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Ninth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics

E99-1001: Andrei Mikheev; Marc Moens; Claire Grover
Named Entity Recognition without Gazetteers

E99-1002: Richard Power
Generating referring expressions with a unification grammar

E99-1003: Didier Bourigault; Christian Jacquemin
TERM EXTRACTION -I- TERM CLUSTERING: An Integrated Platform for Computer-Aided Terminology

E99-1004: Ian M. O'Neill; Michael F. McTear
An Object-Oriented Approach to the Design of Dialogue Management Functionality

E99-1005: Maria Lapata; Scott McDonald; Frank Keller
Determinants of Adjective-Noun Plausibility

E99-1006: Miriam Eckert; Michael Strube
Resolving Discourse Deictic Anaphora in Dialogues

E99-1007: Suzanne Stevenson; Paola Merlo
Automatic Verb Classification Using Distributions of Grammatical Features

E99-1008: Pierre Boulli
Chinese Numbers, MIX, Scrambling, and Concatenation Grammars Range

E99-1009: Glyn Morrill
Geometry of Lexico-Syntactic Interaction

E99-1010: Franz Josef Och
An Efficient Method for Determining Bilingual Word Classes

E99-1011: Inderjeet Mani; David House; Gary Klein; Lynette Hirschman; Therese Firmin; Beth Sundheim
The TIPSTER SUMMAC Text Summarization Evaluation

E99-1012: Tim Fernando
Ambiguous propositions typed

E99-1013: Rila Mandala; Takenobu Tokunaga; Hozumi Tanaka
Complementing WordNet with Roget's and Corpus-based Thesauri for Information Retrieval

E99-1014: Fabio Ciravegna; Alberto Lavelli
Full Text Parsing using Cascades of Rules: an Information Extraction Perspective

E99-1015: Simone Teufel; Jean Carlettat; Marc Moens
An annotation scheme for discourse-level argumentation in research articles

E99-1016: Thorsten Brants
Cascaded Markov Models

E99-1017: Dale Gerdemann; Gertjan van Noord
Transducers from Rewrite Rules with Backreferences

E99-1018: Giorgos S. Orphanos; Dimitris N. Christodoulakis
POS Disambiguation and Unknown Word Guessing with Decision Trees

E99-1019: Maria Wolters; Mathias Kirsten
Exploring the Use of Linguistic Features in Domain and Genre Classification

E99-1020: Miguel A. Alonso; David Cabrero; Eric de la Clergerie; Manuel Vilares
Tabular Algorithms for TAG Parsing

E99-1021: E. StamatatosN. Fakotakis; G. Kokkinakis
Automatic Authorship Attribution

E99-1022: Guido Minnen
Selective Magic HPSG Parsing

E99-1023: Erik F. Tjong; Kim Sang; Jorn Veenstra
Representing Text Chunks

E99-1024: Hiroyuki Shinnou
Detection of Japanese Homophone Errors by a Decision List Including a Written Word as a Default Evidence

E99-1025: John Chen; Srinivas Bangalore
New Models for Improving Supertag Disambiguation

E99-1026: Kiyotaka Uchimoto; Satoshi Sekine; Hitoshi Isahara
Japanese Dependency Structure Analysis Based on Maximum Entropy Models

E99-1027: Atro Voutilainen
An experiment on the upper bound of interjudge agreement: the case of tagging

E99-1028: Fumiyo Fukumoto; Yoshimi Suzuki
Word Sense Disambiguation in Untagged Text based on Term Weight Learning

E99-1029: John Carroll; Nicolas Nicolov; Olga Shaumyan; Martine Smets; David Weir
Parsing with an Extended Domain of Locality

E99-1030: Gabriela Cavaglia
The Development of Lexical Resources for Information Extraction from Text Combining WordNet and Dewey Decimal Classification

E99-1031: Donna K. Byron; Joel R. Tetreault
A Flexible Architecture for Reference Resolution

E99-1032: Patrick Caudal
Result Stages and the Lexicon: The Proper Treatment of Event Structure

E99-1033: Daniel S. Paiva
Investigating NLG Architectures: taking style into consideration

E99-1034: Justin Picard
Finding content-bearing terms using term similarities

E99-1035: Dimitrios Kokkinakis; Sofie Johansson Kokkinakis
A Cascaded Finite-State Parser for Syntactic Analysis of Swedish

E99-1036: Patrice Lopez
Repair Strategies for Lexicalized Tree Grammars

E99-1037: Veit Reuer
Dialogue Processing in a CALL-System

E99-1038: Yan Zuo
Focusing on focus: a formalization

E99-1039: Aline Villavicencio
Representing a System of Lexical Types Using Default Unification

E99-1040: I. Aldezabal; I. Alegria; 0. Ansa; J. M. Arriola; N. Ezeiza
Designing spelling correctors for inflected languages using lexical transducers

E99-1041: Hans Argenton; Anke Feldhaus
The Treegram Index-An Efficient Technique for Retrieval in Linguistic Treebanks

E99-1042: John Carroll; Guido Minnen; Darren Pearce; Yvonne Canning; Siobhan Devlin; John Tait
Simplifying Text for Language-Impaired Readers

E99-1043: Nigel Collier; Hyun Seok Park; Norihiro Ogata; Yuka Tateishi; Chikashi Nobata; Tomoko Ohta; Tateshi Sekimizu; Hisao Imai; Katsutoshi Ibushi; Jun-ichi Tsujii
The GENIA project: corpus-based knowledge acquisition and information extraction from genome research papers

E99-1044: Crit Cremers
A Note on Categorial Grammar, Disharmony and Permutation

E99-1045: Johann Gamper
Encoding a Parallel Corpus for Automatic Terminology Extraction

E99-1046: Adam Kilgarriff
95% Replicability for Manual Word Sense Tagging

E99-1047: Torbjorn Lager
u-TBL Lite: A Small, Extendible Transformation-Based Learner

E99-1048: John Nerbonne; Wilbert Heeringa; Peter Kleiweg
Comparison and Classification of Dialects

E99-1049: Frank Schilder
Pointing to Events

E99-1050: Mark Stevenson
A Corpus-Based Approach to Deriving Lexical Mappings

E99-1051: Relano Gil, Jose; Tapias, Daniel; Gancedo, Maria C.; Charfuelan Marcela; Herndndez, Luis A
Robust and Flexible Mixed-Initiative Dialogue for Telephone Services

E99-1052: Kaili Muiirisep
Determination of Syntactic Functions in Estonian Constraint Grammar