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Computational Linguistics, Volume 43, Issue 1 - April 2017

J17-1001: Claire Gardent; Laura Perez-Beltrachini
A Statistical, Grammar-Based Approach to Microplanning

J17-1002: Rocco Tripodi; Marcello Pelillo
A Game-Theoretic Approach to Word Sense Disambiguation

J17-1003: Ekaterina Shutova; Lin Sun; Elkin Darío Gutiérrez; Patricia Lichtenstein; Srini Narayanan
Multilingual Metaphor Processing: Experiments with Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

J17-1004: Ivan Habernal; Iryna Gurevych
Argumentation Mining in User-Generated Web Discourse

J17-1005: Giovanni Stilo; Paola Velardi
Hashtag Sense Clustering Based on Temporal Similarity

J17-1006: Farah Benamara
Evaluative Language Beyond Bags of Words: Linguistic Insights and Computational Applications

J17-1007: Jin-Dong Kim
Book Review: Biomedical Natural Language Processing by Kevin Bretonnel Cohen and Dina Demner-Fushman

J17-1008: Yoong Keok Lee
Book Review: Automatic Detection of Verbal Deception by Eileen Fitzpatrick, Joan Bachenko and Tommaso Fornaciari