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Proceedings of the 25th Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing (ROCLING 2013)

O13-1: Entire volume

O13-1000: Front Matter

O13-1001: Shih-Hung Liu; Kuan-Yu Chen; Hsin-Min Wang; Wen-Lian Hsu; Berlin Chen
改良語句模型技術於節錄式語音摘要之研究 (Improved Sentence Modeling Techniques for Extractive Speech Summarization) [In Chinese]

O13-1002: Hao-teng Fan; Yi-zhang Cai; Jeih-weih Hung
分頻式調變頻譜分解於強健性語音辨識 (Sub-band modulation spectrum factorization in robust speech recognition) [In Chinese]

O13-1003: Yu-Jhe Li; Chung-Che Wang; Liang-Yu Chen; Jyh-Shing Roger Jang; Ren-Yuan Lyu
使用語音評分技術輔助台語語料的驗證 (Using Speech Assessment Technique for the Validation of Taiwanese Speech Corpus) [In Chinese]

O13-1004: Tsung-Peng Yen; Chia-Ping Chen
基於Sphinx 可快速個人化行動數字語音辨識系統 (Quickly Personalizable Mobile Digit Speech Recognition System Based on Sphinx) [In Chinese]

O13-1005: Hsun-wen Chiu; Jian-cheng Wu; Jason S. Chang
機器翻譯為本的中文拼字改錯系統 (Chinese Spelling Checker Based on Statistical Machine Translation)

O13-1006: Jim Chang; Jiancheng Wu; Jason S. Chang
Detecting English Grammatical Errors based on Machine Translation

O13-1007: Tomoyuki Kajiwara; Hiroshi Matsumoto; Kazuhide Yamamoto
Selecting Proper Lexical Paraphrase for Children

O13-1008: Ju-Yun Cheng; Yi-Chin Huang; Chung-Hsien Wu
合成單元與問題集之定義於隱藏式馬可夫模型中文歌聲合成系統之建立 (Synthesis Unit and Question Set Definition for Mandarin HMM-based Singing Voice Synthesis)

O13-1009: Ming-Kuan Wu; Chia-Ping Chen
基於時域上基週同步疊加法之歌聲合成系統 (Singing Voice Synthesis System Based on Time Domain-Pitch Synchronized Overlap and Add) [In Chinese]

O13-1010: Hung-Yan Gu; Jia-Wei Chang
基於音段式LMR 對映之語音轉換方法的改進 (Improving of Segmental LMR-Mapping Based Voice Conversion Methods) [In Chinese]

O13-1011: Wei-Jie Huang; Po-Cheng Lin; Chao-Lin Liu
中英文的文字蘊涵與閱讀測驗的初步探索 (An Exploration of Textual Entailment and Reading Comprehension for Chinese and English) [In Chinese]

O13-1012: Shan-Shun Yang; Shih-Hung Wu; Liang-Pu Chen; Hung-Sheng Chiu; Ren-Dar Yang
蘊涵句型分析於改進中文文字蘊涵識別系統 (Entailment Analysis for Improving Chinese Recognizing Textual Entailment System) [In Chinese]

O13-1013: You-shan Chung; Keh-Jiann Chen
A Semantic-Based Approach to Noun-Noun Compound Interpretation

O13-1014: Yu-Chen Kao; Berlin Chen
改良調變頻譜統計圖等化法於強健性語音辨識之研究 (Improved Modulation Spectrum Histogram Equalization for Robust Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]

O13-1015: Hao-teng Fan; Wen-yu Tseng; Jeih-weih Hung
雜訊環境下應用線性估測編碼於特徵時序列之強健性語音辨識 (Employing linear prediction coding in feature time sequences for robust speech recognition in noisy environments) [In Chinese]

O13-1016: Yun-Fan Chang; Yu Tsao; Shao-Hua Cheng; Kai-Hsuan Chan; Chia-Wei Liao; Wen-Tsung Chang
結合I-Vector 及深層神經網路之語者驗證系統 (Text-independent Speaker Verification using a Hybrid I-Vector/DNN Approach) [In Chinese]

O13-1017: Chang-Hong Lin; Ernestasia Siahaan; Bo-Wei Chen; Hsiang-Lung Chuang; Wen-Chi Hsieh; Jia-Ching Wang
混合聲音事件驗證在家庭自動化之應用 (Home environmental sound recognition) [In Chinese]

O13-1018: Jui-Feng Yeh; Sheng-Feng Li; Shi-Sheng Shiu
以狄式分佈為基礎之多語聲學模型拆分及合併 (Multilingual Acoustic Model Splitting and Merging by Latent Dirichlet Allocation) [In Chinese]

O13-1019: Jenq-Haur Wang; Ting-Wei Ye
基於意見詞修飾關係之微網誌情感分析技術 (Microblog Sentiment Analysis based on Opinion Target Modifying Relations) [In Chinese]

O13-1020: Chien-Hui Hsu; Meng-Feng Tsai; Chia-Hui Chang; Hsiang-Mei Liao; Shu-Ping Li; Denise H. Wu
主要漢字形聲字發音規則探勘與視覺化 (Primary Chinese Semantic-Phonetic Compounds Pronunciation Rules Mining and Visualization) [In Chinese]

O13-1021: August F.Y. Chao; Siaw-Fong Chung
語料庫導向之方位短句於固定框架的共現概念統計分析 (A Corpus-driven Pattern Analysis in Locative Phrases: A Statistical Comparison of Co-appearing Concepts in Fixed Frames) [In Chinese]

O13-1022: Pratip Samanta; Bidyut B. Chaudhuri
A simple real-word error detection and correction using local word bigram and trigram

O13-1023: Yi-Chin Chiu; Chuan-Yen Fan; Bor-Shen Lin
結合關鍵詞驗證及語者驗證之雲端身份驗證系統 (A Cloud Speaker Authentication System Based on Keyword Verification and Speaker Verification) [In Chinese]

O13-1024: Pei-Yu Lu; Yu-Yun Chang; Shu-Kai Hsieh
Causing Emotion in Collocation:An Exploratory Data Analysis

O13-1025: Tsun-Jui Liu; Shu-Kai Hsieh; Laurent PREVOT
Observing Features of PTT Neologisms: A Corpus-driven Study with N-gram Model

O13-1026: Li-mei Chen; Yung-Chieh Lin; Wei Chen Hsu; Fang-hsin Liao
Variability in vowel formant frequencies of children with cerebral palsy

O13-1027: Tao-Hsing Chang; Yao-Chi Hsu; Chung-Wei Chang; Yao-Chuan Hsu; Hsueh-Chih Chen
基於特徵為本及使用SVM 的文本對蘊涵關係的自動推論方法 (Textual Entailment Recognition Using Textual Features and SVM) [In Chinese]

O13-1028: Yi-Ting Chen; Hung-Yu Kao
Constructing Social Intentional Corpora to Predict Click-Through Rate for Search Advertising

O13-1029: Jiun-Shian Liu; Wen-Hsiang Lu
Location and Activity Recommendation by Using Consecutive Itinerary Matching Model