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Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Main Conference
Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Companion Volume: Short Papers
Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Companion Volume: Doctoral Consortium
Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Companion Volume: Demonstrations
Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Companion Volume: Tutorial Abstracts

Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Main Conference

N06-1 [bib]: Entire volume

N06-1000: Front Matter

N06-1001 [bib]: Wei Wang; Kevin Knight; Daniel Marcu
Capitalizing Machine Translation

N06-1002 [bib]: Chris Quirk; Arul Menezes
Do we need phrases? Challenging the conventional wisdom in Statistical Machine Translation

N06-1003 [bib]: Chris Callison-Burch; Philipp Koehn; Miles Osborne
Improved Statistical Machine Translation Using Paraphrases

N06-1004 [bib]: Roland Kuhn; Denis Yuen; Michel Simard; Patrick Paul; George Foster; Eric Joanis; Howard Johnson
Segment Choice Models: Feature-Rich Models for Global Distortion in Statistical Machine Translation

N06-1005 [bib]: Rion Snow; Lucy Vanderwende; Arul Menezes
Effectively Using Syntax for Recognizing False Entailment

N06-1006 [bib]: Bill MacCartney; Trond Grenager; Marie-Catherine de Marneffe; Daniel Cer; Christopher D. Manning
Learning to recognize features of valid textual entailments

N06-1007 [bib]: Viktor Pekar
Acquisition of Verb Entailment from Text

N06-1008 [bib]: Kentaro Torisawa
Acquiring Inference Rules with Temporal Constraints by Using Japanese Coordinated Sentences and Noun-Verb Co-occurrences

N06-1009 [bib]: Tawanda Sibanda; Ozlem Uzuner; Ozlem Uzuner
Role of Local Context in Automatic Deidentification of Ungrammatical, Fragmented Text

N06-1010 [bib]: Jing Jiang; ChengXiang Zhai
Exploiting Domain Structure for Named Entity Recognition

N06-1011 [bib]: Alexandre Klementiev; Dan Roth
Named Entity Transliteration and Discovery from Multilingual Comparable Corpora

N06-1012 [bib]: Charles Sutton; Michael Sindelar; Andrew McCallum
Reducing Weight Undertraining in Structured Discriminative Learning

N06-1013 [bib]: Necip Fazil Ayan; Bonnie J. Dorr
A Maximum Entropy Approach to Combining Word Alignments

N06-1014 [bib]: Percy Liang; Ben Taskar; Dan Klein
Alignment by Agreement

N06-1015 [bib]: Simon Lacoste-Julien; Ben Taskar; Dan Klein; Michael I. Jordan
Word Alignment via Quadratic Assignment

N06-1016 [bib]: Jinying Chen; Andrew Schein; Lyle Ungar; Martha Palmer
An Empirical Study of the Behavior of Active Learning for Word Sense Disambiguation

N06-1017 [bib]: Katrin Erk
Unknown word sense detection as outlier detection

N06-1018 [bib]: Benjamin Han; Donna Gates; Lori Levin
Understanding Temporal Expressions in Emails

N06-1019 [bib]: Stephen Clark; James Curran
Partial Training for a Lexicalized-Grammar Parser

N06-1020 [bib]: David McClosky; Eugene Charniak; Mark Johnson
Effective Self-Training for Parsing

N06-1021 [bib]: Simon Corston-Oliver; Anthony Aue; Kevin Duh; Eric Ringger
Multilingual Dependency Parsing using Bayes Point Machines

N06-1022 [bib]: Eugene Charniak; Mark Johnson; Micha Elsner; Joseph Austerweil; David Ellis; Isaac Haxton; Catherine Hill; R. Shrivaths; Jeremy Moore; Michael Pozar; Theresa Vu
Multilevel Coarse-to-Fine PCFG Parsing

N06-1023 [bib]: Daisuke Kawahara; Sadao Kurohashi
A Fully-Lexicalized Probabilistic Model for Japanese Syntactic and Case Structure Analysis

N06-1024 [bib]: Ryan Gabbard; Seth Kulick; Mitchell Marcus
Fully Parsing the Penn Treebank

N06-1025 [bib]: Simone Paolo Ponzetto; Michael Strube
Exploiting Semantic Role Labeling, WordNet and Wikipedia for Coreference Resolution

N06-1026 [bib]: Soo-Min Kim; Eduard Hovy
Identifying and Analyzing Judgment Opinions

