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Computational Linguisitics, Volume25, number l, March 1999
Computational Linguistics, Volume 25, Number 2, June 1999
Computational Linguistics, Volume 25, Number 3, September 1999
Computational Linguistics, Volume 25, Number 4, December 1999

Computational Linguisitics, Volume25, number l, March 1999

J99-1000: Front Matter

J99-1001: Sandra Carberry; Lynn Lambert
A Process Model for Recognizing Communicative Acts and Modeling Negotiation Subdialogues

J99-1002: Alex Lascarides; Ann Copestake
Default Representation in Constraint-based Frameworks

J99-1003: I. Dan Melamed
Bitext Maps and Alignment via Pattern Recognition

J99-1004: Zhiyi Chi
Statistical Properties of Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars

J99-1005: Varol Akman
Book Reviews: Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology

J99-1006: Douglas Biber
Book Reviews: Exploring Textual Data

J99-1007: Jorg Tiedemann
Book Reviews: Linguistic Databases

Briefly Noted



Computational Linguistics, Volume 25, Number 2, June 1999

J99-2000: Front Matter

J99-2001: Linda Z. Suri; Jonathan D. DeCristofaro; Kathleen F. McCoy
A Methodology for Extending Focusing Frameworks

J99-2002: Rebecca F. Bruce; Janyce M. Wiebe
Decomposable Modeling in Natural Language Processing

J99-2003: V. Michele Abrusci; Jacqueline Vauzeilles; Christophe Fouquere
Tree Adjoining Grammars in a Fragment of the Lambek Calculus

J99-2004: Srinivas Bangalore; Aravind K. Joshi
Supertagging: An Approach to Almost Parsing

J99-2005: Harold L. Somers
Squibs and Discussions: Aligning Phonetic Segments for Children's Articulation Assessment

J99-2006: Jurgen Wedekind
Semantic-driven Generation with LFG- and PATR-style Grammars

J99-2007: Hang Li; Naoki Abe
Learning Dependencies between Case Frame Slots

J99-2008: Dekang Lin
Book Reviews: WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database

J99-2009: Eric Neufeld
Book Reviews: Statistical Methods for Speech Recognition

J99-2010: Vincent B.Y. Ooi
Book Reviews: An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics

J99-2011: Greg Lessard
Book Reviews: Learner English on Computer

Briefly Noted

Publications Received


Computational Linguistics, Volume 25, Number 3, September 1999

J99-3000: Front Matter

J99-3001: Michael Strube; Udo Hahn
Functional Centering Grounding Referential Coherence in Information Structure

J99-3002: Mark-Jan Nederhof
The Computational Complexity of the Correct-Prefix Property for TAGs

J99-3003: Jennifer Chu-Carroll; Bob Carpenter
Vector-based Natural Language Call Routing

J99-3004: Nancy Green; Sandra Carberry
Interpreting and Generating Indirect Answers

J99-3005: Hinrich Schutze
Book Reviews: Ambiguity Resolution in Language Learning: Computational and Cognitive Models

J99-3006: Michael Collins
Book Reviews: Beyond Grammar: An Experience-based Theory of Language

J99-3007: Stephen Pulman
Book Reviews: Type-Logical Semantics

J99-3008: Christine Thielen
Book Reviews: Turning a Bilingual Dictionary into a Lexical-Semantic Database

J99-3009: Stephane Ferrari
Book Reviews: Processing Metonymy and Metaphor

Briefly Noted

J99-3011: Geoffrey Sampson
Letter to the Editor: Grammatical Depth: A Rejoinder


Computational Linguistics, Volume 25, Number 4, December 1999

J99-4000: Front Matter

J99-4001: Graeme Ritchie
Completeness Conditions for Mixed Strategy Bidirectional Parsing

J99-4002: Ted Briscoe; Ann Copestake
Lexical Rules in Constraint-based Grammars

J99-4003: Peter A. Heeman; James F. Allen
Speech Repairs, Intonational Phrases, and Discourse Markers: Modeling Speakers' Utterances in Spoken Dialogue

J99-4004: Joshua Goodman
Semiring Parsing

J99-4005: Kevin Knight
Squibs and Discussions: Decoding Complexity in Word-Replacement Translation Models

J99-4006: Barbara J. Grosz; Peter C. Gordon
Conceptions of Limited Attention and Discourse Focus

J99-4007: Ruslan Mitkov
Book Reviews: Centering Theory in Discourse

J99-4008: Graeme Hirst
Book Reviews: EuroWordNet: A Multilingual Database with Lexical Semantic Networks

J99-4009: John F. Sowa
Book Reviews: Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought

Briefly Noted

Publications Received

J99-4012: Ronald A. Cole
Letter to the Editor: Language Technology for Beginners

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