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ACL Microfiche Series 1-83, including Computational Linguistics (1974-1979)

NSF sponsorship for AJCL (A.Hood Roberts), Microfiche viewing equipment guide (Ronald P. Borden), ACL Officers 1975 (Aravind K.Joshi), ACL PROGRAM JULY 26-27, 1974, Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (R.A.Wisbey), Computer at MIT Can Read (Jonathan Allen), Computer-Assisted Lexicography (Richard W Bailey), Current Bibliography (Brian Harris; R.Laskowski)

The Lexical Subclasses Of The Linguistic String Parser (Eileen Fitzpatrick; Naomi Sager)

Natural Semantics In Artificial Intelligence (Jaime R Carbonell; Allan M Collins)

A Few Steps Towards Computer Lexicometry (Nicholas V Findler; Heino Viil)

Pattern-Matching rules for the recognition of Natural Language Dialogue Expressions (Kenneth Mark Colby; Roger C Parkison; Bill Fought)

Personal Notes, Computational Semantics Tutorial at Lugano in March, Artificial Intelligence: Directory being compiled (Donald E Walker), Letters: Logos Development Corporation on MT System (Yorick Wilks), Solar Project Distributes Materials (Tim Diller; John Olney; Nathan Ucuzoglu), NAS/NRC Studies International Information Programs, NFAIS Meeting Overlap Study Indexer Training Kit (Ben H Weil), On-line Terminal Searching Course at Pratt in January (Patricia Breivik), Educational Data Systems Association Convention, Publication Problems: Journal Prices Rising (Philip H Abelson), 3rd Pisa Summer School: Report of Courses Lectures (Antonio Zampoli), Summer School at Stuttgart: Report of Lectures (Hans Jochen Schneider), Information and Philology Conference Report (Marichal), Ariosto Concordance in Progress (Cesare Segre), Text Data: Round Table on Analytic Procedures Held, SIGLASH (Micheal Lesk; Robert Wachal; Dolores Burton; Karen Mullen), Political Science Concepts to be Collected and Analyzed (George J Grahan), Realiable Software Conference Los Angeles April (M L Shooman), Psycholinguistics Conference New York January, NSF: Excepts from the Organizational Directory (H Guyford Stever), Microfiche Equipment: Background Information for Buyers (Dake Gaddy), Artificial Intelligence in Poland Bibliography, AAAS Meeting: January (W M Carlson), Current Bibliography (Brain Harris; R Laskowski)

Semantic Directed Translation Of Context Free Languages (H Willam Buttelmann)

String Transformations In The Request System (Warren J Plath)

COLING 76 (Dr Guy Rondeau), WORKSHOP on Theoretical Issues in Natural Languages Processing (TINLAP) (Bonnie Nash Webber; Roger Schank), Summer School on Computational Linguistics at Rocquencourt (M Andreewsky), Summer School on Literary Statistics at Cambridge, England (M H T Alford), International Conference on Computers and the Humanities (Robert Dilligan; Rudolf Hirschmann; Joseph Raben; Donald Ross; Todd K Bender; Grace C Hertlein), NFAIS CONFERENCE information interfaces (Ben H Weil; Joseph Coyne; Ann Farren; A Hood Roberts), IEEE Conference: computers to reach the people (Martin L Rubin; Susan Wittig; Kerry Mark Joels; O Firschein And R K Summat), IFIP Conference: computers in education, International Conference: developing countries (Dr H A Al-Bayati; A A M Veenhuis; Richard C Atkinson) NEH CALENDAR: grant applications, NATIONAL PROGRAM DRAFT: library and information services, RESEARCH PROGRESS: Index Thomisticue in press (Roberto Busa S.J), COMPUTER SECURITY: AFIPS and ACM publish guides (Robert L Patrick), OPINION: A restricted sublanguage approach to high quality translation (Victor Raskin), TECHNIQUE: Letters with variable values and the mechanical inflection of Romanian words (Minerva Rocva), ACL Secretary-Treasurer's report, Editor's Report

Verbalization And Translation By Machine (Wallace L Chafe)

A Discriminant Function Analysis Of Co-Variation (Mary Lois Marckworth; Wm J Backer)

The Yerkish Language For Non-Human Primates (Ernst von Glasersfield)

Understanding By Conceptual Inference (Chuck Rieger)