N06-1027 [bib]: Donghui Feng; Erin Shaw; Jihie Kim; Eduard Hovy
Learning to Detect Conversation Focus of Threaded Discussions

N06-1028 [bib]: Klaus Zechner; Isaac Bejar
Towards Automatic Scoring of Non-Native Spontaneous Speech

N06-1029 [bib]: Gina-Anne Levow
Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Learning of Tone and Pitch Accent

N06-1030 [bib]: John Kominek; Alan W Black
Learning Pronunciation Dictionaries: Language Complexity and Word Selection Strategies

N06-1031 [bib]: Bryant Huang; Kevin Knight
Relabeling Syntax Trees to Improve Syntax-Based Machine Translation Quality

N06-1032 [bib]: Stefan Riezler; John T. Maxwell III
Grammatical Machine Translation

N06-1033 [bib]: Hao Zhang; Liang Huang; Daniel Gildea; Kevin Knight
Synchronous Binarization for Machine Translation

N06-1034 [bib]: Kate Forbes-Riley; Diane Litman
Modelling User Satisfaction and Student Learning in a Spoken Dialogue Tutoring System with Generic, Tutoring, and User Affect Parameters

N06-1035 [bib]: Joel Tetreault; Diane Litman
Comparing the Utility of State Features in Spoken Dialogue Using Reinforcement Learning

N06-1036 [bib]: Gang Ji; Jeff Bilmes
Backoff Model Training using Partially Observed Data: Application to Dialog Act Tagging

N06-1037 [bib]: Min Zhang; Jie Zhang; Jian Su
Exploring Syntactic Features for Relation Extraction using a Convolution Tree Kernel

N06-1038 [bib]: Aron Culotta; Andrew McCallum; Jonathan Betz
Integrating Probabilistic Extraction Models and Data Mining to Discover Relations and Patterns in Text

N06-1039 [bib]: Yusuke Shinyama; Satoshi Sekine
Preemptive Information Extraction using Unrestricted Relation Discovery

N06-1040 [bib]: Mehryar Mohri; Brian Roark
Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar Induction Based on Structural Zeros

N06-1041 [bib]: Aria Haghighi; Dan Klein
Prototype-Driven Learning for Sequence Models

N06-1042 [bib]: Deniz Yuret; Ferhan Ture
Learning Morphological Disambiguation Rules for Turkish

N06-1043 [bib]: Anna Corazza; Giorgio Satta
Cross-Entropy and Estimation of Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars

N06-1044 [bib]: Mark-Jan Nederhof; Giorgio Satta
Estimation of Consistent Probabilistic Context-free Grammars

N06-1045 [bib]: Jonathan May; Kevin Knight
A Better N-Best List: Practical Determinization of Weighted Finite Tree Automata

N06-1046 [bib]: Regina Barzilay; Mirella Lapata
Aggregation via Set Partitioning for Natural Language Generation

N06-1047 [bib]: Gabriel Murray; Steve Renals; Jean Carletta; Johanna Moore
Incorporating Speaker and Discourse Features into Speech Summarization

N06-1048 [bib]: Gregory Marton; Alexey Radul
Nuggeteer: Automatic Nugget-Based Evaluation using Descriptions and Judgements

N06-1049 [bib]: Jimmy Lin; Dina Demner-Fushman
Will Pyramids Built of Nuggets Topple Over?

N06-1050 [bib]: Anna Ritchie; Simone Teufel; Stephen Robertson
Creating a Test Collection for Citation-based IR Experiments

N06-1051 [bib]: Huyen-Trang Vu; Patrick Gallinari
A Machine Learning based Approach to Evaluating Retrieval Systems

N06-1052 [bib]: Tao Tao; Xuanhui Wang; Qiaozhu Mei; ChengXiang Zhai
Language Model Information Retrieval with Document Expansion

N06-1053 [bib]: Zheng-Yu Zhou; Peng Yu; Ciprian Chelba; Frank Seide
Towards Spoken-Document Retrieval for the Internet: Lattice Indexing For Large-Scale Web-Search Architectures

N06-1054 [bib]: Roy Tromble; Jason Eisner
A fast finite-state relaxation method for enforcing global constraints on sequence decoding

N06-1055 [bib]: Nianwen Xue
Semantic role labeling of nominalized predicates in Chinese

