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Speech and Natural Language: Proceedings of a Workshop Held at Hidden Valley, Pennsylvania, June 24-27,1990

H90-1000: Front Matter

H90-1001: Richard M. Stern
Overview of the Third DARPA Speech and Natural Language Workshop

H90-1002: Wayne Ward
Session 1: Spoken Language Systems I

H90-1003: Richard Schwartz; Steve Austin
Efficient, High-Performance Algorithms for N-Best Search

H90-1004: Frank K. Soong; Eng-Fong Huang
A Tree.Trellis Based Fast Search for Finding the N Best Sentence Hypotheses in Continuous Speech Recognition

H90-1005: Fernando Pereira
Finite-State Approximations of Grammars

H90-1006: M. Ostendorf; P. J. Price; J. Bear; C.W. Wightman
The Use of Relative Duration in Syntactic Disambiguation

H90-1007: Damaris M. Ayuso
Session 2: Natural Language I

H90-1008: Lenhart K. Schubert; Chung Hee Hwang
Picking Reference Events from Tense A Formal, Implement able Theory of English Tense-Aspect Semantics Trees:

H90-1009: Kathleen McKeown; Steven Feiner
Interactive Multimedia Explanation for Equipment Maintenance and Repair

H90-1010: Yves Schabes; Aravind K. Joshi
Two Recent Developments in Tree Adjoining Grammars: Semantics and Efficient Processing

H90-1011: Robert T. Kasper; Eduard H. Hovy
Performing Integrated Syntactic and Semantic Parsing Using Classification

H90-1012: Douglas Appelt; Jerry R. Hobbs
Making Abduction More Efficient

H90-1013: Lynette Hirschman
Session 3: Natural Language Evaluation

H90-1014: Rita McCardell
Evaluating Natural Language Generated Database Records

H90-1015: Roberto Bisiani
Session 4: System Implementation Strategies

H90-1016: Steve Austin; Pat Peterson; Paul Placeway; Richard Schwartz; Jeff Vandergrift
Toward a Real-Time Spoken Language System Using Commercial Hardware

H90-1017: Paul Bamberg; Yen-lu Chow; Laurence Gillick; Robert Roth; Dean Sturtevant
The Dragon Continuous Speech Recognition System: A Real-Time Implementation

H90-1018: M. Weintraub; G. Chen; J. Mankoski; H. Murveit; A. Stolzle; S. Narayanaswamy; P. Schrupp; B. Richards; J. Rabaey; R. Brodersen; S. Narayanaswamy; P. Schrupp; B. Richards; J. Rabaey; R. Brodersen
Hardware for Hidden Markov-Model-Based, Large-Vocabulary Real-Time Speech Recognition

H90-1019: David S. Pallett
Session 5: Overview of the ATIS System

H90-1020: P. J. Price
Evaluation of Spoken Language Systems: the ATIS Domain

H90-1021: Charles T. Hemphill; John J. Godfrey; George R. Doddington
The ATIS Spoken Language Systems Pilot Corpus

H90-1022: Madeleine Bates; Sean Boisen; John Makhoul
Developing an Evaluation Methodology for Spoken Language Systems

H90-1023: Lynette Hirschman; Deborah A. Dahl; Donald P. McKay; Lewis M. Norton; Marcia C. Linebarger
Beyond Class A: A Proposal for Automatic Evaluation of Discourse

H90-1024: D. S. Pallett; W. M. Fisher; J. G. Fiscus; J. S. Garofolo
DARPA ATIS Test Results June 1990

H90-1025: David S. Pallett
Session 6: ATIS Site Reports and General Discussion

H90-1026: M. Bates; R. Bobrow; S. Boisen; R. Ingria; D. Stallard
BBN ATIS System Progress Report - June 1990

H90-1027: Wayne Ward
The CMU Air Travel Information Service: Understanding Spontaneous Speech

H90-1028: Victor Zue; James Glass; David Goodine; Hong Leung; Michael Phillips; Joseph Polifroni; Stephanie Seneff
Preliminary ATIS Development at MIT

H90-1029: B. Bly; P. J. Price; S. Park; S. Tepper; E. Jackson ; V. Abrash
Designing the Human Machine Interface in the ATIS Domain

H90-1030: Lewis M. Norton; Deborah A. Dahl; Donald P. McKay; Lynette Hirschman; Marcia C. Linebarger; David Magerman; Catherine N. Ball
Management and Evaluation of Interactive Dialog in the Air Travel Domain

