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Seventh Message Understanding Conference (MUC-7): Proceedings of a Conference Held in Fairfax, Virginia, April 29 - May 1, 1998

M98-1000: Front Matter

M98-1001: N. Chinchor
Overview of MUC-7

M98-1002: E. Marsh; D. Perzanowski
MUC-7 Evaluation of IE Technology: Overview of Results

M98-1003: A. Bagga
Analyzing the Complexity of a Domain with Respect to an Information Extraction Task

M98-1004: J. Fukumoto; F. Masui; M. Shimcheta; M. Saski
Description of the Oki System as Used for MUC-7

M98-1005: R. Garigliano; A. Urbanowicz; D. J. Nettleton
University of Durham: Description of the LOLITA system as Used in MUC-7

M98-1006: D. Lin
Using Collocation Statistics in Information Extraction

M98-1007: K. Humphreys; R. Gaizauskas; S. Azzam; C. Huyck; B. Mitchell; H. Cunningham; Y. Wilks
University of Sheffield: Description of the LaSIE-II System as Used for MUC-7

M98-1008: C. Huyck
American University in Cairo: Description of the American University in Cairo's System Used for MUC-7

M98-1009: S. Miller; M. Crystal; H. Fox; L. Ramshaw; R. Schwartz; R. Stone; R. Weischedel; the Annotation Group
BBN: Description of the SIFT System as Used for MUC-7

M98-1010: D. Brady; L. Childs; D. Cassel; B. Magee; N. Heintzelman; C. Weir
Description of Lockheed Martin's NLToolset as Applied to MUC-7 (AATM7)

M98-1011: R. Yangarber; R. Grishman
NYU: Description of the Proteus/PET System as Used for MUC-7 ST

M98-1012: C. Aone; L. Halverson; T. Hampton; M. Ramos-Santacruz
SRA: Description of the IE2 System Used for MUC-7

M98-1013: T. Patten; B. Hoffman; M. Thurn
TASC: Description of the TASC System Used for MUC-7

M98-1014: W.J. Black; F. Rinaldi; D. Mowatt
FACILE: Description of the NE System Used for MUC-7

M98-1015: G. R. Krupka; K. Hausman
IsoQuest Inc.: Description of the NetOwlTM Extractor System as Used for MUC-7

M98-1016: Shihong Yu; Shuanhu Bai; Paul Wu
Description of the Kent Ridge Digital Labs System Used for MUC-7

M98-1017: H.-H. Chen; Y.-W. Ding; S.-C. Tsai; G.-W. Bian
Description of the NTU System used for MET-2

M98-1018: A. Borthwick; J. Sterling; E. Agichtein; R. Grishman
NYU: Description of the MENE Named Entity System as Used in MUC-7

M98-1019: S. Sekine
Description of the Japanese NE System Used for MET-2

M98-1020: J. Fukumoto; M. Shimohata; F. Masui; M. Saski
Description of the Oki System as Used for MET-2

M98-1021: A. Mikheev; C. Grover; M. Moens
Description of the LTG System Used for MUC-7

M98-1022: B. Baldwin; T. Morton; A. Bagga; J. Baldridge; R. Chandraseker; A. Dimitriadis; K. Snyder; M. Wolska
Description of the UPENN CAMP System as Used for Coreference

Appendix A: Walk-Through Articles with Answer Keys

M98-1024: N. Chinchor
Appendix B: MUC-7 Test Scores Introduction

Appendix C: MUC-7 Statistical Significance Results

Appendix D: MUC-7 Test Score Reports for all Participants

M98-1027: N. Chinchor; E. Marsh
Appendix D: MUC-7 Information Extraction Task Definition (version 5.1)

M98-1028: N. Chinchor; P. Robinson
Appendix E: MUC-7 Named Entity Task Definition (version 3.5)

M98-1029: L. Hirschman; N. Chinchor
Appendix F: MUC-7 Coreference Task Definition (version 3.0)

M98-1030: A. Douthat
Appendix G: The Message Understanding Conference Scoring Software User's Manual

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