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Proceedings of Rocling VI Computational Linguistics Conference VI
ROCLING 1993 Short Papers

Proceedings of Rocling VI Computational Linguistics Conference VI

O93-1: Entire volume

O93-1001: Chao-Huang Chang; Cheng-Der Chen
Automatic Clustering of Chinese Characters and Words

O93-1002: Hsin-Hsi Chen; Yue-Shi Lee
A Storage Reduction Method For Corpus-Based Language Models

O93-1003: Kuang-hua Chen; Hsin-Hsi Chen
A Probabilistic Chunker

O93-1004: Ming-Yu Lin; Tung-Hui Chiang; Keh-Yih Su
A Preliminary Study On Unknown Word Problem In Chinese Word Segmentation

O93-1005: Sung-Chen Lin; Lee-Feng Chien; Keh-Jiann Chen; Lin-Shan Lee
國語語音辨認中詞群雙連語言模型的解碼方法 (A Word-Class Bigram Approach to Linguistic Decoding in Mandarin Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]

O93-1006: Yuan-Ling Liu; Shih-ping Wang; Keh-Yih Su
Corpus-based Automatic Rule Selection in Designing a Grammar Checker

O93-1007: Tsai-Yen Peng; Jason S. Chang
中文辭彙岐義之研究─斷詞與詞性標示 (The Resolution of Lexicon Ambiguity in Chinese - Segmentation and Tagging) [In Chinese]

O93-1008: Hsin-Min Wang; Yuan-Cheng Chang; Lin-Shan Lee
從中文語料庫中自動選取連續國語語音特性平衡句的方法 (Automatic Selection of Phonetically Rich Sentences from A Chinese Text Corpus) [In Chinese]

O93-1009: Ming-Wen Wu; Keh-Yih Su
Corpus-based Automatic Compound Extraction with Mutual Information and Relative Frequency Count

O93-1010: Un-Gian Iunn; Ching-Cyun Hsien; Shu-Mei Chen; Keh-Jiann Chen
中文文件自動分類之研究 (A Study of Document Auto-Classification in Mandarin Chinese) [In Chinese]

ROCLING 1993 Short Papers

O93-2: Entire volume

O93-2001: Andy Wong Man Hon; Suen Caesar Lun
FAWRMT: With Special Emphasis On Grammar Designs And Partitioned Parsing

O93-2002: Koong H. C. Lin; Von-Wun Soo
Toward Discourse-guided Theta-grid Chart Parsing for Madarin Chinese -- A Preliminary Report

O93-2003: Zhibiao Wu; Loke Soo Hsu; Martha Palmer; Chew Lim Tan
Developing a Chinese Module in UNITRAN