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Computational Linguistics, Volume 32, Number 1, March 2006
Computational Linguistics, Volume 32, Number 2, June 2006
Computational Linguistics, Volume 32, Number 3, September 2006
Computational Linguistics, Volume 32, Number 4, December 2006

Computational Linguistics, Volume 32, Number 1, March 2006

J06-1001: George A. Miller; Florentina Hristea
Squibs and Discussions: WordNet Nouns: Classes and Instances

J06-1002: Yves Bestgen
Squibs and Discussions: Improving Text Segmentation Using Latent Semantic Analysis: A Reanalysis of Choi, Wiemer-Hastings, and Moore (2001)

J06-1003: Alexander Budanitsky; Graeme Hirst
Evaluating WordNet-based Measures of Lexical Semantic Relatedness

J06-1004: Yael Cohen-Sygal; Shuly Wintner
Finite-State Registered Automata for Non-Concatenative Morphology

J06-1005: Roxana Girju; Adriana Badulescu; Dan Moldovan
Automatic Discovery of Part-Whole Relations

J06-1006: Mary Harper
Introducing Speech and Language Processing, by John Coleman

J06-1007: David Nathan
Book Reviews: Multilingualism and Electronic Language Management, edited by Walter Daelemans, Theo du Plessis, Cobus Snyman and Lut Teck

J06-1008: Chris Mellish
Book Reviews: Computational and Quantitative Studies by M. A. K. Halliday, edited by Jonathan J. Webster

J06-1009: Robert Malouf
Book Reviews: Corpus Linguistics: Readings in a Widening Discipline, edited by Geoffrey Sampson and Diana McCarthy

J06-1010: C. J. van Rijsbergen
Book Reviews: Geometry and Meaning, by Dominic Widdows

Computational Linguistics, Volume 32, Number 2, June 2006

J06-2001: Sabine Schulte im Walde
Experiments on the Automatic Induction of German Semantic Verb Classes

J06-2002: Kees van Deemter
Generating Referring Expressions that Involve Gradable Properties

J06-2003: Diana Inkpen; Graeme Hirst
Building and Using a Lexical Knowledge Base of Near-Synonym Differences

J06-2004: Melita Hajdinjak; France Mihelic
Squibs: The PARADISE Evaluation Framework: Issues and Findings

J06-2005: Roberto Navigli
Squibs: Consistent Validation of Manual and Automatic Sense Annotations with the Aid of Semantic Graphs

J06-2006: Francis Jeffry Pelletier
Book Reviews: Representation and Inference for Natural Language: A First Course in Computational Semantics, by Patrick Blackburn and Johan Bos

J06-2007: Tony Berber Sardinha
Book Reviews: Building Coherence and Cohesion: Task-oriented Dialogue in English and Spanish, by Maria Teresa Taboada

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Computational Linguistics, Volume 32, Number 3, September 2006

J06-3001: Christoph Ringlstetter; Klaus U. Schulz; Stoyan Mihov
Orthographic Errors in Web Pages: Toward Cleaner Web Corpora

J06-3002: Paola Merlo; Eva Esteve Ferrer
The Notion of Argument in Prepositional Phrase Attachment

J06-3003: Peter D. Turney
Similarity of Semantic Relations

J06-3004: Diane Litman; Marc Swerts; Julia Hirschberg
Characterizing and Predicting Corrections in Spoken Dialogue Systems

J06-3005: Stefan Riezler
Book Reviews: New Developments in Parsing Technology, edited by Harry Bunt, John Carroll and Giorgio Satta

J06-3006: Anna Feldman
Book Reviews: Computational Linguistics: Models, Resources, Applications, edited by Igor A. Bolshakov and Alexander Gelbukh

J06-3007: Patrick Blackburn
Book Reviews: The Language of Time: A Reader, edited by Inderjeet Mani, James Pustejovsky and Rob Gaizauskas

J06-3008: Karin Kipper
Book Reviews: Argument Realization, by Beth Levin and Malka Rappaport Hovav

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Computational Linguistics, Volume 32, Number 4, December 2006

J06-4001: Eva Hajicova
ACL Lifetime Achievement Award: Old Linguists Never Die, They Only Get Obligatorily Deleted

J06-4002: Mirella Lapata
Automatic Evaluation of Information Ordering: Kendall's Tau

J06-4003: Tibor Kiss; Jan Strunk
Unsupervised Multilingual Sentence Boundary Detection

J06-4004: José Mariño; Rafael E. Banches; Josep M. Crego; Adrià de Gispert; Patrik Lambert; José A. R. Fonollosa; Marta R. Costa-jussà'
N-gram-based Machine Translation

J06-4005: John F. Sowa
Book Review: Language, Cohesion and Form, by Margaret Masterman

J06-4006: Pamela Jordan
Book Review: One-on-One Tutoring by Humans and Computers, by Martha Evens and Joel Michael

J06-4007: Sandra Kübler
Book Review: Memory-Based Language Processing, by Walter Daelemans and Antal van den Bosch

J06-4008: Nicola Stokes
Book Review: TREC: Experiment and Evaluation in Information Retrieval, edited by Ellen M. Voorhees and Donna K. Harman

J06-4009: Christopher Brewster
Book Review: Ontology Learning from Text: Methods, Evaluation and Applications, edited by Paul Buitelaar, Philipp Cimiano and Bernado Magnini

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J06-4012: Annie Zaenen
Last Words: Mark-up Barking Up the Wrong Tree

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