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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Human Language Technology Research

H01-1001: K. Ries; A. Waibel
Activity detection for information access to oral communication

H01-1002: Y. Zhang; R.D. Brown; R.E. Frederking
Adapting an Example-Based Translation System to Chinese

H01-1003: A. Waibel; H. Yu; T. Schultz; Y. Pan; M. Bett; M. Westphal; H. Soltau; T. Schaaf; F. Metze
Advances in meeting recognition

H01-1004: D. Dutton; M. Walker; S. Chu; J. Hubbell; S. Narayanan
Amount of Information Presented in a Complex List: Effects on User Performance

H01-1005: K. Maeda; S. Bird; X. Ma; H. Lee
The Annotation Graph Toolkit: Software Components for Building Linguistic Annotation Tools

H01-1006: J. Prager; D. Radev; K. Czuba
Answering What-Is Questions by Virtual Annotation

H01-1007: A. Lavie; C. Langley; A. Waibel; F. Pianesi; G. Lazzari; P. Coletti; L. Taddei; F. Balducci
Architecture and Design Considerations in NESPOLE!: a Speech Translation System for E-commerce Applications

H01-1008: C. Dozier
Assigning Belief Scores to Names in Queries

H01-1009: K. Sudo; S. Sekine; R. Grishman
Automatic Pattern Acquisition for Japanese Information Extraction

H01-1010: M. Palmer; J. Rosenzweig; S. Cotton
Automatic Predicate Argument Analysis of the Penn TreeBank

H01-1011: R. Jin; A. Hauptmann
Automatic Title Generation for Spoken Broadcast News

H01-1012: J. Chai; V. Horvath; N. Kambhatla; N. Nicolov; M. Stys-Budzikowska
A Conversational Interface for Online Shopping

H01-1013: M. Budzikowska; J. Chai; S. Govindappa; V. Horvath; N. Kambhatla; N. Nicolov; W. Zadrozny
Conversational Sales Assistant for Online Shopping

H01-1014: F. Xia; M. Palmer
Converting Dependency Structures to Phrase Structures

H01-1015: M. Walker; R. Passonneau
DATE: A Dialogue Act Tagging Scheme for Evaluation of Spoken Dialogue Systems

H01-1016: R. Belvin; R. Burns; C. Hein
Development of the HRL Route Navigation Dialogue System

H01-1017: S. Bayer; C. Doran; B. George
Dialogue Interaction with the DARPA Communicator Infrastructure: The Development of Useful Software

H01-1018: A. Lavie; L Levin; T. Schultz; C. Langley; B. Han; A. Tribble; D. Gates; D. Wallace; K. Peterson
Domain Portability in Speech-to-Speech Translation

H01-1019: K.L. Kwok; N. Dinstl; P. Deng
English-Chinese CLIR using a Simplified PIRCS System

H01-1020: F. Gey; M. Buckland; A. Chen; R. Larson
Entry Vocabulary - a Technology to Enhance Digital Search

H01-1021: X. Li; W.B. Croft
Evaluating Question-Answering Techniques in Chinese

H01-1022: V. Khandelwal; R. Gupta; J. Allan
An Evaluation Corpus For Temporal Summarization

H01-1023: D. Stallard
Evaluation Results for the Talk'n'Travel System

H01-1024: L. Ramshaw; E. Boschee; S. Bratus; S. Miller; R. Stone; R. Weischedel; A. Zamanian
Experiments in Multi-Modal Automatic Content Extraction

H01-1025: S. Bayer; C. Doran; B. George
Exploring Speech-Enabled Dialogue with the Galaxy Communicator Infrastructure

H01-1026: F. Chiou; D. Chiang; M. Palmer
Facilitating Treebank Annotation Using a Statistical Parser

H01-1027: S. Miller; S. Bratus; L. Ramshaw; R. Weischedel; A. Zamanian
FactBrowser Demonstration

H01-1028: J. Aberdeen; C. Doran; L. Damianos; S. Bayer; L. Hirschman
Finding Errors Automatically in Semantically Tagged Dialogues

H01-1029: W. Greiff; A. Morgan; R. Fish; M. Richards; A. Kundu
Fine-Grained Hidden Markov Modeling for Broadcast-News Story Segmentation

H01-1030: N. Stokes; J. Carthy
First Story Detection using a Composite Document Representation

H01-1031: I. Mani; G. Wilson; L. Ferro; B. Sundheim
Guidelines for Annotating Temporal Information

H01-1032: S. Seneff; J. Polifroni
Hypothesis Selection and Resolution in the Mercury Flight Reservation System

H01-1033: P. Resnik; D. Oard; G. Levow
Improved Cross-Language Retrieval using Backoff Translation

H01-1034: D.D. Palmer; M. Ostendorf
Improving Information Extraction by Modeling Errors in Speech Recognizer Output

H01-1035: D. Yarowsky; G. Ngai; R. Wicentowski
Inducing Multilingual Text Analysis Tools via Robust Projection across Aligned Corpora

H01-1036: T.R. Lynam; C.L.A. Clarke; G.V. Cormack
Information Extraction with Term Frequencies

H01-1037: A. Sears; S.E. Cross
The Integrated Feasibility Experiment Process

H01-1038: L. Hirschman; K. Concepcion; L. Damianos; D. Day; J. Delmore; L. Ferro; J. Griffith; J. Henderson; J. Kurtz; I. Mani; S. Mardis; T. McEntee; K. Miller; B. Nunam; J. Ponte; F. Reeder; B. Wellner; G. Wilson; A. Yeh
Integrated Feasibility Experiment for Bio-Security: IFE-Bio, A TIDES Demonstration

H01-1039: E. Nyberg; H. Daume
Integrated Information Management: An Interactive, Extensible Architecture for Information Retrieval

H01-1040: R. Gaizauskas; P. Herring; M. Oakes; M. Beaulieu; P. Willett; H. Fowkes; A. Jonsson
Intelligent Access to Text: Integrating Information Extraction Technology into Text Browsers

H01-1041: Y.-S. Lee; W.S. Yi; S. Seneff; C. Weinstein
Interlingua-Based Broad-Coverage Korean-to-English Translation in CCLINC

H01-1042: F. Reeder
Is That Your Final Answer?

