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Computational Lingustics, Volume 23, Number 1, March 1997
Computational Linguistics, Volume 23, Number 2, June 1997
Computational Linguistics, Volume 23, Number 3, September 1997
Computational Linguistics, Volume 23, Number 4, December 1997

Computational Lingustics, Volume 23, Number 1, March 1997

J97-1000: Front Matter

J97-1001: Marilyn A. Walker; Johanna D. Moore
Empirical Studies in Discourse

J97-1002: Jean Carletta; Stephen Isard; Anne H. Anderson; Gwyneth Doherty-Sneddon; Amy Isard; Jacqueline C. Kowtko
The Reliability of a Dialogue Structure Coding Scheme

J97-1003: Marti A. Hearst
TextTiling: Segmenting Text into Multi-paragraph Subtopic Passages

J97-1004: James C. Lester; Bruce W. Porter
Developing and Empirically Evaluating Robust Explanation Generators: The KNIGHT Experiments

J97-1005: Rebecca J. Passonneau; Diane J. Litman
Discourse Segmentation by Human and Automated Means

J97-1006: Ronnie W. Smith; Steven A. Gordon
Effects of Variable Initiative on Linguistic Behavior in Human-Computer Spoken Natural Language Dialogue

J97-1007: Ching-Long Yeh; Chris Mellish
An Empirical Study on the Generation of Anaphora in Chinese

J97-1008: Brian Ulicny
Book Review: Corpus Processing for Lexical Acquisition


Computational Linguistics, Volume 23, Number 2, June 1997

J97-2000: Front Matter

J97-2001: Michael Elhadad; Jacques Robin; Kathleen McKeown
Floating Constraints in Lexical Choice

J97-2002: David D. Palmer; Marti A. Hearst
Adaptive Multilingual Sentence Boundary Disambiguation

J97-2003: Mehryar Mohri
Finite-State Transducers in Language and Speech Processing

J97-2004: Sue J. Ker; Jason S. Chang
A Class-based Approach to Word Alignment

J97-2005: Probal Sengupta; B. B. Chaudhuri
Squibs and Discussions: A Delayed Syntactic-Encoding-based LFG Parsing Strategy for an Indian Language-Bangla

J97-2006: Michael Stubbs
Book Review: Dimensions of Register Variation: A Cross-Linguistic Comparison

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Computational Linguistics, Volume 23, Number 3, September 1997

J97-3000: Front Matter

J97-3001: Theodora I. Noussia
A Rule-based Hyphenator for Modern Greek

J97-3002: Dekai Wu
Stochastic Inversion Transduction Grammars and Bilingual Parsing of Parallel Corpora

J97-3003: Andrei Mikheev
Automatic Rule Induction for Unknown-Word Guessing

J97-3004: Gertjan van Noord
An Efficient Implementation of the Head-Corner Parser

J97-3005: Andrew Kehler; Stuart Shiebert
Squibs and Discussions: Anaphoric Dependencies in Ellipsis

J97-3006: Andrew Kehler
Current Theories of Centering for Pronoun Interpretation: A Critical Evaluation

J97-3007: Peter J. Ludlow
Book Reviews: Semantic Ambiguity and Underspecification

J97-3008: Whitney Tabor
Book Reviews: The Human Semantic Potential: Spatial Language and Constrained Connectionism

J97-3009: Edward Finegan
Book Reviews: Text and Corpus Analysis: Computer-Assisted Studies of Language and Culture

Briefly Noted

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Correction to Figure 22, Mehryar Mohri, "Finite-State Transducers in Language and Speech Processing"


Computational Linguistics, Volume 23, Number 4, December 1997

J97-4000: Front Matter

J97-4001: Michel Divay; Anthony J. Vitale
Algorithms for Grapheme-Phoneme Translation for English and French: Applications for Database Searches and Speech Synthesis

J97-4002: Daniel Hardt
An Empirical Approach to VP Ellipsis

J97-4003: W. Detmar Meurers; Guido Minnen
A Computational Treatment of Lexical Rules in HPSG as Covariation in Lexical Entries

J97-4004: Jin Guo
Critical Tokenization and its Properties

J97-4005: Steven P. Abney
Stochastic Attribute-Value Grammars

J97-4006: Takenobu Tokunaga
Book Reviews: The Balancing Act: Combining Symbolic and Statistical Approaches to Language

J97-4007: John Carroll
Book Reviews: Industrial Parsing of Software Manuals

J97-4008: Marilyn A. Walker
Book Reviews: Using Language

J97-4009: Fernando Pereira
Book Reviews: Type Logical Grammar: Categorial Logic of Signs Glyn V. Morrill (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)

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