General (Thomas A Sebeok), Phonetics (Iris Kameny), Speech recognition (Clifford J Weinstein; Victor W Zue), Speech synthesis (W A Ainsworth), Orthography (B.Blesser), Concordance, Lexicography (Godelieve L M Berry Rogghe), Grammar (Charles N Li), Parsers (William H Paxton), Semantics (Ju D Apresjan), Discourse (Barbara G Deutsch), Comprehensive, (Donald E Walker), Expression (Neil M Golden), Information structures (Micheal E Senku), Inference (c Willam Skinner), Dialectology (Sheldon Klein; V Rozencvejg), Acquisition (Lerry R Harris), Instruction (Daniel N Kalikow), Documentation (Christine Schaab), Translation (E J Lehmann), Programming (Jacques Andre; Catherine Fuchs), Pictures Analysis (J M Tenenbaum; T D Garvey; S A Weyl; H C Wolf); Literature (J L Mitchell), Mathematics (Hubert Huther), Name Index

Editorial Review Experimental Procedure, Information Retrieval Course (Gerard Salton), Linguistics Summer School (Alex Auswaks), Indexing Seminar (E H Brenner), Document Access System Proposed, Current Bibliography, Membership Directory 1974, 2nd US-Japan Travel Package, Solar Bibliography

Simple Digital Speech Synthesis (William M Fisher; A Maynard Engebretson)

Personal Notes, COLING 76: Sixth International Conference on CL (Guy Rondeau), Letters: Yorick Wilks on LOGOS M T (Fondazione Dalle Molle), AWARDS AFIPS (Kenneth E Iversion; Norton M Astrahan), NSF Chapin New Program Officer For Linguistics (Paul G Chapin), ACM Forstythe Student paper competition, National Computer Conference 1976 Hamper Winkler (Carl Hammer; Stanley Winkler), AAAS Section T new name fellowship program (Joseph Becker), Ottawa Linguistics Documentation Centre (Thomas R Nofmann), MT and MAT list of system and centre (Herbert Bruderer), NFAIS officers for 1975 (Ben H Weil), Abstracting And Indexing World Inventory of Service (Gaye Hofsman; Toni Carbo Bearman), The ATEF and CETA sytem (J Chauche), Political Science Terminology (George j Graham Jr), COMPUTATIONAL Semantics Reports on the Tutorial At Villa (Suzanne Hannin; Gregers Koch; Georg Sondergaard), Formulae in Coherent Text (Felix Dreizin), AFIPS constituent Societies Purposes Membership Requirement Activities Publications Dues Addresses

Semantically Analyzing An English Subset (Robert F Simmons; Gordon Bennett Novak)

A Case History In Computer Exploraton Of fast Speech Rules (Douglas B Moran)

Contributions To The International Conference (A Ljudskanov)

Natural Language Processing, Current Bibliography

ACL Nominating Committee (William A Woods Jr; Robert Simmons; Robert Barnes), 13th Annual Meeting Abstracts Of Papers (Tim Diller; Jon Allen; Joyce Friedman; Bonnie Nash Webber; Chuck Rieger), ASIS Annual Meeting (Ruth Tighe), ACM Annual Conference, Solar Project Terminates APRA Support Ends (Dr Tim Diller), Energy Inofrmation Tools IIA NFAIS Workshop (Paul Zurkowski), MT Chinese Journals Offered on Subscription from Hong Kong (Shiu Chang Loh), Libraian of Congress ASIS telegram to President ford (Joshua I Smith), Bibliography on Semantics and Cognition at Castagnols (Fondazine Dalle Molle), Recent Publications (Roger C Schank; Neil M Goldman; Charles J Rieger III; Christopher k Riesbeck), Personal Notes

Autonote2 Network Mediated Natural Language (William E Linn Jr; Walter Reitman)

The Sqap Data Base for Natural Language Information (Jacob Palme)

Natural Language as a Special Case of Programming Languages (Geoffrey Sampson)

Junction Grammer as a Base for National Language Processing (Eldon G Lytel; Dennis Packard; Darl Gibb; Alan K Melby; Floyd H Billing Jr)

A Formal Psycholinguistics Model Of Sentence Comprehension (Peter Reimold)

Summaries Of Contributions To The First National Conference (A Ljudskanov)

