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Seventh Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

E95-1000: Front Matter

E95-1001: Uwe Reyle
On Reasoning with Ambiguities

E95-1002: Anette Frank; Uwe Reyle
Principle Based Semantics for HPSG

E95-1003: Andy Lauriston
Criteria for Measuring Term Recognition

E95-1004: Francis Wolinski; Frantz Vichot; Bruno Dillet
Automatic Processing of Proper Names in Texts

E95-1005: Andrew Kehler; Mary Dalrymple; John Lamping; Vijay Saraswat
The Semantics of Resource Sharing in Lexical-Functional Grammar

E95-1006: Patrick Blackburn; Claire Gardent
A Specification Language for Lexical Functional Grammars

E95-1007: Jurgen Wedekind
Some Remarks on the Decidability of the Generation Problem in LFG- and PATR-Style Unification Grammars

E95-1008: Moonjoo Kim; Young S. Han; Key-Sun Choi
Collocation Map for Overcoming Data Sparseness

E95-1009: Brett Kessler
Computational dialectology in Irish Gaelic

E95-1010: Mark W. Davis; Ted E. Dunning; William C. Ogden
Text Alignment in the Real World: Improving Alignments of Noisy Translations Using Common Lexical Features, String Matching Strategies and N-Gram Comparisons

E95-1011: Bill Keller; David Weir
A Tractable Extension of Linear Indexed Grammars

E95-1012: Chris Brew
Stochastic HPSG

E95-1013: Annius V. Groenink
Literal Movement Grammars

E95-1014: Simone Teufel; Gregory Grefenstette
Corpus-based Method for Automatic Identification of Support Verbs for Nominalizations

E95-1015: Rens Bad
The Problem of Computing the Most Probable Tree in Data-Oriented Parsing and Stochastic Tree Grammars

E95-1016: Francesc Ribas
On Learning more Appropriate Selectional Restrictions

E95-1017: David Milward
Incremental Interpretation of Categorial Grammar

E95-1018: Mark Hepple
Mixing Modes of Linguistic Description in Categorial Grammar

E95-1019: Glyn Morrill
Higher-order Linear Logic Programming of Categorial Deduction

E95-1020: Hinrich Schitze
Distributional Part-of-Speech Tagging

E95-1021: Jean-Pierre Chanod; Pasi Tapanainen
Tagging French - comparing a statistical and a constraint-based method

E95-1022: Atro Voutilainen
A syntax-based part-of-speech analyser

E95-1023: Suresh Manandhar
Deterministic Consistency Checking of LP Constraints

E95-1024: Guido Minnen; Dale Gerdemann; Thilo Gotz
Off-line Optimization for Earley-style HPSG Processing

E95-1025: Gregor Erbach
ProFIT: Prolog with Features, Inheritance and Templates

E95-1026: Jan Alexandersson; Elisabeth Maier; Norbert Reithinger
A Robust and Efficient Three-Layered Dialogue Component for a Speech-to-Speech Translation System

E95-1027: Andrei Mikheev; Steven Finch
Towards a Workbench for Acquisition of Domain Knowledge from Natural Language

E95-1028: David Carter
Rapid Development of Morphological Descriptions for Full Language Processing Systems

E95-1029: Atro Voutilainen; Timo Jarvinen
Specifying a shallow grammatical representation for parsing purposes

E95-1030: Caroline Lyon; Bob Dickerson
A fast partial parse of natural language sentences using a connectionist method

E95-1031: Kong Joo Lee; Cheol Jung Kweon; Jungyun Seo; Gil Chang Kim
A Robust Parser Based on Syntactic Information

E95-1032: Richard Crouch
Ellipsis and Quantification: A Substitutional Approach

E95-1033: Michael Strube; Udo Hahn
ParseTalk about Sentence- and Text-Level Anaphora

E95-1034: Beryl Hoffman
Integrating "Free" Word Order Syntax and Information Structure

E95-1035: Janet Hitzeman; Marc Moens; Claire Grover
Algorithms for Analysing the Temporal Structure of Discourse

E95-1036: Rani Nelken; Nissim Francez
Splitting the Reference Time: Temporal Anaphora and Quantification in DRT

E95-1037: Kuang-hua Chen
Topic Identification in Discourse

E95-1038: David Tugwell
A State-Transition Grammar for Data-Oriented Parsing

E95-1039: Christopher C. Huckle
Grouping Words Using Statistical Context

E95-1040: Pierre Sablayrolles
The Semantics of Motion

E95-1041: Saliha Azzam
An Algorithm to Co-Ordinate Anaphora Resolution and PPS Disambiguation Process

E95-1042: Hercules Dalianis
Aggregation in the NL-generator of the Visual and Natural language Specification Tool

E95-1043: Patrick Sturt
Incorporating "Unconscious Reanalyses" into an Incremental, Monotonic Parser

E95-1044: Tanya Bowden
Cooperative Error Handling and Shallow Processing

E95-1045: Frank Keller
Towards an Account of Extraposition in HPSG