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Proceedings of Rocling I Computational Linguistics Conference I

O88-1: Entire volume

O88-1001: Jing-Shin Chang; Keh-Yih Su
Incremental Environment For Scored Machine Translation Systems

O88-1002: Li-ping Chang
漢語的時間詞組和語言剖析 (The Temporal Expressions of Mandarin and Language Parsing) [In Chinese]

O88-1003: Shu-Chuan Chen; Keh-Yih Su
The Processing of English Compound and Complex Words in an English-Chinese Machine Translation System

O88-1004: Charng-Kang Fan; Wen-Hsiang Tsai
Disambiguation of Phonetic Chinese Input by Relaxation-Based Word Identification

O88-1005: Jason S. Chang; Hwei-Ming Kou
A New Approach to Quality Text Generation

O88-1006: Hsi-Jian Lee; Shin-Jiang Hwang
Functional Representation of Query Sentences and Meaning Determination of Elliptical Sentences

O88-1007: I-Peng Lin; Shuan-fan Huang; Hsin-Hsi Chen; Ka-Wai Chui
The Parsing Environment for Mandarin Syntax

O88-1008: Yu-Ling Shiu; Keh-Yih Su
Criteria for the Classification of Lexical Categories in a Syntax-Oriented Parsing System

O88-1009: Mei-Hui Su; Keh-Yih Su
Descriptive Language as a Linguistic Tool