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Computational Linguistics Special-Issue-on-Word Sense Disambiguation
Computational Linguistics, Volume 24, Number 2, June 1998
Computational-Linguistics, Volume 24, Number 3, September 1998
Computational Linguistics, Volume 24, Number 4, December 1998

Computational Linguistics Special-Issue-on-Word Sense Disambiguation

J98-1000: Front Matter

J98-1001: Nancy Ide; Jean Veronis
Introduction to the Special Issue on Word Sense Disambiguation: The State of the Art

J98-1002: Yael Karov; Shimon Edelman
Similarity-based Word Sense Disambiguation

J98-1003: Jen Nan Chen; Jason S. Chang
Topical Clustering of MRD Senses Based on Information Retrieval Techniques

J98-1004: Hinrich Schutze
Automatic Word Sense Discrimination

J98-1005: Geoffrey Towel; Ellen M. Voorheest
Disambiguating Highly Ambiguous Words

J98-1006: Claudia Leacock; George A. Miller; Martin Chodorow
Using Corpus Statistics and WordNet Relations for Sense Identification

J98-1007: Giorgio Satta
Book Reviews: Parsing with Principles and Classes of Information

J98-1008: Geoffrey Sampson
Book Reviews: From Grammar to Science: New Foundations for General Linguistics

J98-1009: Norman Creaney
Book Reviews: Surface Structure and Interpretation

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Computational Linguistics, Volume 24, Number 2, June 1998

J98-2000: Front Matter

J98-2001: Massimo Poesio; Renata Vieira
A Corpus-based Investigation of Definite Description Use

J98-2002: Hang Li; Naoki Abe
Generalizing Case Frames Using a Thesaurus and the MDL Principle

J98-2003: Solomon Marcus; Gheorghe Paun; Carlos Martin-Vide
Contextual Grammars as Generative Models of Natural Languages

J98-2004: Sharon A. Caraballo; Eugene Charniak
New Figures of Merit for Best-First Probabilistic Chart Parsing

J98-2005: Zhiyi Chi; Stuart Geman
Squibs and Discussions: Estimation of Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars

J98-2006: Robert Frank; Giorgio Satta
Optimality Theory and the Generative Complexity of Constraint Violability

J98-2007: Rebecca Bruce
Book Reviews: Corpus-Based Methods in Language and Speech Processing

J98-2008: Nancy Ide
Book Reviews: Text Databases: One Database Model and Several Retrieval Languages

J98-2009: Eileen Fitzpatrick
Book Reviews: An Introduction to Text-to-Speech Synthesis

J98-2010: Lee Honeycutt
Book Reviews: Linguistic Concepts and Methods in CSCW

J98-2011: Andrew Kehter
Book Reviews: Computational and Conversational Discourse: Burning Issues-An Interdisciplinary Account

J98-2012: John M. Kirk
Book Reviews: Corpus Linguistics

J98-2013: Sharon M. Walter
Book Reviews: Evaluating Natural Language Processing Systems: An Analysis and Review

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Computational-Linguistics, Volume 24, Number 3, September 1998

J98-3000: Front Matter

J98-3001: Robert Dale; Barbara Di Eugenio; Donia Scott
Introduction to the Special Issue on Natural Language Generation

J98-3002: Jennifer Chu-Carroll; Sandra Carberry
Collaborative Response Generation in Planning Dialogues

J98-3003: Manfred Stede
A Generative Perspective on Verb Alternations

J98-3004: Vibhu O. Mitta; Giuseppe Carenini; Johanna D. Moore; Steven Roth
Describing Complex Charts in Natural Language: A Caption Generation System

J98-3005: Dragomir R. Radev; Kathleen R. McKeown
Generating Natural Language Summaries from Multiple On-Line Sources

J98-3006: Jon Oberlander
Squibs and Discussions: Do the Right Thing...but Expect the Unexpected

J98-3007: Briony Williams
Book Review: Progress in Speech Synthesis

J98-3008: Jan P. H. van Santen
Book Review: Handbook of Standards and Resources for Spoken Language Systems

J98-3009: Frank Van Eynde
Book Review: Machine Translation and Translation Theory

J98-3010: Rosemary Luckin
Book Review: Vygotsky and Cognitive Science: Language and the Unification of the Social and Computational Mind


Computational Linguistics, Volume 24, Number 4, December 1998

J98-4000: Front Matter

J98-4001: Karen E. Lochbaum
A Collaborative Planning Model of Intentional Structure

J98-4002: Atsushi Fujii; Takenobu Tokunaga; Kentaro Inui; Hozumi Tanaka
Selective Sampling for Example-based Word Sense Disambiguation

J98-4003: Kevin Knight; Jonathan Graehl
Machine Transliteration

J98-4004: Mark Johnson
PCFG Models of Linguistic Tree Representations

J98-4005: Victor H. Yngve
Letter to the Editor: Clues from the Depth Hypothesis: A Reply to Geoffrey Sampson's Review

J98-4006: Mario Jose Caccamo; Tomasz Kowaltowski
Book Reviews: Finite-State Language Processing

J98-4007: Alice G. B. ter Meulen
Book Reviews: Anaphores temporelles et (in-)coherence

J98-4008: John F. Sowa
Book Reviews: Language at Work: Analyzing Communication Breakdown in the Workplace to Inform Systems Design

J98-4009: Suzanne Stevenson
Book Reviews: The Architecture of the Language Faculty

J98-4010: Douglas O'Shaughnessy
Multilingual Text-to-Speech Synthesis: The Bell Labs Approach

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