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Computational Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 1, March 1995
Computational Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 2, June 1995
Computational Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 3, September 1995
Computational Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 4, December 1995

Computational Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 1, March 1995

J95-1000: Front Matter

J95-1001: John S. Justeson; Slava M. Katz
Principled Disambiguation: Discriminating Adjective Senses with Modified Nouns

J95-1002: Keith Vander Linden; James H. Martin
Expressing Rhetorical Relations in Instructional Text: A Case Study of the Purpose Relation

J95-1003: Carla Huls; Wim Claassen; Edwin Bos
Automatic Referent Resolution of Deictic and Anaphoric Expressions

J95-1004: Eva Hajicova; Petr Sgall; Hana Skoumalova
An Automatic Procedure for Topic-Focus Identification

J95-1005: Friedrich Steimanno ; Christoph Brzoska
Squibs and Discussions: Dependency Unification Grammar for PROLOG

J95-1006: David M. Magerman
Book Reviews: Statistical Language Learning

J95-1007: Yves Schabes
Book Reviews: The Functional Treatment of Parsing

J95-1008: George P. Landow
Book Reviews: The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology, and the Arts

J95-1009: Eduard Hovy
Book Reviews: Challenges in Natural Language Processing

J95-1010: Alexis Manaster Ramer
Book Reviews: The Language Complexity Game

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Computational Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 2, June 1995

J95-2000: Front Matter

J95-2001: Evangelos Dermataso; George Kokkinakis
Automatic Stochastic Tagging of Natural Language Texts

J95-2002: Andreas Stolcke
An Efficient Probabilistic Context-Free Parsing Algorithm that Computes Prefix Probabilities

J95-2003: Barbara J. Grosz; Scott Weinstein; Aravind K. Joshi
Centering: A Framework for Modeling the Local Coherence of Discourse

J95-2004: Emmanuel Rocheo; Yves Schabes
Deterministic Part-of-Speech Tagging with Finite-State Transducers

J95-2005: Bonnie J. Dorr; Jye-hoon Lee; Dekang Lin; Sungki Suh
Squibs and Discussions: Efficient Parsing for Korean and English: A Parameterized Message-Passing Approach

J95-2006: Varol Akman
Book Reviews: From Discourse to Logic: Introduction to Modeltheoretic Semantics of Natural Language, Formal Logic and Discourse Representation Theory

J95-2007: S. G. Pulman
Book Reviews: Reversible Grammar in Natural Language Processing

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J95-2010: Megumi Kameyama
Letter to the Editor


Computational Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 3, September 1995

J95-3000: Front Matter

J95-3001: Ronnie W. Smith; Alan W. Biermann; D. Richard Hipp
An Architecture for Voice Dialog Systems Based on Prolog-Style Theorem Proving

J95-3002: Tung-Hui Chiang; Keh-Yih Su; Yi-Chung Lin
Robust Learning, Smoothing, and Parameter Tying on Syntactic Ambiguity Resolution

J95-3003: Peter A. Heeman; Graeme Hirst
Collaborating on Referring Expressions

J95-3004: Moshe Levinger; Alon Itai; Uzzi Ornan
Learning Morpho-Lexical Probabilities from an Untagged Corpus with an Application to Hebrew

J95-3005: Mark Johnson
Squibs and Discussions: Memoization in Top-Down Parsing

J95-3006: Brendan S. Gillon
Book Reviews: Natural Language Processing: A Paninian Perspective

J95-3007: Alison Cawsey
Book Reviews: Participating in Explanatory Dialogues: Interpreting and Responding to Questions in Context

J95-3008: Alice Davison
Book Reviews: Semantique pour l'analyse de la linguistique a linformatique

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Computational Linguistics, Volume 21, Number 4, December 1995

J95-4000: Front Matter

J95-4001: Susan W. McRoy; Graeme Hirst
The Repair of Speech Act Misunderstandings by Abductive Inference

J95-4002: Yves Schabes; Richard C. Waters
Tree Insertion Grammar: A Cubic-Time, Parsable Formalism that Lexicalizes Context-Free Grammar without Changing the Trees Produced

J95-4003: Paola Merlo
Modularity and Information Content Classes in Principle-based Parsing

J95-4004: Eric Brill
Transformation-Based-Error-Driven Learning and Natural Language Processing: A Case Study in Part-of-Speech Tagging

J95-4005: Andrew Cohen
Developing a Nonsymbolic Phonetic Notation for Speech Synthesis

J95-4006: Susanne Heizmann
Book Reviews: Machine translation: An introductory guide

J95-4007: Keith Oatley
Book Reviews: The creative process: A computer model of storytelling and creativity

J95-4008: Bonnie ]. Dorr
Book Reviews: Compositional translation

J95-4009: Nigel Ward
Book Reviews: Speech-to-speech translation: A massively parallel memory-based approach

J95-4010: Paul Deane
Book Reviews: Computational lexical semantics

J95-4011: Deirdre Wheeler; Bob Carpenter
Computational phonology: A constraint-based approach

Briefly Noted

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