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Proceedings of Rocling III Computational Linguistics Conference III

O90-1: Entire volume

O90-1001: Miao-Ling Hsieh; June-Jei Kuo
A Cognitive Treatment Of Aspect In Japanese To Chinese Machine Translation

O90-1002: Hsi-Jian Lee; Ren-Rong Hsu
An ERS Model For Tense And Aspect Information In Chinese Sentences

O90-1003: Hsiu-Hui Lee; I-Peng Lin; Chien-Ping Wu
A Logic-based Temporal Knowledge Representation in Mandarin Chinese

O90-1004: Chao-Lin Liu; Jing-Shin Chang; Keh-Yih Su
The Semantic Score Approach to the Disambiguation of PP Attachment Problem

O90-1005: Hai-Hsu Hu; Jen-i Li; Tzu-Ying Hu; Ren-Rong Hsu
電話轉接對話模式與表達轉接要求句型的分析 (Analyses of Dialogue Patterns and Sentence Patterns of Telephone Switching Requests) [In Chinese]

O90-1006: Lee-Feng Chien; Keh-Jiann Chen
詞彙訊息的層次表達與管理 (Hierarchical Representation of Word Information and Management) [In Chinese]

O90-1007: Yuan-Sheng Chang; Hsi-Jian Lee
Parsing Chinese Nominalizations Based On HPSG

O90-1008: Tzusheng Pei; Wei-Chuan Li; Tung-Ming Koo
Acquisition of syntactic properties of English Unknown Words from a Corpus

O90-1009: Rey-Long Liu; Von-Wun Soo
Parsing-Driven Generalization for Natural Language Acquisition

O90-1010: Richard Sproat
An application of statistical optimization with dynamic programming to phonemic-input-to-character conversion for Chinese

O90-1011: Jen-Wen Liao; Jason S. Chang
Computer Generation Of Chinese Commentary On Othello Games

O90-1012: Chung-Cherng Chen; Jason S. Chang
Bi-Lingual Sentence Generation

O90-1013: Shu-Hang Lee; Hsi-Jian Lee
A Unification-Based Approach for Chinese Inquiry Sentences Processing