ACL Officers 1976 (Stanley R Petrick), ACL Executive Committee Meeting (Joshi), ACL Financial Report (A Hood Roberts), Personal Notes, NSF Reorganization (Dr Edward Creutz), MT Latsec Shows in Zurich (Mr Herbert Bruderer), XII th International Congress of Linguistics (Wolfgang U Dressler), Acm Conference Employment Register (Orrin E Taulbee), Compcom 76 (Edward E David Jr; J Presper Eckert), Cybernetics And Systems Research (Schottengasse), Literary and Linguistics Computing (Mrs J M Smith), Charles S Peirce Society (Carolyn Eisele), Computer Applicaton to Learning, Historical Linguistics (William Christie), Short Annoucement and Reminders, ACLS Soviet Studies East European languages, Special Libraries Association Scholarships, Acknowledgement (Allen Klinger), Computer Generation of Sentences By Systemic Grammar (John Self), Interpretation And Intregation of sentences into A C-net (Th. R Hofmann)

Mitchell Reviewed By Edith J Hols and Dan Burrows (J L Mitchell), Speech Understanding Research Report SRI (Donald E Walker), Michigan Early Modern English Materials (Richard W Bailey; James W Downer; Jay L Robinson; Patricia v Lehman), Voice Response Papers At Compcom 75 (Donald A Biggar), NFAIS Reports and Charts, NYU LINGUISTICS STIRNG PROJECTS Bibliography, Multiple-Valued Logic Proceedings Tables of contents, Artificial Intelligence In Poland Bibliography 1972-1974, Current Bibliography (Januez Stanislaw Bien), AFIPS Press Catalog

A Case-Driven Parser For Natural Language (Brock H Taylor; Richard S Rosenberg)

Proceedings 13th Annual Meeting 1 Language Understanding Systems (Timothy C Diller)

Proceedings 13th Annual Meeting 2 Language Generation Systems (Timothy C Diller)

Proceedings 13th Annual Meeting 3 Parsing Syntax And Semantics (Timothy C Diller)

Proceedings 13th Annual Meeting 4 Modeling Discourse And World Knowledge I (Timothy C Diller)

Proceedings 13th Annual Meeting 5 Modeling Discourse And World Knowledge II (Timothy C Diller)

ACL President 1976 (Stanley R Petrick), Personal Notes, Semantics Georgetown Round Table , AAAS Program Excerpts Science And Expectations, New Application Deadline, Science And Government Ralston Speaks At NCC 76 (Dr Ralston), Architecture for NonNumeric Processing (Y W Su; G Jack Lipovski), ASIS President 1976 (Melvin S Day), Literary and Linguistics Computing Meeting Notes, Abstracting and Indexing Societes Conference, Instituto Per Gli Studi Semantic Congitivi, Petrarch translated by Computer (Suny Binghamton), Stenotype Computer Aided transciption (Micheal E LaBorde), Serials Librarianship DrexelLibrary Quarterly (Benita M Weber), A Computer Simultion of American Sign Language (Harry W Hoemann; Vicki A Florian; Shirley A Hoemann), Platon A new Programming Language For Natural (Makoto; Jun-Ichi Tsujii), ACL Membership Data, Editor's Report, Survey of Members Preliminary Report, IEEE Tutorials Computer Society

Verb Paradigms For Sentence Recognition (Marianne Celce Murica)

Artificial Intelligence And Language Processing A Directory Of Research Personal (Donald E Walker)

Natural Language Understanding Systems A Survey And Some Comparisons (Yorick Wilks)

Analysis Of Japanese Sentences (Maroto Nagao; JunIchi Tsujii)

Abstracts from the 1975 LSA Meeting (Aravind K Joshi), Current Bibliography, Proceedings 2nd US-Japan Computer Conference

Personal Notes (Jaine Carbonell; Collins), 1976 National Computer Conference (J Paul Lyet), NIMH Technical Help for Proposers Minority Programs (Richard Lopez), NSF Foreign Currency Program Egypt, India and Pakistan, Catastrophe Theory Thom At SIAM Meeting (Rene Thom), NATO, Advanced Study Institute (Joseph M Scandura), C.S. Pierce International Congress (Max H Fisch), New Journal Cognitive Science (Eugene Charniak; Allan Collins; Roger C Schank), NSF Rejected Proposals and Reconsideration, Conference Chronicle, 1976 Linguistics Institute Oswego New York, BAAL Seminar On Translation At Essex England (R R K Hartmann; W S Dodo), Indexing in Perspective seminar ar warsaw, NFAIS Officers 1976-77 (John E Crepa Jr), Experiments With A Powerful Parser (Martin Kay), AFIPS Washington Report (Anthony Ralston)

