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Computational Linguistics, Volume 36, Number 1, March 2010
Computational Linguistics, Volume 36, Number 2, June 2010
Computational Linguistics, Volume 36, Issue 3 - September 2010
Computational Linguistics, Volume 36, Issue 4 - December 2010

Computational Linguistics, Volume 36, Number 1, March 2010

J10-1001: William Schuler; Samir AbdelRahman; Tim Miller; Lane Schwartz
Broad-Coverage Parsing Using Human-Like Memory Constraints

J10-1002: Vivian Tsang; Suzanne Stevenson
A Graph-Theoretic Framework for Semantic Distance

J10-1003: Anna Kazantseva; Stan Szpakowicz
Summarizing Short Stories

J10-1004: Deniz Yuret; Mehmet Ali Yatbaz
The Noisy Channel Model for Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation

J10-1005: Paul Cook; Suzanne Stevenson
Automatically Identifying the Source Words of Lexical Blends in English

J10-1006: Frank Schilder
Book Review: Representation and Management of Narrative Information: Theoretical Principles and Implementation by Gian Piero Zarri

J10-1007: John Carroll
Book Review: Dependency Parsing by Sandra Kübler, Ryan McDonald, and Joakim Nivre

J10-1008: Stan Szpakowicz
Last Words: Failure is an Orphan (Let's Adopt)

Computational Linguistics, Volume 36, Number 2, June 2010

J10-2001: Michael White; Robert A. J. Clark; Johanna D. Moore
Generating Tailored, Comparative Descriptions with Contextually Appropriate Intonation

J10-2002: Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii; Satoshi Tezuka; Hiroshi Terada
Sorting Texts by Readability

J10-2003: Suzan Verberne; Lou Boves; Nelleke Oostdijk; Peter-Arno Coppen
What Is Not in the Bag of Words for Why-QA?

J10-2004: Wei Wang; Jonathan May; Kevin Knight; Daniel Marcu
Re-structuring, Re-labeling, and Re-aligning for Syntax-Based Machine Translation

J10-2005: Eric Gaussier
Book Review: Statistical Language Models for Information Retrieval by ChengXiang Zhai

Publications Received

J10-2007: Emiel Krahmer
Last Words: What Computational Linguists Can Learn from Psychologists (and Vice Versa)

Computational Linguistics, Volume 36, Issue 3 - September 2010

J10-3001: Sujith Ravi; Kevin Knight
Squibs: Does GIZA++ Make Search Errors?

J10-3002: Yang Liu; Qun Liu; Shouxun Lin
Discriminative Word Alignment by Linear Modeling

J10-3003: Nitin Madnani; Bonnie J. Dorr
Generating Phrasal and Sentential Paraphrases: A Survey of Data-Driven Methods

J10-3004: Micha Elsner; Eugene Charniak
Disentangling Chat

J10-3005: James Clarke; Mirella Lapata
Discourse Constraints for Document Compression

J10-3006: Rebecca Nesson; Giorgio Satta; Stuart M. Shieber
Complexity, Parsing, and Factorization of Tree-Local Multi-Component Tree-Adjoining Grammar

J10-3007: João V. Graça; Kuzman Ganchev; Ben Taskar
Learning Tractable Word Alignment Models with Complex Constraints

J10-3008: Adrià de Gispert; Gonzalo Iglesias; Graeme Blackwood; Eduardo R. Banga; William Byrne
Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation with Weighted Finite-State Transducers and Shallow-n Grammars

J10-3009: Deyi Xiong; Min Zhang; Aiti Aw; Haizhou Li
Linguistically Annotated Reordering: Evaluation and Analysis

J10-3010: Stefan Riezler; Yi Liu
Query Rewriting Using Monolingual Statistical Machine Translation

Publications Received

J10-3012: Richard Sproat
Last Words: Ancient Symbols, Computational Linguistics, and the Reviewing Practices of the General Science Journals

Computational Linguistics, Volume 36, Issue 4 - December 2010

J10-4001: Mark Liberman
Obituary: Fred Jelinek

J10-4002: William A. Woods
ACL Lifetime Achievement Award: The Right Tools: Reflections on Computation and Language

J10-4003: Fan Fengxiang
Squibs: An Asymptotic Model for the English Hapax/Vocabulary Ratio

J10-4004: Marta Recasens; Marta Vila
Squibs: On Paraphrase and Coreference

J10-4005: Libin Shen; Jinxi Xu; Ralph Weischedel
String-to-Dependency Statistical Machine Translation

J10-4006: Marco Baroni; Alessandro Lenci
Distributional Memory: A General Framework for Corpus-Based Semantics

J10-4007: Katrin Erk; Sebastian Padó; Ulrike Padó
A Flexible, Corpus-Driven Model of Regular and Inverse Selectional Preferences

J10-4008: Udo Hahn
Book Review: Introduction to Linguistic Annotation and Text Analytics by Graham Wilcock

J10-4009: Michael Elhadad
Book Review: Natural Language Processing with Python by Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper

J10-4010: Colin Cherry
Book Review: Statistical Machine Translation by Philipp Koehn

J10-4011: Min Zhang
Book Review: Introduction to Chinese Natural Language Processing by Kam-Fai Wong, Wenjie Li, Ruifeng Xu, and Zheng-sheng Zhang

J10-4012: Mary Ellen Foster
Book Review: Spoken Dialogue Systems by Kristiina Jokinen and Michael McTear

J10-4013: Eric J. M. Smith
Book Review: Machine-Aided Linguistic Discovery: An Introduction and Some Examples by Vladimir Pericliev

J10-4014: Martin Weisser
Briefly Noted: Essential Programming for Linguistics

J10-4015: Rob Lee; Philip Jonathan; Pauline Ziman
Commentary and Discussion: A Response to Richard Sproat on Random Systems, Writing, and Entropy

J10-4016: Rajesh P. N. Rao; Nisha Yadav; Mayank N. Vahia; Hrishikesh Joglekar; Ronojoy Adhikari; Iravatham Mahadevan
Commentary and Discussion: Entropy, the Indus Script, and Language: A Reply to R. Sproat

J10-4017: Richard Sproat
Commentary and Discussion: Reply to Rao et al. and Lee et al.

J10-4018: Nat Lang
Last Words: Are We Near the End of the Journal?

Reviewers: Reviewers for Volume 36