale; Johanna Moore; Jon Oberlander; Kristina Striegnitz
The Software Architecture for the First Challenge on Generating Instructions in Virtual Environments

E09-2010 [bib]: Stasinos Konstantopoulos; Athanasios Tegos; Dimitrios Bilidas; Ion Androutsopoulos; Gerasimos Lampouras; Colin Matheson; Olivier Deroo; Prodromos Malakasiotis
Adaptive Natural Language Interaction

E09-2011 [bib]: William Lewis; Fei Xia
Parsing, Projecting & Prototypes: Repurposing Linguistic Data on the Web

E09-2012 [bib]: Athina Michou; Violeta Seretan
A Tool for Multi-Word Expression Extraction in Modern Greek Using Syntactic Parsing

E09-2013 [bib]: Eleni Miltsakaki
Matching Readers' Preferences and Reading Skills with Appropriate Web Texts

E09-2014 [bib]: Katerina Pastra; Eirini Balta
A Text-Based Search Interface for Multimedia Dialectics

E09-2015 [bib]: Aarne Ranta; Krasimir Angelov; Björn Bringert
Grammar Development in GF

E09-2016 [bib]: Yutaka Sasaki; Paul Thompson; John McNaught; Sophia Ananiadou
Three BioNLP Tools Powered by a Biological Lexicon

E09-2017 [bib]: Olov Stahl; Björn Gambäck; Markku Turunen; Jaakko Hakulinen
A Mobile Health and Fitness Companion Demonstrator

Proceedings of the Student Research Workshop at EACL 2009

E09-3 [bib]: Entire volume

E09-3000: Front Matter

E09-3001 [bib]: Guillaume Aimetti
Modelling Early Language Acquisition Skills: Towards a General Statistical Learning Mechanism

E09-3002 [bib]: Prachya Boonkwan
A Memory-Based Approach to the Treatment of Serial Verb Construction in Combinatory Categorial Grammar

E09-3003 [bib]: Thomas François
Combining a Statistical Language Model with Logistic Regression to Predict the Lexical and Syntactic Difficulty of Texts for FFL

E09-3004 [bib]: Aurelie Herbelot
Finding Word Substitutions Using a Distributional Similarity Baseline and Immediate Context Overlap

E09-3005 [bib]: Barbara Plank
Structural Correspondence Learning for Parse Disambiguation

E09-3006 [bib]: Marta Recasens
A Chain-starting Classifier of Definite NPs in Spanish

E09-3007 [bib]: Julia Sidorova
Speech Emotion Recognition With TGI+.2 Classifier

E09-3008 [bib]: Sara Stymne
A Comparison of Merging Strategies for Translation of German Compounds

E09-3009 [bib]: George Tsatsaronis; Vicky Panagiotopoulou
A Generalized Vector Space Model for Text Retrieval Based on Semantic Relatedness

E09-3010 [bib]: Pinar Wennerberg
Aligning Medical Domain Ontologies for Clinical Query Extraction

E09-3011 [bib]: Eline Westerhout
Extraction of Definitions Using Grammar-Enhanced Machine Learning