Computer Understanding Of Metaphorically Used Verbs (Sylvia Weber Russell)

Syntax In Automatics Speech Understanding (Madeleine Bates)

FBIS Seminar On Machine Translation (David G Hays; J Mathias)

A Survey Of Syntactic Analysis Procedures For Natural Language (Ralph Grishman)

Abstract Of The 1976 International Conference (Martin Kay)

CLAM A Computer Language Model (Nicholas J Dobree), RPF Federal Research And Development By Contact (Mr Mort grant), AFIPS Social Implicatons Committee (Herbert B Safford), NFAIS Structure And Purpose (Toni Carbo Bearman), Kurzweil Reading Machine, Translating Machine Developed (James Cary)

An Organization For A Dictionary (Dick H Frederickson), Current Bibliography (Dermot Ronan F Collis), Cashier du Groupe de travail Analyse et Experimntation (E Chouraqui Et J Virbel), Bibliography and Subject index Current Computing , Directory Of University Computing Science (John W Hamblem), Privacy Security and the Information Processing Industry (Dehl A Gerberick)

ACL 14th Annual Meeting Program And Abstracts, ACM Employment Register At Computer Science Conference (Orrin E Taulbee), NSF Adivisory Panel For Linguistics (William D Dingwall; Victoria Fromkin; Ives Goddard; Roger Shuy;Carlota Smith; Arnold Zwicky), Europeon Congress on Information Systems and Networks, New Journal Transaction On Data Dase Systems (David k Hsaid), Applied Linguistics 5 th International Congress (Jacques d Garard), AFIPS Officers And Honors (Theodore J Williams), ACM Officers 1976-1978 (Herbert R J Grosch), LATSEC Congressman Question Payment, The Future Of MT (Rudolph C Troike), MT Moscow International Seminar (I I Qubine), Book Review Essays on Lexical Semantics Vol I (V Ju Rozenvejg), AFIPS Washington Report, Zwei Bilde Fur Das Arbeitszimmer Eines Geologen (C Edgen Wegmann)

A Computational Treatment Of Coordinate Conjunctions (Carol Raze)

Computer Understanding Of Physics Problems Stated In Natural Language (Gordon S Novork Jr)

Multiple Environments Approach To Natural Language (Janusz Staniseaw Bien)

ACL New Officers for 1977 (Paul Chapin), Humanities 3rd International Conference (J S North), Linguistics and Literary Analysis 5th International (D E Ager), Computer Graphics and Interactive Techinque 4th Annual Conference (James E George), Undergraduate Curricula and Computing Conference (Gerald l Engel), Representation and Understanding (Daniel G Bobrow; Allan Collins), The Role Of Speech in Language (James F Kavanagh), Algebraic Parsing of Context-free Languages (Stephen F Weiss; Donald F Stanat), SNOPAR A Grammar Testing System (T P Kehler)

Processing Case (Yorick Wilks)

Phonological Rules For A Text To Speech Sytem (Sharon Hunnicutt)

Current Bibliography, Mathematical Models of Language (David B Benson), Description Grammaticale du parler de l'Ile-aux-cordres (David A Dinneen)

Editorial Board Three Years Terms Inaugrated, Eulogy Of A Ljudskanov (G Rondeazu), Letters Concerning Igor Mel'chuk (Donald F Welker), IFIP Congress 77 Invited Speakers etc, Compcom Spring 1977 Program Excerpts (Stephan W Miller), COLING 76 Invited Papers Published in SMIL, SMIL Journal Of Linguistics Calculus (New Policy), Research In Progress SSIE Search Service, Epigraphy Informatic Methods Papers Published, Linguistics And Philosophy (New Journal) (Robert Wall), Canadian Linguistics Institute, Patent Information and Documentation Symposium Munich, Lacus Forum (Micheal Paradis), IFIP on Selection and Aquicsition of Data Base Systems, National Computer Conference 1977 Major Speakers etc (Mark Shepherd Jr), Information Industry Association Conference, ASIS Officers for 1977 (Margeret T Fischer), Taxonomy of Computer Science, Meetings ACM , AFIPS Seminar for FCC on data Communications, Notice to AJCL contributors Short-Paper format, Review Dynamic information and Library Processing (Gerard Salton), Current Bibliography