N06-1056 [bib]: Yuk Wah Wong; Raymond Mooney
Learning for Semantic Parsing with Statistical Machine Translation

N06-1057 [bib]: Liang Zhou; Chin-Yew Lin; Dragos Stefan Munteanu; Eduard Hovy
ParaEval: Using Paraphrases to Evaluate Summaries Automatically

N06-1058 [bib]: David Kauchak; Regina Barzilay
Paraphrasing for Automatic Evaluation

N06-1059 [bib]: Chin-Yew Lin; Guihong Cao; Jianfeng Gao; Jian-Yun Nie
An Information-Theoretic Approach to Automatic Evaluation of Summaries

N06-1060 [bib]: Andrew Freeman; Sherri Condon; Christopher Ackerman
Cross Linguistic Name Matching in English and Arabic

N06-1061 [bib]: Gunes Erkan
Language Model-Based Document Clustering Using Random Walks

N06-1062 [bib]: Mikko Kurimo; Antti Puurula; Ebru Arisoy; Vesa Siivola; Teemu Hirsimäki; Janne Pylkkönen; Tanel Alumäe; Murat Saraclar
Unlimited vocabulary speech recognition for agglutinative languages

Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Companion Volume: Short Papers

N06-2 [bib]: Entire volume

N06-2000: Front Matter

N06-2001 [bib]: Andrei Alexandrescu; Katrin Kirchhoff
Factored Neural Language Models

N06-2002 [bib]: Alison Alvarez; Lori Levin; Robert Frederking; Simon Fung; Donna Gates; Jeff Good
The MILE Corpus for Less Commonly Taught Languages

N06-2003 [bib]: Jaime Arguello; Carolyn Rose
Museli: A Multi-Source Evidence Integration Approach to Topic Segmentation of Spontaneous Dialogue

N06-2004 [bib]: Beata Beigman Klebanov
Measuring Semantic Relatedness Using People and WordNet

N06-2005 [bib]: Paisarn Charoenpornsawat; Sanjika Hewavitharana; Tanja Schultz
Thai Grapheme-Based Speech Recognition

N06-2006 [bib]: Pierre Chatain; Edward Whittaker; Joanna Mrozinski; Sadaoki Furui
Class Model Adaptation for Speech Summarisation

N06-2007 [bib]: Jinxiu Chen; Donghong Ji; Chew Lim Tan; Zhengyu Niu
Semi-supervised Relation Extraction with Label Propagation

N06-2008 [bib]: Angelo Dalli
Temporal Classification of Text and Automatic Document Dating

N06-2009 [bib]: Pablo Duboue; Jennifer Chu-Carroll
Answering the question you wish they had asked: The impact of paraphrasing for Question Answering

N06-2010 [bib]: Jacob Eisenstein; Randall Davis
Gesture Improves Coreference Resolution

N06-2011 [bib]: Rashmi Gangadharaiah; Ralf Brown; Jaime Carbonell
Spectral Clustering for Example Based Machine Translation

N06-2012 [bib]: Olga Gurevich
A Finite-State Model of Georgian Verbal Morphology

N06-2013 [bib]: Nizar Habash; Fatiha Sadat
Arabic Preprocessing Schemes for Statistical Machine Translation

N06-2014 [bib]: Sangyun Hahn; Richard Ladner; Mari Ostendorf
Agreement/Disagreement Classification: Exploiting Unlabeled Data using Contrast Classifiers

N06-2015 [bib]: Eduard Hovy; Mitchell Marcus; Martha Palmer; Lance Ramshaw; Ralph Weischedel
OntoNotes: The 90\% Solution

N06-2016 [bib]: Diana Inkpen; Muath Alzghool; Gareth Jones; Douglas Oard
Investigating Cross-Language Speech Retrieval for a Spontaneous Conversational Speech Collection

N06-2017 [bib]: Nikiforos Karamanis
Evaluating Centering for Sentence Ordering in Two New Domains

N06-2018 [bib]: Seokhwan Kim; Yu Song; Kyungduk Kim; Jeong-Won Cha; Gary Geunbae Lee
MMR-based Active Machine Learning for Bio Named Entity Recognition

N06-2019 [bib]: Matthew Lease; Mark Johnson
Early Deletion of Fillers In Processing Conversational Speech

N06-2020 [bib]: Esther Levin; Mehrbod Sharifi; Jerry Ball
Evaluation of Utility of LSA for Word Sense Discrimination

