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Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 1, March 1991
Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 2, June 1991
Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 3, September 1991
ComputationaI Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 4, December 1991

Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 1, March 1991

J91-1000: Front Matter

J91-1001: John S. Justeson; Slava M. Katz
Co-occurrences of Antonymous Adjectives and Their Contexts

J91-1002: Jane Morris; Graeme Hirst
Lexical Cohesion Computed by Thesaural Relations as an Indicator of the Structure of Text

J91-1003: Dan Fass
met*: A Method for Discriminating Metonymy and Metaphor by Computer

J91-1004: Peter Norvig
Technical Correspondence Techniques for Automatic Memoization with Applications to Context-Free Parsing

J91-1005: Kenneth Ward Church
Book Reviews: Theory and Practice in Corpus Linguistics

J91-1006: Norman Fraser
Book Reviews: Functional Grammar and the Computer

J91-1007: Dan Fass
A Computational Model of Metaphor Interpretation

J91-1008: Carol Van Ess-Dykema
Practical SGML

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Author Index: Volumes 6-16

Title Index: Volumes 6-16


Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 2, June 1991

J91-2000: Front Matter

J91-2001: Mark Johnson
Features and Formulae

J91-2002: Paola Velardi; Michela Fasolo; Maria Teresa Pazienzat
How to Encode Semantic Knowledge: A Method for Meaning Representation and Computer-Aided Acquisition

J91-2003: Wlodek Zadrozny; Karen Jensen
Semantics of Paragraphs

J91-2004: Graeme Hirst
Review Article: Does Conversation Analysis Have a Role in Computational Linguistics

J91-2005: Richard Sproat
Book Reviews: PC-KIMMO: A Two-Level Processor for Morphological Analysis

J91-2006: Alice ter Meulen
Formal Semantics and Pragmatics for Natural Language Querying

J91-2007: Allan Ramsay
Intentions in Communication

J91-2008: Geoffrey K. Pullum
Antilinguistics: A Critical Assessment of Modern Linguistic Theory and Practice

J91-2009: Brian M. Slator
Semantic Processing for Finite Domains

J91-2010: Miroslaw Banko
Analogical Modeling of Language

Briefly Noted

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Computational Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 3, September 1991

J91-3000: Front Matter

J91-3001: Tony Vitale
An Algorithm for High Accuracy Name Pronunciation by Parametric Speech Synthesizer

J91-3002: Daniel Radzinski
Chinese Number-Names, Tree Adjoining Languages, and Mild Context-Sensitivity

J91-3003: Bob Carpenter
The Generative Power of Categorial Grammars and Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammars with Lexical Rules

J91-3004: Frederick Jelinek; John D. Lafferty
Computation of the Probability of Initial Substring Generation by Stochastic Context-Free Grammars

J91-3005: Peter F. Brown; Stephen A. Della Pietra; Fredrick Jelinek; Robert L. Mercer; John Cocke; Vincent J. Della Pietra; John D. Lafferty; Paul S. Roossin
Erratum to: A Statistical Approach to Machine Translation

J91-3006: Randall J. Calistri-Yeh
Book Reviews: Plan Recognition in Natural Language

J91-3007: Ingrid Zukerman
Current Research in Natural Language Generation

J91-3008: Robert C. Berwick
A Computational Model of First Language Acquisition

J91-3009: Mary Dalrymple
As Time Goes By: Tense and Universal Grammar

J91-3010: Martin Volk
The Logical Structure of English: Computing Semantic Content

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ComputationaI Linguistics, Volume 17, Number 4, December 1991

J91-4000: Front Matter

J91-4001: Lin-Shan Lee; Long-Ji Lin; K.-J. Chen; Lee-Feng Chien; James Huang
An Efficient Natural Language Processing System Specially Designed for the Chinese Language

J91-4002: Chris Brew
Systemic Classification and its Efficiency

J91-4003: James Pustejovsky
The Generative Lexicon

J91-4004: Laura Proctor
Book Reviews: Computer Processing of Natural Language

J91-4005: Robert Dale
Book Reviews: Natural Language Generation in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics

J91-4006: Robert J. Kuhns
Book Reviews: Current Issues in Parsing Technology

J91-4007: Ian Lancashire
Book Reviews: Linguistic Exploitation of Syntactic Databases: The Use of the Nijmegen Linguistic DataBase Program

Books Received