Pitch Contour Generation In Speech Synthesis (Alan K Melby; William j Strong; Elddin G Lytle; Ronald Nillett)

Towards A Natural Language Question Answering Facilities (Bill D Maxwell; Francis D Tuggle)

Explanation Capabilities of Production Based Consultation Systems (A Carlisle Scott; William J Clancey; Randall Davis; Edward H Shortliffe)

Computation of a Subclass of Inferenes Presupposition and Entailment (Aravind K Joshi; Ralph Weischedel)

Report Of the ACL 1977 Annual Meeting Panel on Speech (Stanley R Patrick), Essays on Lexical Semantics Vol II (Ernst Von Glasersfeld), Constituent and Patytern in Poetry (Archibald A Hill), Current Bibliography

ACL Presidental Address 1977 (Paul G Chapin), Editor's Report 1976, Editorial Board Meeting March 17 1977, Minutes 15th Annual ACL Business Meeting (Donald E Walker), ACL Secretary-Treasurer's Report, Suggestions for Contributors, Researching Foundations By James Klevens (James Klevens), NSF Linguistics Programms Grant List, National Institute Of Education Grants and Proposals, National Endowment for the Humanities, NFAIS H W Koch President Elect (H William Koch), NFAIS Overlap Report, IFIP Recent Publicatons, UNESCO Spines Thesaurus, BBN Speech Understanding At SRI, AFCET Conference (E Chouraqui J Virbel), Fifth International Joint at Conference (Edward Fredkin), 5th International Congress of Applied Linguistics (Jacques D Gerard), IFIP Congress 1977, MEDIFO 1977, Canadian Linguistics Institute (Robert F Bell), Fourth Lacus Forum (Michel Paradis), International Seminar on QA and Data Base Systems (Pr J C Simon; Pr L Siklossy), Computer Music Conference, Conference Very Large Data Bases, International Computer Symposium, Pattern Recognition and Image processing Conference, AFIPS Washington Report, ACM Student Competition (J A N Lee)

COLING 78 Call for Papers (A Zompolli), Metaphor And Thought A Conference, Conference on Algorithms for Image and Scene Analysis (K S Fu; A S Rosefeld), Recent Conferences ICCH 3 IFIP Congress 77 , NFAIS Notes, Northwestern Merges EE and CS (Stephen S Yau), NHPRC Grant Information, ICCP Annouces Certificate In computer Programming, ACM Employment Register 1978, Marsha the Daughter Of Eliza (John K Cipolard; Nicholas V Findler), AFIPS Presidential Address 1976 NCC (Dr Anthony ralston), AFIPS Press Publicatons 1977-1978, AFIPS Washington Report (Pender M McCarter), Linguistics Institute 1978

A Goal Oriented Model of Human Dialogue (James A Moore; James A Lenin; William C Mann)

Aspects Of English Sentence Stress (Susan F Schmerling), Annual Review Of Information Science And Technology (Ralph Weischedel), Factors Influencing the Placement of english Adverbs in relation to Auxillaries (Ivar Tonisson), Fondazione Dalle Molle Bibliography 1977, New Journal Linguisticea Investigationes (John Benjamins B V), New Journal Studies in langauge (John Benjamins B V), Arts And Humanties Citation Index (Susan Deutch), Current Bibliography

ACL Officers 1978, AJCL Editorial Board (John L Benmnit; Wallace Chafe), ACL Annual Meeting 1978 (David L Waltz), ACL 78 Session Descriptions, TINLAP-2 Proceedings Supplement Canceled (Dr Donald E Walker ACL), ACL Membership List Individuals 1977, ACL United States Institutional Member 1977, ACL Foreign Institutional Members 1977, Vingt Cinq Annees de recherches en synthesis de la parole (Andre Malecot), Information * Politics Proceedings of the ASIS Annual Meeting Vol13 (Gerard Salton), Taxonomy of Computer Science (Anthony ralston), COLING 78 (A Zampolli), NCC 78, Improving Data Base Utility and response Conference (A Reiter), Upcoming Conferences, Natural Language and AI At Yale, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (T Pavlidis), 1978 Linguistics Institute, AFIPS Washington Report