N06-2021 [bib]: Yang Liu
Initial Study on Automatic Identification of Speaker Role in Broadcast News Speech

N06-2022 [bib]: François Mairesse; Marilyn Walker
Automatic Recognition of Personality in Conversation

N06-2023 [bib]: Sameer Maskey; Julia Hirschberg
Summarizing Speech Without Text Using Hidden Markov Models

N06-2024 [bib]: Einat Minkov; Richard Wang; Anthony Tomasic; William Cohen
NER Systems that Suit User’s Preferences: Adjusting the Recall-Precision Trade-off for Entity Extraction

N06-2025 [bib]: Alessandro Moschitti
Syntactic Kernels for Natural Language Learning: the Semantic Role Labeling Case

N06-2026 [bib]: Gabriele Musillo; Paola Merlo
Accurate Parsing of the Proposition Bank

N06-2027 [bib]: Yael Netzer; Michael Elhadad
Using Semantic Authoring for Blissymbols Communication Boards

N06-2028 [bib]: Youngja Park; Ying Li
Extracting Salient Keywords from Instructional Videos Using Joint Text, Audio and Visual Cues

N06-2029 [bib]: Michael Paul; Eiichiro Sumita
Exploiting Variant Corpora for Machine Translation

N06-2030 [bib]: Gerald Penn; Travis Choma
Quantitative Methods for Classifying Writing Systems

N06-2031 [bib]: David Reitter; Frank Keller; Johanna D. Moore
Computational Modelling of Structural Priming in Dialogue

N06-2032 [bib]: Andrew Rosenberg; Julia Hirschberg
Story Segmentation of Broadcast News in English, Mandarin and Arabic

N06-2033 [bib]: Kenji Sagae; Alon Lavie
Parser Combination by Reparsing

N06-2034 [bib]: Manami Saito; Kazuhide Yamamoto; Satoshi Sekine
Using Phrasal Patterns to Identify Discourse Relations

N06-2035 [bib]: Franco Salvetti; Nicolas Nicolov
Weblog Classification for Fast Splog Filtering: A URL Language Model Segmentation Approach

N06-2036 [bib]: Antonio Sanfilippo; Stephen Tratz; Michelle Gregory
Word Domain Disambiguation via Word Sense Disambiguation

N06-2037 [bib]: Abhinav Sethy; Panayiotis Georgiou; Shrikanth Narayanan
Selecting relevant text subsets from web-data for building topic specific language models

N06-2038 [bib]: Christian Siefkes
A Comparison of Tagging Strategies for Statistical Information Extraction

N06-2039 [bib]: Neal Snider; Mona Diab
Unsupervised Induction of Modern Standard Arabic Verb Classes

N06-2040 [bib]: Laura Stoia; Donna Byron; Darla Shockley; Eric Fosler-Lussier
Sentence Planning for Realtime Navigational Instruction

N06-2041 [bib]: Eiichiro Sumita; Fumiaki Sugaya
Using the Web to Disambiguate Acronyms

N06-2042 [bib]: Eiichiro Sumita; Fumiaki Sugaya
Word Pronunciation Disambiguation using the Web

N06-2043 [bib]: Svetlana Symonenko; Steven Rowe; Elizabeth D. Liddy
Illuminating Trouble Tickets with Sublanguage Theory

N06-2044 [bib]: Dave Toney; Johanna Moore; Oliver Lemon
Evolving optimal inspectable strategies for spoken dialogue systems

N06-2045 [bib]: Brian Ulicny
Lycos Retriever: An Information Fusion Engine

N06-2046 [bib]: Xiaojun Wan; Jianwu Yang
Improved Affinity Graph Based Multi-Document Summarization

N06-2047 [bib]: Kui Xu; Helen Meng; Fuliang Weng
A Maximum Entropy Framework that Integrates Word Dependencies and Grammatical Relations for Reading Comprehension

N06-2048 [bib]: Hong Yu; Minsuk Lee
BioEx: A Novel User-Interface that Accesses Images from Abstract Sentences

N06-2049 [bib]: Ruiqiang Zhang; Genichiro Kikui; Eiichiro Sumita
Subword-based Tagging by Conditional Random Fields for Chinese Word Segmentation

N06-2050 [bib]: Xiaodan Zhu; Gerald Penn
Comparing the roles of textual, acoustic and spoken-language features on spontaneous-conversation summarization

N06-2051 [bib]: Andreas Zollmann; Ashish Venugopal; Stephan Vogel
Bridging the Inflection Morphology Gap for Arabic Statistical Machine Translation

Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Companion Volume: Doctoral Consortium

N06-3 [bib]: Entire volume

N06-3000: Front Matter

N06-3001 [bib]: Lei Chen
Incorporating Gesture and Gaze into Multimodal Models of Human-to-Human Communication

N06-3002 [bib]: Jacob Eisenstein
Semantic Back-Pointers from Gesture

N06-3003 [bib]: Ariadna Font Llitjós
Can the Internet help improve Machine Translation?