H90-1031: Robert Moore; Douglas Appelt; John Bear; Mary Dalrymple; Douglas Moran
SRI's Experience with the ATIS Evaluation

H90-1032: Mitch Weintraub
Session 7: Speech Recognition I

H90-1033: Harvey F. Silverman
An Algorithm for Determining Talker Location using a Linear Microphone Array and Optimal Hyperbolic Fit

H90-1034: Alejandro Acero; Richard M. Stern
Towards Environment-Independent Spoken Language Systems

H90-1035: Paul Bamberg; Laurence Gillick
Phoneme-in-Context Modeling for Dragon's Continuous Speech Recognizer

H90-1036: Laurence S. Gillick; Robert Roth
A Rapid Match Algorithm for Continuous Speech Recognition

H90-1037: V.Digalakis; M. Ostendorf; J.R. Rohlicek
Fast Search Algorithms for Connected Phone Recognition Using the Stochastic Segment Model

H90-1038: L. R. Bahl; S. Das; P. V. deSouza; M. Epstein; R. L. Mercer; B. Merialdo; D. Nahamoo; M. A. Picheny; J. Powell
Automatic Phonetic Baseform Determination

H90-1039: Douglas B. Pault; James K. Baker; Janet M. Baker
On the Interaction Between True Source, Training, and Testing Language Models

H90-1040: S. E. Levinson; A. Ljolje; L. G. Miller
Continuous Speech Recognition from a Phonetic Transcription

H90-1041: Douglas B. Paul
Algorithms for an Optimal A* Search and Linearizing the Search in the Stack Decoder*

H90-1042: Charles T. HemphillRecent Progress on the VOYAGER System
Session 8: Spoken Language Systems II

H90-1043: Victor Zue; James Glass; David Goodine; Hong Leung; Michael McCandless; Michael Phillips; Joseph Polifroni; Stephanie Seneff
Recent Progress on the VOYAGER System

H90-1044: Deborah A. Dahl; Lynette Hirschman; Lewis M. Norton; Marcia C. Linebarger; David Magerman; Nghi Nguyen; Catherine N. Ball
Training and Evaluation of a Spoken Language Understanding System

H90-1045: Alexander G. Hauptmann; Alexander I. Rudnicky
A Comparison of Speech and Typed Input

H90-1046: Jean-Michel Lunati; Alexander I. Rudnicky
The design of a spoken language interface

H90-1047: R. Bobrow; Robert Ingria; David Stallard
Syntactic and Semantic Knowledge in the DELPHI Unification Grammar

H90-1048: R. Bobrow; Lance Ramshaw
On Deftly Introducing Procedural Elements into Unification Parsing

H90-1049: George M. White; David Nagel

H90-1050: Mitchell Marcus
Session 9: Automatic Acquisition of Linguistic Structure

H90-1051: Manny Rayner; Christer Samuelsson
Using Explanation-Based Learning to Increase Performance in a Large-Scale NL Query System

H90-1052: Donald Hindle; Mats Rooth
Structural Ambiguity and Lexical Relations

H90-1053: Mahesh V. Chitrao; Ralph Grishman
Statistical Parsing of Messages

H90-1054: R. A. Sharman; F. Jelinek; R. Hercer
Generating a grammar for statistical training

H90-1055: Eric Brill; David Magerman; Mitchell Marcus; Beatrice Santorini
Deducing Linguistic Structure from the Statistics of Large Corpora

H90-1056: William A. Gale; Kenneth W. Church
Poor Estimates of Context are Worse than None

H90-1057: David D. Lewis
Representation Quality in Text Classification: An Introduction and Experiment

H90-1058: George Doddington
Session 10: Evaluation of Systems on the Resource Management Database

H90-1059: D. S. Pallett; J. G. Fiscus; J. S. Garofolo
DARPA Resource Management Benchmark Test Results June 1990

H90-1060: Francis Kubala; Richard Schwartz
A New Paradigm for Speaker-Independent Training and Speaker Adaptation

H90-1061: R. Pieraccini; C. H. Lee; E. Giachint; L. R. Rabiner

H90-1062: C.-H. Lee; E. Giachin; L. R. Rabiner; R. Pieraccini; A. E. Rosenberg

H90-1063: Xuedong Huang; Fil Alleva; Satoru Hayamizu; Hsiao-Wuen Hon; Mei-Yuh Hwang; Kai-Fu Lee
Improved Hidden Markov Modeling for Speaker-Independent Continuous Speech Recognition

