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Computational Linguistics, Volume 19, Number 1, March 1993, Special Issue on Using Large Corpora: I
Computational Linguistics, Volume 19, Number 2, June 1993, Special Issue on Using Large Corpora: II
Computational Linguistics, Volume 19, Number 3, September 1993
Computational Linguistics, Volume 19, Number 4, December 1993

Computational Linguistics, Volume 19, Number 1, March 1993, Special Issue on Using Large Corpora: I

J93-1000: Front Matter

J93-1001: Kenneth W. Church; Robert L. Mercer
Introduction to the Special Issue on Computational Linguistics Using Large Corpora

J93-1002: Ted Briscoe; John Carroll
Generalized Probabilistic LR Parsing of Natural Language (Corpora) with Unification-Based Grammars

J93-1003: Ted Dunning
Accurate Methods for the Statistics of Surprise and Coincidence

J93-1004: William A. Gale; Kenneth W. Church
A Program for Aligning Sentences in Bilingual Corpora

J93-1005: Donald Hindle; Mats Rooth
Structural Ambiguity and Lexical Relations

J93-1006: Martin Kay; Martin Roscheisen
Text-Translation Alignment

J93-1007: Frank Smadja
Retrieving Collocations from Text: Xtract

J93-1008: Stuart M. Shieber
The Problem of Logical-Form Equivalence

J93-1009: David D. McDonald
Issues in the Choice of a Source for Natural Language Generation

J93-1010: Deborah A. Dahl
Book Reviews: The Core Language Engine

J93-1011: Terry Patten
Book Reviews: Text Generation and Systemic-Functional Linguistics: Experiences from English and Japanese

J93-1012: Stephanie W. Haas
Book Reviews:Text-Based Intelligent Systems: Current Research and Practice in Information Extraction and Retrieval

J93-1013: Steven Lytinen
Book Reviews: Machine Translation: A Knowledge-Based Approach

J93-1014: Ted Briscoe
Book Reviews: Corpus Linguistics and the Automatic Analysis of English

J93-1015: Victor Sadler
Book Reviews: Lexical Acquisition: Exploiting On-Line Resources to Build a Lexicon

Briefly Noted


Computational Linguistics, Volume 19, Number 2, June 1993, Special Issue on Using Large Corpora: II

J93-2000: Front Matter

J93-2001: Douglas Biber
Using Register-Diversified Corpora for General Language Studies

J93-2002: Michael R. Brent
From Grammar to Lexicon: Unsupervised Learning of Lexical Syntax

J93-2003: Peter E. Brown; Stephen A. Della Pietra; Vincent J. Della Pietra; Robert L. Mercer
The Mathematics of Statistical Machine Translation: Parameter Estimation

J93-2004: Mitchell P. Marcus; Beatrice Santorini; Mary Ann Marcinkiewicz
Building a Large Annotated Corpus of English: The Penn Treebank

J93-2005: James Pustejovsky; Sabine Bergler; Peter Anick
Lexical Semantic Techniques for Corpus Analysis

J93-2006: Ralph Weischedel; Marie Meteer; Richard Schwartz; Lance Ramshaw; Jeff Palmucci
Coping with Ambiguity and Unknown Words through Probabilistic Models

J93-2007: Guðrun Magnúsdóttir
Book Reviews: An Introduction to Machine Translation

J93-2008: Amichai Kronfeld
Book Reviews: Meaning and Speech Acts Volume I: Principles of Language Use Volume II: Formal Semantics of Success and Satisfaction

J93-2009: Gerry Altmann
Book Reviews: Grammatical Competence and Parsing Performance

J93-2010: Geoffrey K. Pullum
Book Reviews: Principle-Based Parsing: Computation and Psycholinguistics

J93-2011: John S. White
Book Reviews: Questions and Information Systems

Books Received

J93-2013: Julia Johnson
Letters to the Editor


Computational Linguistics, Volume 19, Number 3, September 1993

J93-3000: Front Matter

J93-3001: Nancy Chinchor; Lynette Hirschman; David D. Lewis
Evaluating Message Understanding Systems: An Analysis of the Third Message Understanding Conference (MUC-3)

J93-3002: Chrysanne DiMarco; Graeme Hirst
A Computational Theory of Goal-Directed Style in Syntax

J93-3003: Julia Hirschberg; Diane Litman
Empirical Studies on the Disambiguation of Cue Phrases

J93-3004: Douglas Biber
Squibs and Discussions: Co-occurrence Patterns among Collocations: A Tool for Corpus-Based Lexical Knowledge Acquisition

J93-3005: John Bateman
Book Reviews: Ontologie und Axiomatik der Wissensbasis von LILOG

J93-3006: Fernando Pereira
Book Reviews: The Logic of Typed Feature Structures

J93-3007: Eileen C. Way
Metaphor and Cognition: An Interactionist Approach

J93-3008: James Henderson
Connectionist Approaches to Natural Language Processing

J93-3009: Veronica Dahl
Constraint-Based Grammar Formalisms: Parsing and Type Inference for Natural and Computer Languages

Briefly Noted

Books Received


Computational Linguistics, Volume 19, Number 4, December 1993

J93-4000: Front Matter

J93-4001: John T. Maxwell; Ronald M. Kaplan
The Interface between Phrasal and Functional Constraints

J93-4002: K. Vijay-Shanker; David J. Weir
Parsing Some Constrained Grammar Formalisms

J93-4003: Andrew R. Haas
Indexical Expressions in the Scope of Attitude Verbs

J93-4004: Johanna D. Moore; Cecile L. Paris
Planning Text for Advisory Dialogues: Capturing Intentional and Rhetorical Information

J93-4005: Patrick Saint-Dizier
Book Reviews: Functional Grammar in Prolog: An Integrated Implementation for English, French, and Dutch

J93-4006: Paul S. Jacobs
Book Reviews: Natural Language Processing: The PLNLP Approach

Briefly Noted

Books Received

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