H01-1043: D. Kawahara; S. Kurohashi
Japanese Case Frame Construction by Coupling the Verb and its Closest Case Component

H01-1044: K. Tanaka-Ishii; Y. Inutsuka; M. Takeichi
Japanese Text Input System With Digits

H01-1045: H. Joho; Y.K. Liu; M. Sanderson
Large scale testing of a descriptive phrase finder

H01-1046: D. Lin
LaTaT: Language and Text Analysis Tools

H01-1047: P. Heisterkamp
Linguatronic: Product-Level Speech System for Mercedes-Benz Car

H01-1048: C. Fügen; M. Westphal; M. Schneider; T. Schultz; A. Waibel
LingWear: A Mobile Tourist Information System

H01-1049: J. Daniels; B. Bell
Listen-Communicate-Show: Spoken Language Command of Agent-based Remote Information Access

H01-1050: H. Meng; W.-K. Lo; B. Chen; H.-M.. Wang; S. Khudanpur; G.-A. Levow; D.W. Oard; J. Wang
Mandarin-English Information: Investigating Translingual Speech Retrieval

H01-1051: N. Morgan; D. Baron; J. Edwards; D. Ellis; D. Gelbart ; A. Janin; T. Pfau; E. Shriberg; A. Stolcke
The Meeting Project at ICSI

H01-1052: M. Banko; E. Brill
Mitigating the Paucity-of-Data Problem: Exploring the Effect of Training Corpus Size on Classifier Performance for Natural Language Processing

H01-1053: D. Frey; R. Gupta; V. Khandelwal; V. Lavrenko; A. Leuski; J. Allan
Monitoring the News: a TDT demonstration system

H01-1054: M. White; T. Korelsky; C. Cardie; V. Ng; D. Pierce; K. Wagstaff
Multidocument Summarization via Information Extraction

H01-1055: O. Rambow; S. Bangalore; M. Walker
Natural Language Generation in Dialog Systems

H01-1056: D.R. Radev; S. Blair-Goldensohn; Z. Zhang; R.S. Raghavan
NewsInEssence: A System For Domain-Independent, Real-Time News Clustering and Multi-Document Summarization

H01-1057: T. Theeramunkong; S. Usanavasin
Non-Dictionary-Based Thai Word Segmentation Using Decision Trees

H01-1058: K. Hacioglu; W. Ward
On Combining Language Models: Oracle Approach

H01-1059: L. Lamel; F. Lefevre; J.-L. Gauvain; G. Adda
Portability Issues for Speech Recognition Technologies

H01-1060: G.-A. Levow; D.W. Oard; P. Resnik
Rapidly Retargetable Interactive Translingual Retrieval

H01-1061: F. Jelinek; W. Byrne; S. Khudanpur; B. Hladká; H. Ney; F.J. Och; J. Curín; J. Psutka
Robust Knowledge Discovery from Parallel Speech and Text Sources

H01-1062: H. Ney; F.J. Och; S. Vogel
The RWTH System for Statistical Translation of Spoken Dialogues

H01-1063: C. Wai; H.M. Meng; R. Pieraccini
Scalability and Portability of a Belief Network-based Dialog Model for Different Application Domains

H01-1064: M. Bacchiani; J. Hirschberg; A. Rosenberg; S. Whittaker; D. Hindle; P. Isenhour; M. Jones; L. Stark; G. Zamchick
SCANMail: Audio Navigation in the Voicemail Domain

H01-1065: R. Barzilay; N. Elhadad; K. McKeown
Sentence Ordering in Multidocument Summarization

H01-1066: R.D. Brown
A Server for Real-Time Event Tracking in News

H01-1067: U. Hahn; M. Romacker
The SynDiKATe Text Knowledge Base Generator

H01-1068: K. Stibler; J. Denny
A Three-Tiered Evaluation Approach for Interactive Spoken Dialogue Systems

H01-1069: E. Hovy; L. Gerber; U. Hermjakob; C.-Y. Lin; D. Ravichandran
Toward Semantics-Based Answer Pinpointing

H01-1070: T. Potipiti; V. Sornlertlamvanich; K. Thanadkran
Towards an Intelligent Multilingual Keyboard System

H01-1071: J. Yang; J. Gao; Y. Zhang; A. Waibel
Towards Automatic Sign Translation

H01-1072: S. Kübler; E.W. Hinrichs
TüSBL: A Similarity-Based Chunk Parser for Robust Syntactic Processing

H01-1073: B. Pellom; W. Ward; J. Hansen; R. Cole; K. Hacioglu; J. Zhang; X. Yu; S. Pradhan
University of Colorado Dialogue Systems for Travel and Navigation

H01-1074: D. Pack; C. Weinstein
The Use of Dynamic Segment Scoring for Language-Independent Question Answering

H01-1075: P. Price; L. Julia
Using Speech and Language Technology to Coach Reading