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Proceedings of Rocling VII Computational Linguistics Conference VII
ROCLING 1994 Poster Papers

Proceedings of Rocling VII Computational Linguistics Conference VII

O94-1: Entire volume

O94-1001: Yuan-Cheng Chang; Sung-Chen Lin; Lee-Feng Chien; Keh-Jiann Chen; Lin-Shan Lee
國語語音辨認中詞群語言模型之分群方法與應用 (Methodology Implementation and Application of Word-Class Based Language Model in Mandarin Speech Recognition) [In Chinese]

O94-1002: John Choi; Hsiao-Wuen Hon; Jean-Luc Lebrun; Sun-Pin Lee; Gareth Loudon; Viet-Hoang Phan; Yogananthan S.
Yanhui (宴會), a Softwre Based High Performance Mandarin Text-To-Speech System

O94-1003: Ting-Chi Tang
漢語語料庫與語法資訊 (Chinese Corpus and Grammatical Information) [In Chinese]

O94-1004: Mei-Juen Liu; Hui-Li Xu
中文動詞的處理--詞庫小組動詞系統及動詞大詞典之比較 (The Processing of Chinese Verbs: a comparison of the CKIP classification and the Chinese Verb Dictionary) [In Chinese]

O94-1005: Keh-jiann Chen; Shing-Huan Liu; Li-ping Chang; Yeh-Hao Chin
A Practical Tagger for Chinese Corpora

O94-1006: Chun-yu Kit
Automatic Terminology Extraction For Thematic Corpus Based On Subterm Co-Occurrence

O94-1007: Jyun-sheng Chang; Yuh-Juh Lin
An Estimation of the Entropy of Chinese -- A New Approach to Constructing Class-based n-gram Models

O94-1008: Chun-Jen Lee; Keh-Hwa Shyu; Eng-Fong Huang; Bor-Shenn Jeng
Some Issues on Applying SA-class Bigram Language Models

O94-1009: Chun-Jen Lee; Keh-Hwa Shyu; Eng-Fong Huang; Bor-Shenn Jeng
A Text Conversion System Between Simplified and Complex Chinese Characters Based on OCR Approaches

O94-1010: Jen-Chang Lee; Yue-Shi Lee; Hsin-Hsi Chen
中文文本人名辨識問題之研究 (Identification of Personal Names in Chinese Texts) [In Chinese]

O94-1011: Mei-Mei Wu
Interaction in Information Retrieval: Discourse Analysis and the Identification of an Elicitation

ROCLING 1994 Poster Papers

O94-2: Entire volume

O94-2001: Hsin-I Hsieh
A Computational Syntax and Its Application to Parsing

O94-2002: Hung-yan Gu; Jr-yiau Chen
使用新式注音鍵盤及複合馬可夫語言模型之中文輸入系統 (A Chinese-character Inputting System Using a New Type of Phonetic Keyboard and a Compound Markov Language Model) [In Chinese]

O94-2003: Yuang-shan Chuang
Quantitative Corpus Analyses of Character Errors in Primary School Students' Chinese Writings in Taiwan

O94-2004: Wing-Pong Luk
Chinese-Word Segmentation Based On Maximal-Matching And Bigram Techniques

O94-2005: Yasuhito Tanaka
The Acquisition and Expansion of Knowledge Data By Analyzing Natural Language-Using Five-Character Kanji (Chinese character) strings