Text Understanding A Survey (Robert Young)

Spatial Reference And Semantic Nets (Norman K Sondheimer)

Computational Semantics (Eugene Charniak), Introduction to Contemporary Linguistic Semantics (James D McCawley), Current Bibliography, BBN Publications on Intelligent CAI

What Some Semantic Theories Can't Do (Th R Hofmann), NL in Information Science (Donald E Walker; Hans Karlgren; Martin Kay), CAL in Science Education, New Journal Annuals Of the History of Computing (Bernard A Caller), New England Research Application Center, Linguafranca Document Search (LLBA), Demonstration Interactive Search of LLBA, NFAIS/ UNESCO Indexing Education Kit, Synmposium Computer Assisted Learning (J J Mathews), 1978 Linguistics Institute Conference And Symopsia, DATA Bases Usability and Responsiveness (Dr Allen Baiter), Conferences Internal Auditing (D Eugene Shaeffer), Conferences Breifly Noted (K preston Jr), NSF Awards in Computer Science for 1976, AJCL A Description, AJCL Page Format, AJCL Opaque Card format, AFIPS Washington Newsletter

Two Papers on Semantic Interpretation in Montague Grammar (Joyce Friedman; Douglas B Moran; David S Warren)

The Derivation of Answer From Logical forms in a Question Answering System (Fred J Damerau), One More Step Toward Computer Lexicometry (Nicholas V Finder; Shu-hwa lee; Richard Fritzon), Manifeston The Press At Twin Willows (David G Hays), Reviews of Micro Hardware and Software to be Published, Publishing AJCL (David G Hays), Conferences ASIS And HICSS, Linguistics Structures Processing Zampolli ed (Antonio Zampolli), Natural Language in Infromation Science (Donald E Walker; Hans Karlgren; Martin Kay), Description of AJCL, AFIPS Washington Report June 78

TINLAP-2 Program and Abstracts, Dictionary Society of North America Special Meeting (Dr Ladisslav Zgusts), NCC 79 Personal Computing Festival (Richard Kuzneck; Russell Adams; Jay P Lucas), 1979 National Computer Conference (Merlin G Smith; Richard E Merwin), Short Notice of Upcoming Conferences (Makato Nagao), Recognition Memory (Rem), Semionics Associates, Screensplitter, The Target Projects Interactive Computerized Multilingual Dictional (John Burga)

ACL Minutes Of the 16 Annual Business Meeting, ACL Secretary-Treasurer's Report, ACL Officers For 1979, ACL Officers 1963-1979, NSF Support for Computational Linguistics (Paul G Chapin), NEWS Short Notes, NEWS Arist Reprint Request (Martha E Williams), NEWS Summer Linguistics at Texas, Pm D Programmes in Computational Linguistics, Journal Computational Linguistics and Computer Languages (T Frey; T Vamos), Journal Discourse Processes (Roy d Freedle), Book Notices (Mel'cuk R Ravic), Yale AI Projects Research Reports Available, Summary of Research on Computational Aspects of Evolution Theories (Raymond D Guab), Taxonomy Information Sciences , Machine Aids to Translations a Concise State of the Art Bibliography (Wayne Zachary), Reviews On Human Communications Jo Ed (William L Benzon), Abhamgigkeitsgrammatik , Glancing Referring and Explaining in the Dialogue System (W Wahlster; A Jameson; W Hoeppner), A Critical Look at a formal Model for Stratificational Linguistics (Alexander T Borgida)

Languages Representation (David L Waltz)

Contexts Of Language (David L Waltz)

Inference And Theory (David L Waltz)

Computatuional Linguistics in the USSR July 1978 (Joyce Friedman), Association for Literary and Linguistics Computing Bulletin Vol 6 Num 2 1978, Association for Literary and Linguistics Computing Bulletin Vol 6 Num 3 1978, Properties of Lexical Relations (Martha W Evens; Raoul N Smith), Models Of the Semantic Structure Of Dictonaries (Kenneth C Litkowski), AFIPS Washington Report February 1979, AFIPS Washington Report March 1979, AFIPS Washington Report April 1979

A Model For Knowledge And Its Application To Discourse Analysis (Brian Phillips)

A Lexicon For A Computer Question Answering System (Martha M Evens; Radul N Smith)