N06-3004 [bib]: Liang Huang
Efficient Algorithms for Richer Formalisms: Parsing and Machine Translation

N06-3005 [bib]: Wei-Hao Lin
Identifying Perspectives at the Document and Sentence Levels Using Statistical Models

N06-3006 [bib]: Jackson Liscombe
Detecting Emotion in Speech: Experiments in Three Domains

N06-3007 [bib]: Irina Matveeva
Document Representation and Multilevel Measures of Document Similarity

N06-3008 [bib]: Anders S gaard
Logical investigations on the adequacy of certain feature-based theories of natural language

N06-3009 [bib]: Richard Tzong-Han Tsai
A Hybrid Approach to Biomedical Named Entity Recognition and Semantic Role Labeling

N06-3010 [bib]: Xiaojun Yuan
Supporting Multiple Information-Seeking Strategies in a Single System Framework

Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Companion Volume: Demonstrations

N06-4 [bib]: Entire volume

N06-4000: Front Matter

N06-4001 [bib]: Jaime Arguello; Carolyn Rosé
InfoMagnets: Making Sense of Corpus Data

N06-4002 [bib]: Janet M. Baker; Patri J. Pugliese
From Pipedreams to Products, and Promise!

N06-4003 [bib]: Satanjeev Banerjee; Alexander I. Rudnicky
SmartNotes: Implicit Labeling of Meeting Data through User Note-Taking and Browsing

N06-4004 [bib]: Yonggang Deng; William Byrne
MTTK: An Alignment Toolkit for Statistical Machine Translation

N06-4005 [bib]: Vanessa Lopez Garcia; Enrico Motta; Victoria Uren
AquaLog: An ontology-driven Question Answering System to interface the Semantic Web

N06-4006 [bib]: Philip V. Ogren
Knowtator: A Protégé plug-in for annotated corpus construction

N06-4007 [bib]: Ted Pedersen; Anagha Kulkarni
Automatic Cluster Stopping with Criterion Functions and the Gap Statistic

N06-4008 [bib]: Dinoj Surendran
Automating the Creation of Interactive Glyph-supplemented Scatterplots for Visualizing Algorithm Results

N06-4009 [bib]: Alicia Tribble; Benjamin Lambert; Scott E. Fahlman
SconeEdit: A Text-guided Domain Knowledge Editor

N06-4010 [bib]: E.W.D. Whittaker; J. Mrozinski; S. Furui
Factoid Question Answering with Web, Mobile and Speech Interfaces

N06-4011 [bib]: G. Zweig; O. Siohan; G. Saon; B. Ramabhadran; D. Povey; L. Mangu; B. Kingsbury
Automated Quality Monitoring for Call Centers using Speech and NLP Technologies

Proceedings of the Human Language Technology Conference of the NAACL, Companion Volume: Tutorial Abstracts

N06-5 [bib]: Entire volume

N06-5000: Front Matter

N06-5001 [bib]: Sherri Condon; Keith Miller
What‘s in a Name: Current Methods, Applications, and Evaluation in Multilingual Name Search and Matching

N06-5002 [bib]: Hal Daume III
Beyond EM: Bayesian Techniques for Human Language Technology Researchers

N06-5003 [bib]: Rada Mihalcea; Dragomir Radev
Graph-based Algorithms for Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval

N06-5004 [bib]: Ciprian Chelba; T. J. Hazen
Automatic Spoken Document Processing for Retrieval and Browsing

N06-5005 [bib]: Anoop Sarkar; Gholamreza Haffari
Tutorial on Inductive Semi-supervised Learning Methods: with Applicability to Natural Language Processing

N06-5006 [bib]: Scott Wen-tau Yih; Kristina Toutanova
Automatic Semantic Role Labeling