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Proceedings of Rocling VIII Computational Linguistics Conference VIII
ROCLING 1995 Poster Papers

Proceedings of Rocling VIII Computational Linguistics Conference VIII

O95-1001: Lian-Cheng Chief; Pei-Chi Chen
口語和書面語中漢語反身詞的分布情形與指涉關係 (The Anaphoric Relations and Distributions of Mandarin Reflexive Pronouns in Oral and Written Texts) [In Chinese]

O95-1002: Lee-Feng Chien; Hung-yan Gu
適合大量中文文件全文檢索的索引及資料壓縮技術 (Full-text Indexing and Data Compression for Chinese Documents) [In Chinese]

O95-1003: Yu-Ling Una Hsu; Keh-Yih Su
The New Generation BehaviorTran: Design Philosophy And System Architecture

O95-1004: A.C. Jobbins; L.J. Evett
Automatic Identification Of Cohesion In Texts: Exploiting The Lexical Organization Of Roget's Thesaurus

O95-1005: Kenji Kita; Tatsuya Iwasa
Probabilistic Language Modeling Based On Mixture Probabilistic Context-Free Grammar

O95-1006: Wenjie Li; Haihua Pan; Ming Zhou; Kam-Fai Wong; Vincent Lum
Are Statistics-Based Approaches Good Enough For NLP? A Case Study Of Maximal-Length NP Extraction In Mandarin Chinese

O95-1007: Jean-Yves Morin
Theoretical and Effective Complexity In Natural Language Processing

O95-1008: Jian-Yun Nie; Xiaobo Ren; Martin Brisebois
A Unifying Approach To Segmentation Of Chinese And Its Application To Text Retrieval

O95-1009: Wern-Jun Wang; Shaw-Hwa Hwang; Chun-Hsiao Lee; Chi-Shi Liu
破音字發音的預測方法 (The Pronunciation Prediction of Homographs) [In Chinese]

O95-1010: Chung-Hsien Wu; Jau-Hung Chen; Hsin-Chung Chuang
以CELP為基礎之文句翻語音中韻律訊息之產生與調整 (Prosodic Information Generation and Adjustment in Text to Speech Synthesis Based on CELP) [In Chinese]

O95-1011: Jui-Feng Yeh; Jhing-Fa Wang; Jyh-Shing Hsu
應用於"音中仙"國語聽寫機之短語規則分析與建立(A study on rules of collocations for mandarin dictation system "Sound of Venus") [In Chinese]

ROCLING 1995 Poster Papers

O95-2001: Franklin S. Cho
Implementing Scrambling In Korean: A Principles And Parameters Approach

O95-2002: Nada Ghneim; Véronique Aubergé
Optimising Tools for the French Letter-to-Phone Grammar TOPH With a View to Phonographic Spelling Correction

O95-2003: Tatsuya Iwasa; Kenji Kita
Error Correction of Speech Recognition Outputs Using Generalized LR Parsing and Confusion Matrix

O95-2004: Ho-hsien Pan
The Phonetic Variants of Taiwanese "Voiced" Stops: an Airflow Study

O95-2005: Yasuhito Tanaka
Maintenance of Machine-Readable Dictionary