H90-1064: Douglas B. Paul
The Lincoln Continuous Tied-Mixture HMM Speech Recognizer*

H90-1065: Hy Murveit; Mitch Weintraub; Mike Cohen
Training Set Issues in SRI's DECIPHER Speech Recognition System

H90-1066: A. Erell; M. Weintraub
Recognition of Noisy Speech: Using Minimum-Mean Log-Spectral Distance Estimation

H90-1067: Mark T. Anikst; William S. Meisel; Matthew C. Soares; Kai-Fu Lee
Experiments with Tree-Structured MMI Encoders on the RM Task

H90-1068: Deborah A. Dahl
Session 11: Natural Language II

H90-1069: Damaris Ayuso; R. Bobrow; Dawn MacLaughlin; Marie Meteer; Lance Ramshaw; Rich Schwartz; Ralph Weischedel
Towards Understanding Text with a Very Large Vocabulary

H90-1070: Paul S. Jacobs; George R. Krupka; Susan W. McRoy; Lisa F. Rau; Norman K. Sondheimer; Uri Zernik
Generic Text Processing: A Progress Report

H90-1071: Robert Wilensky
Extending the Lexicon by Exploiting Subregularitles*

H90-1072: Yorick Wilks; Jaime Carbonell; David Farwell; Eduard Hovy; Sergei Nirenburg
Machine Translation Again?

H90-1073: Jordan Cohen
Session 12: Speech Recognition II

H90-1074: Victor Zue; James Glass; David Goodine; Hong Leung; Michael Phillips; Joseph Polifroni; Stephanie Seneff
Recent Progress on the SUMMIT System

H90-1075: Ronald Cole; Mark Fanty
Spoken Letter Recognition

H90-1076: M. Lennig; V. Gupta; P. Kenny; P. Mermelstein; D. O'Shaughnessy
An 86,000-Word Recognizer Based on Phonemic Models

H90-1077: Martin Russell; Keith Ponting
Recent Results from the ARM Continuous Speech Recognition Project

H90-1078: Ralph Weischedel
Adaptive Natural Language Processing

H90-1079: John Makhoul; Richard Schwartz

H90-1080: John Makhoul

H90-1081: Mari Ostendorf; Patti Price
Evaluating the Use of Prosodic Information in Speech Recognition and Understanding

H90-1082: Mari Ostendorf; J. Robin Rohlicek
Segment-Based Acoustic Models with Multi-level Search Algorithms for Continuous Speech Recognition

H90-1083: Harvey F. Silverman
A Microphone-Array System for Speech Recognition Input

H90-1084: Raj Reddy
Speech Research at Carnegie Mellon

H90-1085: Roberto Bisiani
The PLUS Accelerator

H90-1086: Kathleen McKeown; Steven Feiner
Interactive Multimedia Explanation for Equipment Maintenance and Repair

H90-1087: Janet M. Baker, Ph.D.
Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Prototype

H90-1088: John Shore
Portable Software Modules for Speech Recognition

H90-1089: Clifford J. Weinstein; Douglas B. Paul
Robust Speech Recognition Technology Program Summary

H90-1090: Victor W. Zue
Research and Development for Spoken Language Systems

H90-1091: David S. Pallett
NIST-DARPA Interagency Agreement: SLS Program

H90-1092: Beth Sundheim

H90-1093: Yorick Wilks
PROGRESS REPORT: Active Knowledge Structures in Natural Language Understanding

H90-1094: Ralph Grishman
Research in Text Processing: Creating Robust and Portable Systems

H90-1095: William S. Meisel
Speech Representation and Speech Understanding

H90-1096: Patti Price; Robert C. Moore
A Real-Time Spoken-Language System Interactive Problem-Solving

H90-1097: Hy Murveit; Mitch Weintraub
Real-Time Speech Recognition Systems

H90-1098: Lynette Hirschman; Deborah Dahl
Project Summary: Linguistic Knowledge Sources for Spoken Language Understanding

H90-1099: Aravind Joshi; Mitch Marcus; Mark Steedman; Bonnie Webber
Natural Language Research

H90-1100: Mitch Marcus
Very Large Annotated Database of American English

H90-1101: James F. Allen; Lenhart K. Schubert
Natural Language, Knowledge Representation, and Discourse

The Penman Natural Language Project

H90-1103: Clifford J. Weinstein
Opportunities for Advanced Speech Processing in Military Computer-Based Systems*