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Sixth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

E93-1000: Front Matter

Contributed Papers

E93-1002: Bernd Abb; Michael Herweg; Kai Lebeth
The Incremental Generation of Passive Sentences

E93-1003: Doug Arnold; Toni Badia; Josef van Genabith; Stella Markantonatou; Stefan Momma; Louisa Sadler; Paul Schmidt
Experiments in Reusability of Grammatical Resources

E93-1004: Patrick Blackburn; Claire Gardent; Wilfried Meyer-Viol
Talking About Trees

E93-1005: Patrick Blackburn; Edith Spaan
Decidability and Undecidability in stand-alone Feature Logics

E93-1006: Rens Bod
Using an Annotated Corpus as a Stochastic Grammar

E93-1007: Antal van den Bosch; Walter Daelemans
Data-Oriented Methods for Grapheme-to-Phoneme Conversion

E93-1008: Martin Bottcher
Disjunctions and Inheritance in the Context Feature Structure System

E93-1009: Olivier Bouche; Jan van Eijck; Olivier Istace
A Strategy for Dynamic Interpretation: a Fragment and an Implementation

E93-1010: Gosse Bouma; Gertjan van Noord
Head-driven Parsing for Lexicalist Grammars: Experimental Results

E93-1011: Didier Bourigault
An Endogeneous Corpus-Based Method for Structural Noun Phrase Disambiguation

E93-1012: Lynne J Cahill
Morphonology in the Lexicon

E93-1013: Mary Dalrymple; John Lamping; Vijay Saraswat
LFG Semantics via Constraints

E93-1014: Joke Dorrepaal
On the notion of uniqueness

E93-1015: Pim van der Eijk
Automating the Acquisition of Bilingual Terminology

E93-1016: Martin Emms
Parsing with polymorphism

E93-1017: Tim Fernando
The donkey strikes back: Extending the dynamic interpretation "constructively"

E93-1018: Claire Gardent
A unification-based approach to multiple VP Ellipsis resolution

E93-1019: Donna M. Gates; Peter Shell
Rule-based Acquisition and Maintenance of Lexical and Semantic Knowledge

E93-1020: Sheila Glasbey
A Computational Treatment of Sentence-Final `then'

E93-1021: Daniele Godard; Jacques Jayez
Towards a proper treatment of coercion phenomena

E93-1022: Eva Hajicova; Petr Sgall; Hana Skonmalovla
Identifying Topic and Focus by an Automatic Procedure

E93-1023: Josee S. Heemskerk
A Probabilistic Context-free Grammar for Disambiguation in Morphological Parsing

E93-1024: Ronald M. Kaplan
Restriction and Correspondence-based Translation

E93-1025: Andrew Kehler
A Discourse Copying Algorithm for Ellipsis and Anaphora Resolution

E93-1026: Adam Kilgarriff
Inheriting Verb Alternations

E93-1027: Masaki KIYONO; Jun-ichi TSUJII
Linguistic Knowledge Acquisition from Parsing Failures

E93-1028: Hideki Kozima
Similarity between Words Computed by Spreading Activation on an English Dictionary

E93-1029: Marcus Kracht II
Mathematical Aspects of Command Relations

E93-1030: Alex Lascarides; Alex Lascarides
A Semantics and Pragmatics for the Pluperfect

E93-1031: Alex Lascarides; Jon Oberlander
Temporal Connectives in a Discourse Context

E93-1032: Alain Lecomte
Towards efficient parsing with proof-nets

E93-1033: Susan McRoy; Graeme Hirst
Abductive Explanation of Dialogue Misunderstandings

E93-1034: Glyn Morrill; Teresa Soliast
Tuples, Discontinuity, and Gapping in Categorial Grammar

E93-1035: Ajit Narayanan; Lama Hashem
On Abstract Finite-State Morphology

E93-1036: Mark-Jan Nederhof
Generalized Left-Corner Parsing

E93-1037: Tadashi Nomoto; Yoshihiko Nitta
Resolving Zero Anaphora in Japanese

E93-1038: Marc van Oostendorp
Formal Properties of Metrical Structure

E93-1039: Scott Prevost; Mark Steedman
Generating Contextually Appropriate Intonation

E93-1040: Yves Schabes; Michal Roth; Randy Osborne
Parsing the Wall Street Journal with the Inside-Outside Algorithm

E93-1041: Geoffrey Simmons
A Tradeoff between Compositionality and Complexity in the Semantics of Dimensional Adjectives

E93-1042: Peter Staudacher

E93-1043: Harald Trost
Coping With Derivation in a Morphological Component

E93-1044: Koen Versmissen
Categorial grammar, modalities and algebraic semantics

E93-1045: K. Vijay-Shanker
The Use of Shared Forests in Tree Adjoining Grammar Parsing

E93-1046: Atro Voutilainen; Pasi Tapanainen
Ambiguity resolution in a reductionistic parser

E93-1047: Jurgen Wedekind; Ronald M. Kaplan
Type-Driven Semantic Interpretation of f-Structures

E93-1048: Michael White

Student Session

E93-1050: Johan Bas
VP Ellipsis in a DRT-implementation

E93-1051: George C. Demetriou
Lexical Disambiguation Using Constraint Handling In Prolog (CHIP)

E93-1052: Paola Monachesi
Object clitics and clitic climbing in Italian HPSG grammar

E93-1053: Michael Schiehlen
Localising Barriers Theory

E93-1054: Hadar Shemtov
Text Alignment in a Tool for Translating Revised Documents

E93-1055: Manfred Stede
Lexical Choice Criteria in Language Generation

Poster Session

E93-1057: Aduriz I; Agirre E; Alegria L; Arregi X; Arriola J.M; Artola X; Diaz de Ilarraza A; Ezeiza N; Maritxalar M; Sarasola K; Urkia M
A Morphological Analysis Based Method for Spelling Correction

E93-1058: Dario Bianchi; Rodolfo Delmonte; Emanuele Pianta
Undestanding Stories in Different Languages with GETA-RUN

E93-1059: David Clemenceau; Emmanuel Roche
Enhancing a large scale dictionary with a two-level system

E93-1060: Shinichi Doi; Kazunori Muraki; Shinichiro Kamei; Kiyoshi Yamabana
Long Sentence Analysis by Domain-Specific Pattern Grammar

E93-1061: Laila Dybkjaer; Niels Ole Bernsen; Hans Dybkjaer
Knowledge acquisition for a constrained speech system using WoZ

E93-1062: Robert Frederking; Ariel Cohen; Dean Grannes; Peter Cousseau; Sergei Nirenburg

E93-1063: Dirk Heylent; Andre Schenkt; Marc Verhagent
A Constraint-based Representation Scheme of Collocational Structures

E93-1064: Gunnel Kaligren; Gunnar Eriksson
The Linguistic Annotation System of the Stockholm - Umea

E93-1065: Marc Light; Sabine Reinhard; Marie Boyle-Hinrichs
INSYST.- An Automatic Inserter System for Hierarchical Lexica

E93-1066: Kemal Oflazer
Two-level Description of Turkish Morphology

E93-1067: Gabor Proszeky; Iaszlo Tihanyi
Helyette: Inflectional Thesaurus for Agglutinative Languages

E93-1068: Anne De Roeck
Natural Language Front-Ends to Databases: Design and the Customisation Bottleneck

E93-1069: Pasi Tapanainen; Atro Voutilainen
Ambiguity resolution in a reductionistic parser

E93-1070: Eric Wehrli; Mira Ramluckun
ITS-2 : an interactive personal translation system